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Hello. Could you work this - a BBQ thrown by the training camp, Kuroo notices Kenma has carelessly left his game console on the table and knows something is wrong. He notices Kenma nearby looking worst for wear and speaks with him and finds out he feels but before he can take him elsewhere Kenma pukes for all to see. Plus points if Kenma just works himself up with shame and could do with friendly affection.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve wrote these two precious kids, I was so excited to write this prompt!  Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it, and thank you for the a++ ask!

WARNING: graphic descriptions of vomit below the cut

One minute Kuroo was joking around with Bokuto and then next he could hardly hear a thing his friend was saying over his concern.  Which is really unusual, considering that, according to the rest of the world, Kuroo is someone who “never worries.”

He tried.  He tried to keep his persona up.  But as dense as Bokuto is about most things, he can be very perceptive when it comes to emotions (if he weren’t, he and Akaashi wouldn’t be half as close as they were).  So almost as soon as Kuroo noticed, so did Bokuto.

“Bro,” Bokuto stopped running around suddenly and tossed Kuroo the meat he’d been hoarding.  Kuroo was surprised but still quick enough to catch the perfectly tossed food in his mouth.  Bokuto smirked and clasped a hand on Kuroo’s shoulder before the black haired boy had a chance to chew and swallow.

“Bro,” Bokuto repeated, gesturing to the game console on the table that Kuroo kept involuntarily starting at.  “Is that Kenma’s?”

Kuroo’s eyes darted back between the console and Bokuto.  He hummed.

“Yeah.  Yeah, it is.  Weird, isn’t it?”

As if the fact that Bokuto had noticed he was concerned gave him permission to do so, Kuroo began more actively searching for his smaller friend.  He still stuck with Bokuto, but his head was swiveling around like crazy.  Bokuto shook his head.

“Just go look for him, bro.  I don’t mind.”

“Wha- no, bro, it’s okay.  I’m sure Kenma’s okay,” Kuroo protested, wishing he could convince himself that his worry was unfounded.  “I’m sure he just- ah, shit,” Kuroo cut himself off when he finally found what he was looking for.  Bokuto followed his line of sight to where Kenma was curled in a ball under an otherwise abandoned table.

“Oh,” Bokuto said softly.  “Bro.  He does not look okay.”

Kuroo didn’t even had a chance to hear Bokuto finish his sentence before he was making his way to Kenma.  When he reached him, he saw that not only was Kenma rocking back and forth like he did when he was exceedingly anxious, he was trembling.  Not only was he frowning; there were tears in his eyes when, after having been squeezed shut, the flashed open.  Not only was he pale; he was pasty and sweaty, too.

“Kenma, what- what’s wrong?  You left your game,” Kuroo mumbled, squatting down.

“Kuro, I don’t-“  Kenma made a strangled noise and took a deep breath before continuing in a softer, more broken voice.  “I don’t feel good.”

“You- oh,” Kuroo stilled.  “You think you’re going to throw up?”

Kenma made a despairing noise and nodded his head just the slightest bit.

Kuroo resisted the urge to spit out a curse for Kenma’s sake and instead stood, grabbing the smaller boy’s hand.  Kenma was shaking so bad that it was scary.  Kuroo tugged on his hand, but Kenma didn’t budge.

“Kenma, let’s go.“

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  it’s the year 2090, the world has fallen into turmoil, and most families live in facilities that are heavily guarded, the downfall is that every child at the age of eighteen is whisked off to a camp to train soldiers for the war against the undead, and the rebels of the authoritarian government currently holding power. teenagers are sent to a strict military site labelled as the ‘pit’ since no child has ever come home. many men and women are employed there, and are only allowed to train the students, and lead small survival groups into enemy territory. life is hard, and many don’t survive the first day in the field. will you survive? or will you perish like so many others?


  •  you must be an indie roleplay blog, this isn’t hard to grasp.
  • no ooc drama allowed, we’re here to escape the real world.
  • triggering themes will be prevalent, so don’t ask for every warning under the sun, you’ve been warned ahead of time. the themes you’ll see are: death, blood, gore, PTSD, etc.
  • applications MUST be submitted to me.
  • no character duplicates, faceclaim duplicates are fine.
  • ocs and canon characters are welcome.
  • tracked tag will be:  v. ( the dead do not suffer the living. )


  • OCCUPATION: Military cadet, commander, trainer?
  • BIOGRAPHY: two paragraphs to begin with.


  • RICK GRIMES - @kxllercolt & commander/trainer at the facility. bio link soon.
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That’s definitely not the first thing that should have come to mind, Kuroo

(tho it looks like no one really minds

aside from bokuto that is)