“Thucydides is the best cure for the classically educated young man who has carried away a horrible, whitewashed image of the ideal Greeks as a reward for his secondary-school training. He represents the most perfect expression of the Sophists’ culture of realism.”

—F. Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols, “What I Owe The Ancients,” §2 (edited excerpts).

Your body can do more than you think.

Since I’ve begun summer training workouts to row at the University of Michigan in the fall, I’ve already noticed a huge change in my splits. I’m doing longer, harder, and more mentally difficult pieces than I ever thought one could possibly do (let alone get through by yourself) and I’ve found out the most amazing thing.

As difficult as the training is, my body can do it. It’s taken mental toughness to row around 95k meters every week, but it is not as impossible as I thought it was. 

For everyone out there training for whatever your reason may be, don’t be daunted by meters. Start out slow and get the work done. Mountains (and drastic erg score changes) cant be moved in a day.