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If you're still taking prompts? Honestly, Bucky referring to Steve's pecs as tits and his briefs as panties really Does Things to me. I didn't think I'd dig feminization or humiliation, but the light way you do it really strikes a chord with me because of the way he BLUSHES, Christ; it's the edge of humiliation that does it. So I'd really like to prompt a heavy humiliation kink with a side of feminization. If, uh, that's ok.

i’m gonna give you a drunk write. i promise it is no lower in quality or content. it is simply very well timed that you asked for this at this precise moment, when i am in a perfect mindset to deliver precisely what it is everyone in this fandom needs. the title of this piece will be “MY MAMA TAUGHT ME GOOD HOME TRAININ,” as inspired by beyonce. low key feminization is life. 

Bucky kicks off his boots and toes off his socks at the door, and then he peels off his gloves and his tac gear, and lets it clatter onto the tile. Pick it up later. He runs a hand through his hair, short again on account of all the ops he’s been running – practical – and rounds into the kitchen, scrubbing at some dried blood on his face.

Steve turns to look at him, already back into civvies, just because his debrief was shorter. He’s one shower closer to normal than Bucky. “Hey,” he says, offering up a tired smile. “Got dinner in the microwave. You good?” 

“I love it when you cook, sweetheart.” Bucky drags up the tease from somewhere deep in his exhausted body; what can he say, Steve just makes him smile. “Where’s your apron, huh?” 

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