So Kairi was playing in front of the Castle’s front doors a little bit when Aqua met her right? What if she usually played with Dilan and Aeleus and would pick flowers for them all the time? Is that cute or what

I had a rough workout today. Even after doing Insanity for 10 months I still have days where mentally I’m just not feeling the workout. Today was one of those days, but I’ve realized that I’m human, it’s gonna happen, and beating myself up over it won’t do me any good. Failure is just proof that I am trying.

Cardio power & resistance can suck it haha :)


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“Rinhao! I must go. As leader of this clan, I must see Lexa and see if she’s okay.”

“I know Y/N. If you die then I will be forced to be leader and I don’t have enough trainging! There are mountain men and scouts on the way to TriKru!”

“You will be an great ruler and I will be back in a week’s time. I will bring Bogan to send a message if anything happens. Until I return you will be co-ruler to Suwet.” You said while grabbing a saddle and putting it on your horse. You said goodbye’s to your village and it was time to say goodbye to your apprentice.

“Goodbye, Y/N.”

“Goodbye, Rinhao.” You called over your shoulder as you rode off with Bogan, towards TriKru where you would meet up with your sister Lexa.

Once you made it to TriKru Lexa already had herself situated at the gates to make sure you arrived safely.

“Hello, Heda.”

“Oh, please. My dear sister, call me Lexa.” She said with a little chuckle.

“Alright, Lexa.”

Once you were inside the gates you two people caught your eyes. One looked like a warrior from TonDC, the other looked like someone from SkyKru. You scowled at the thought of anyone from SkyKru in TriKru.

“Y/N. I need you to help me with something.” You snapped your head towards Lexa and waited for the favor she was going to ask of.

“See those two?” She pointed at the people you were just staring at.

“Yes? What about them?” You ask, starting to worry.

“I need you to train them with using your sword and fighting skills. After all you are the best fighter of all the ground.“

“Yes, Commander. Before I start, how are you? Since Anya’s time was up?” You said, a tear forming in your eye. Anya was one of your best friends.

“She fought until she couldn’t anymore. She will be dearly missed. That is not the issue, now I need you train them for as long as it takes for them to be as good as you.”

“It’s impossible to be as good as me.”

“Well then, commonly good.”

You turned to Bogan and told him to go back to the clan and tell them that you would be here for longer then you thought. Maybe a month or so.

“Okay, what are your names my apprentices.”

“My name’s Octavia, this is my brother, Bellamy.” The one that looked like TonDC warrior said.

“Bellamy, you must move the sword like it is a feather, not a 20-pound weight.”

“Sorry.” He said while blushing like crazy.

You noticed him examining every move you made. Looking at your private spots. Occasionally licking his lips. You had a feeling he liked you. So you decided you would have a little fun.

First, you “accidentally” dropped your sword. Next you wrapped your arms around him to help “steady himself”. Finally, you took the ultimate step.

“Bellamy, may we speak alone?” You said, an innocent tone tugging at your voice.

He nodded his head and you heard Octavia snicker in delight of the sight of her brother being so imbarrased.

“Look I-” You began, but you were cut off by soft and plump lips crashing into yours.

“I know what you were trying to do out there and I like you too.”

“Looks like we’re gonna have to train you in a lot more than fighting.”

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Jasico, possessive!jason thank you^^

Nico sat nearby and watched contently as the son of Jupiter pinned yet another one of the new campers to the ground during training. Jason had barely broken a sweat over the cocky newbies.

“I get that you few are sons of war but diving into battle with no skills doesn’t make you a hero it makes you a moron. Even though as demigods we have the core parts of our battle instincts built in we still need to add further onto those core parts and refine our abilities. Otherwise, you are just impulsive and a danger to others and yourself.” The blonde spoke firmly as some of the other older campers snickered quietly. This lead his cold gaze to them making them quiet down quickly.

Tartarus black eyes met sky blue ones which quickly softened at the smirk the son of Hades was giving him. The two had been together for about six months after Nico agreed to a date with the older demigod. They had a rough start but once the ball got rolling it was smooth sailing….

“Man, you’re really rough on the new guys, Jay.” As for a certain green eyed son of Poseidon.

“They’re undisciplined and cocky and if they were Roman, Lupa would have eaten them by now.” Was Jason’s curt reply. Several backs straightened at the idea of such a thing.

Percy let out a small laugh. “Yeah, that sounds like her.” His eyes drifted toward the son of Hades sitting in the crowd of first years. “Enjoying yourself, Nico?” He made his way over to the Italian and ruffled his hair.

Jason’s eyes narrowed slightly at the action. Nico batted Percy’s hand away and sighed. “I can only go so long watching Jay scaring new campers, how about you show them a real sword fight?” He suggested while sorting out his hair.

Percy grinned and ruffled the Italian’s hair again making him scowl at him. Percy turned to look back at Jason. “How bout it, Superman? Want to show ‘em what it looks like when you lose?”

Jason smirked at the son of Poseidon. “Bring it on, Ariel.”

The battle started lightly becoming slightly more fierce with every clash of their blades. The newcomers stared in awe at the two very different fighting styles. Percy’s fluid movements and agility versus Jason’s sharp actions and strength.

Jason swung his sword at the green eyed demigod’s feet who jumped over the blade and in return jabbed in the direction of the blonde’s shoulder which he dodged swiftly. Percy landed an elbow to Jason’s gut only to receive a fist to the chest.

Nico looked at the son of Jupiter whose actions had become less friendly and then to the son of Poseidon who was countering every move with as much enthusiasm. The campers seemed to be into it and the crowd continued to grow. Nico sighed. If this were to get anymore intense, they were going to tear down the camp.

Outside, thunder roared making Nico stand up. “You might want to back up a little.” He told the bystanders closest to him. Confused but willing, the campers shuffled backward and kept their eyes on the son of Hades. He wasn’t anything extremely impressive. He was just a little above five feet compared to the other two’s towering six. If he had any muscle, it was obscured by the heavy aviator jacket he wore despite the hot weather.

Nico let out a breath and focused his energy to the ground beneath him. Since the war against Gaea, he had been dead set on being powerful to protect everyone he knew and then some. He trained so that he could work with more than the dead and shadows. He raised his right foot and brought it back to the ground sharply.

At that moment, Jason and Percy and been about thrust their swords at one another. Rock shot upward in a trail lead to the fighting demigods and created a wall between the two making them stumble and crash into the solid earth. The wall settled back into the ground leaving the arena in awe.

Percy groaned audibly. “What did you do that for? I almost had him!” He exclaimed.

Jason lay on the ground staring up, seeming indifferent about what just happened.

Whispers surrounded the three demigods.

“Who the hades is this kid?”

“What was that?”

“I’ve never seen anyone with powers like that!”

“Woah, that was scary!”

“I’m never messing with him.”

Percy glanced sideways at the gossiping godlings but his train of thought was disturbed when he got a smack on the head and he turned his gaze to the son of Hades who proceeded to give Jason a smack as well. “You guys are idiots.”

Before Percy could give any form of protest Nico continued. “You let your emotions get a hold you and raised a hurricane outside, you know, where it isn’t even supposed to rain unless we want it to? You guys could have destroyed the camp, I know you guys have this little rivalry between you two but keep yourselves in check or someone’s going to get hurt, a lot of someones.”

Nico turned to just Jason. “And you, I kinda expect this from Percy cause his head’s full of kelp but you I expect to have lid on your powers because you are the most disciplined and responsible of us.” Nico leaned forward, his face inches from Jason’s face. “Plus, I didn’t want a scandal about one of the ex-Praetors from the Roman camp maiming one of Camp Half-Blood’s most prized demigods.”

Said prized demigod rose off the ground and grinned. “Oh come on, Nico! You know I had that fight in the bag!”

“If the prize was a one way ticket to my father’s realm then sure, you had it in the bag.” Nico said with a smirk, earning a few more whispers.

Jason got back on his feet and narrowed his eyes the two exchange words. “So, Percy how long are you planning on staying this time?” Percy hadn’t been at camp as often since Annabeth died due to a stab wound from a blade poisoned by Gaea. He felt guilty because she received the wound trying to protect just as she did during the war against Kronos.

“A couple weeks or so? I don’t know.” The son of Poseidon shrugged carelessly.

“How bout you take over here? I have a couple things I need to discuss with Chiron.” Jason told him, trying to ignore the odd look that his boyfriend was giving him.

“Yeah, sure, no problem, Jay.” Percy reached out and ruffled Nico’s hair with a smile on his face. “See ya later, Neeks.” Jason scowled at his back as he turned to begin instructing the younger campers.

The blonde placed an arm around the Italian and led him outside the training arena. “Are you okay, Jason?”

Jason looked to Nico and sighed. “Yeah, I’m fine. He just brings the worst out of me sometimes.”

“Understandable.” Was Nico’s curt reply.

“I’m fine, Nico.” Jason repeated.

“I heard you the first time.” Nico said. “Just go talk to Chiron about whatever and I’ll see you at lunch.”

“Okay.” Jason agreed but before he remembered that he said that as an excuse to get Nico away from Percy, Nico was already gone. Jason shook his head and went to busy himself until lunch.

When lunch arrived, Jason came late because he got stuck helping some kids to get healed after an unfortunate incident on the rock wall, Percy had already taken a seat across from Nico at the Hades table.

Quite a few campers were staring at the two, not only was Percy sitting at another god’s table but Nico looked as if he was about to burst into laughter. Jason slid next to Nico and wrapped an arm over his shoulders. “Hey, what’s so funny?” He asked casually before pressing a kiss to Nico’s forehead.

“Nothing of importance, how did your talk with Chiron go?” Nico asked.

Oh crap, he forgot he said that. “O-oh, it went fine, just some stuff about instructing the campers. It’s all good.” He his goblet ‘water’ and took a sip. “When did you get here?” He asked Percy.

“We were just hanging out before lunch and decided that he was going to sit with me because my ‘big blond body guard’ wasn’t already with me.” Nico said with a chuckle. While Jason loved hearing him laugh, he didn’t appreciate the fact that it was about something the son of Poseidon obviously said. His grip on the son of Hades tightened just barely but noticeably.

They spent their entire lunch like that. Percy saying something to make Nico laugh and Jason almost out right glaring at him making a handful of the Aphrodite kids and other more observant campers giggle.

“See you tomorrow, Neeks!” Percy waved to said demigod and left for his cabin.

Nico waved back but faltered when he noticed the dark look on his boyfriend’s face who still had his arm around him. “Hey, what’s up with you? You’ve been moody all day.”

Jason remained silent and Nico sighed. “Jay, look at me.” Jason turned to look at him but was caught completely off guard when a pair of lips met his. Nico may have gotten comfortable with the occasional act of PDA but never has he been the one to engage it. When Nico backed off, his cheeks were red and he refused to look at Jason in the eye.

“You’re my boyfriend, not anyone else, don’t forget it.” Nico retreated back to his cabin before Jason could snap out of his daze. He smiled softly before going to his own cabin for the night.


Tartarus black eyes snapped open the next morning.

Nico’s hair stuck to the back of his neck and his shirt was soaked by sweat. He tried to calm his breathing but the images of what his mind had concocted haunted him.

Eventually, his breath slowed and his rapidly beating heart resided to a steady thud and he realized how early it was. The sun had only just begun to peak. He lazily got out of bed and took a cool shower. By the time he was done, a few other campers had begun to waken.

Nico decided, for once, that instead of spending his time trainging or indoors that he would have a change of pace and finally get to one of those books that Annabeth had recommended once upon a time. (A pile of them sat in the corner of his cabin.)

He grabbed the first one on top the stack (Something about being hungry.) and his noise-canceling headphones and sat himself underneath one of the trees near the edge of the forest.


It’s official, he hates Annabeth.

She not only had given him such a disgustingly, gruesome book but had also given him a book with such a strong sister complex in was nearly painful. By the time the girl from District 11 had died, he had tears streaming down his face. Once he finishes the book, he swears on every god there is that he’s going summon her spirit and yell at her for giving him this.

When he went to wipe his face he noticed someone sitting across from him. He took his headphones off his ear and tried to the best his abilities to dry his face. “What is it, Percy?”

“You’re crying.” The son of Poseidon stated.

“Thanks Captain Obvious.” Nico snapped, still wiping his eyes.

“People are kinda scared that something’s making you cry though, like you’ll start another war or something.” Percy chuckled. “But seriously, why are you crying?” He asked before taking a seat beside the Italian.

Nico sighed before showing him the cover of the book. Percy snorted. “That’s why you’re crying?”

“Do you even know what happens in the book?” Nico scowled.

“I know there’s some big movie on it, two actually.” Percy shrugged. “Never seen it but the Aphrodite girls are totally crazy over the guy named after bread and some other dude whose name starts with a G.”

“Peeta and Gale.” Nico responded quickly. "Wait there’s two movies? There’s more?

“Yeah, supposed to be a trilogy.” Okay, when he summons Annabeth, he’s going to yell at her and then ask her where he can get the other two books.


Jason finished training with a group of second year campers when he went to search for Nico but it seemed like no one knew where he was. That is, until he came across a group of Aphrodite girls talking about how cute Nico when he was reading. When he asked where he was they told him he was under a tree near the edge of the woods with Percy. (Who was apparently ‘soooooooo dreamy’)

He couldn’t help but freeze when the pair came into his line of sight. Nico was leaning on Percy side who had an arm wrapped around him and both had peaceful smiles on their faces.

Jason stormed his way over to the two and grabbed the son of Hades roughly by the wrist and yanked him upward causing him to snap out his sleep. “Jason! What the fu-” He was cut short when a pair lips pressed against his and was tugged away sharply by the blond. Meanwhile, green eyed demigod still sat beneath the tree, dazed and confused by sleep.

Jason continued to drag Nico across camp causing the Italian to stumble the whole trip. The couple attracted plenty of attention as they stomped though camp. “Jason, what the Hades-fuck-can you slow down?!” Nico let out a string of curses at one a particularly rough trip.

“Jason, slow the fuck down!” Nico repeated darkly before escaping Jason’s grip on him. “What the Hades was that?!”

For a moment, the two just stood there. Their heavy breathing were the only sound in the immediate proximity. “It was nothing.”

“You expect me to believe that bullshit?” Jason’s blue eyes darted up to meet Nico’s and he chuckled before replying. “No, I don’t.”

“Then what was that?!" Nico demanded.

"Do you still have feelings for him?”

The son of Hades’s expression went stone cold. This time it was Jason who was being dragged. Nico led him to his cabin and slammed the door after they entered. When the door was shut a sudden stinging sensation met Jason’s cheek. The blond held a hand to the side of face while staring at Nico who was glaring back.

“I thought you were supposed to be the headstrong logical Roman, I haven’t thought of Percy like that in a long time.” Nico said angrily.

Jason began to look at the floor but his head was held in place. “No, look at me when I say this. I love you. Not him, you.“ The son of Hades’s eyes became warm and his lips quirked up in a soft smile. "I’m your, no one else’s.”

Their lips met in a passionate frenzy. “Goddammit, I’m supposed to be mad at you.” Nico chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so so sorry.” Jason apologized while placing kisses over his face.

“Get off me you overgrown dog.” Nico pushed him off before pulling off his shirt.

“Mark me.”

“What?!” Jason spluttered.

“You heard me, mark me.” Nico repeated. “If you’re so insecure about someone coming near your ‘territory’…” Nico paused and laid on his back on a bed. “then mark me.”

A smile broke out on Jason’s face. Nico had never been really comfortable with anything remotely sexual and seemed to avoid the subject at all costs. Jason gave the Italian another kiss before trailing down to his neck and ran his tongue over the skin. A hand tangled itself in his hair and he cast a glance upwards before focusing on the job at hand.

He began to suckle at the neck beneath his mouth drawing out heavy breaths from it’s owner. Jason carried on sucking on the light skin and the breath above him shuddered and the hand in his hair tightened it’s grip on him. Jason drew back from his handiwork and blew on the marking left behind. He went to repeat the process on the other side of his neck. This time he had the son of Hades moaning, not very loudly but the sounds made Jason happy nonetheless.

Nico’s hips twitched and rubbed against the son of Jupiter making his eyes widen at the boy beneath him. “Nico…” Jason’s voice trailed off.

“What are you waiting for? Keep going.” Nico insisted.


“I want more, Jay.” He stared at the blond with eyes glazed over by lust. Jason was dumbstruck. He snapped out of it when a hand caressed his face.



The next day the couple sat contently at the Hades table for breakfast. Nico had wore a black tank top that so that the hickies on his neck were visible. They hadn’t gone all the way that night but it was definitely a night of pleasure.

“Looks like you two lovebirds had a good night.” A voice came from across them. It was Percy.

The son of Poseidon sat on the opposite side of the couple and grinned at Nico. “So you finally told him, huh?”

Jason looked confusedly at his boyfriend. “Told me what?”

“Nothing.” Nico said casually and continued eating his breakfast.

“Seriously? But you said that-”

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” He interrupted sharply.

“Excuse me, but you went on and o-” A plate of eggs met Percy’s face.

“Come on, Jay. I’m done eating.” Nico took Jason’s hand to leave.

“But what about Per-”

“He’s fine, let’s go.” Nico said sharply.

Back at the Hades table, Percy smiled at the two as they left.


So Nico was ranting about his nonexistent sex life.

Messi training on June 9th,2015.
Why is Super Junior popular.
  • Please ignore any typos!!!!!!
  • I see a lot of people confused and mention SJ with the over hyped groups... but they can't be anymore wrong.
  • SJ is a group with one of the best vocals in all Kpop... no it's not about KRY only... But about the fact that all members can sing and hit high notes. There used to be members who can't but after 5 years trainging and 8 years in the industry they can sing really well.
  • They might be not the best dance group... but you have to admit they usually have dances which just seem simple... but when you try to learn it it's much harder. And they even make their singers dance who can't really dance.
  • There are members who are not exceptionally good at singing or dancing... So they are good at other things you don't find this many MCs, DJs, actors and musical actors in one group. Wait they are also really good at instruments and have members who play more than one perfectly.
  • There is no member who won't be good at at least 2 things. This makes them multitalented.
  • Composing and writing lyrics? Are you kidding... half of the group has God given talent. They could easily make a full album by theirselves. And no those won't be shitty songs.
  • They not only had to train more than other groups and had to suffer. They also debuted with the thought they'll be replaced soon. But guess what they still gave all in what they have and from the very first variety show they acted like idiots and they were entertaining from the very start.
  • Not gonna get into all the other hardships they had to endure at the start of their career. Which probs would have made any other group disband.
  • They had to wait 4 i mean 4 years for their succces, none of the other currently succesful SM groups had to wait that long for "the song"
  • And they STILL stayed who they are... They are still humble, dorks and lovely... they never forget where they came from.
  • Yes there are rich members... one of them is probs the riches idol ever if we only see their background. BUT most of the members came from really poor families. Not just one or two... more than that.
  • And they never forgot these... None of them are actually self centered some might seem like they are but their first thought is their family and Super Junior.
  • They are not only entertaining and talented... they have the closest bond you can ever imagine they are real family.
  • And guess what the only time Shinhwa ever compared anyone to theirselves... it was Super Junior. And i'm so proud of that. The best of best sees Super Junior just like their fans do.
  • Their fans... of course we are horrible and have idiots just like every other fandom. BUT the members always tell us when we do something wrong, they are the ones who appologize. Which makes us want to act better just for them. They also give us food all the time. They come to their shops and interract with fans.
  • My korean teacher said it's quite easy to meet with Super Junior the streets. Even though they are popular they still act like people.
  • Plus they handle their saesangs the best.
  • They are real performers if you have ever seen a Super Show you know what i'm talking about. You can not compare it to other concerts easily. They always give in EVERYTHING... but at the same time they don't stop being humans, and even if they don't want to their fans can see when they are tired or hurt. But they still dance perfectly.
  • Super Junior never tries to take advantage of their fans love.
  • But we talk about the biggest trolls ever... and they raised us to be trolls just like them.
  • Our relationship is special.
  • And you can't find it at every corner in kpop.
  • Super Junior is one of the few groups who deserve EVERY recognition they get from the very star to not the end... because that word does not exist in our vocabulary it's an AND.