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Let’s celebrate 20 years of pokémon with a fanweek! Every day for seven days (February 27 - March 4, 2016) we focus on a different prompt. You can create any kind of fanwork in response to the prompt, and can begin working on your fanwork at any time (right now, three years from now, etc.).

On each prompt’s designated day, we’ll reblog all the fanwork that’s been created in response to that prompt, using the tag #pkmnfanweek. We’ll also reblog late works after the day is over, so create as much as you want, for as long as you want.


Prompts (updated!)

Day 1 (Feb. 27): Then and now / Firsts

Day 2 (Feb. 28): Journeys / Friendship

Day 3 (Feb. 29): “It’s Super Effective!” / Contests

Day 4 (Mar. 1): Cities / Heroes, companions, rivals

Day 5 (Mar. 2): Villains / Nature

Day 6 (Mar. 3): Mythology / Battles

Day 7 (Mar. 4): Crossroads / Favorites


Create fanwork and let’s party!

miraipaladin  asked:

Hi, can I get a both a trainer and a team tale? I'm an Aries with an MBTI typing of ISFP. I try to avoid bug types since I'm very skittish around most pokémon of that type. I'm usually very upbeat and bubbly, but I have a quick temper so don't make me mad. I'm also a big crybaby, which is funny when you take my temper into consideration. I love to go swimming in the ocean, write short stories, and play video games. (1)

(2) I’m partial to cutesy pokémon and fire types, but I’m especially fond of pokémon like Eevee and Vulpix. I want to be a trainer so I can feel like I’m doing something positive with my life that I can be proud of no matter what, and because playing Pokémon allows me to forget about all my worries and fears! Thanks!

Your trainer class-

Battle Girl! You and your pokemon give each other the confidence to keep on trucking, no matter the circumstances. Fierce and energetic, this class suits you. 

Your team-

Your partner Litleo! Fairly laid back as fire types come, this little cutie will be sure to help keep you calm when you need it. 






-Mod Silver

anonymous asked:

No rush but when will you be doing requests again?

I get home from work at like midnight sometimes and by then im just too tired to write or read so idk :(( probably on my days off but again im not sure. Im trying to stay active but its probably not in the way you guys want so im sorry but i dont want to completely go on hiatus because i like you guys so hard

Are great (better) pokemon blogs that do the same thing