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We’re super excited to receive our custom pack!

It has a chest plate (Y Front style) to keep the pack from sliding around too much. Daphne seems super comfy and her range of mobility in this harness is great!

We opted for the mint green, size small pack (6"x13"), no ID slot.

Can’t wait to get some action shots of Daphne in this harness!
Meet The Anime Geeks Who Got Ripped Because Of Dragon Ball
“Anime was a mistake” is a meme for a reason. But for some Dragon Ball fans, anime was the best thing that ever happened to them, and to their health.
By Cecilia D'Anastasio

Wanted to keep this a Surprise but a few days ago I got interviewed by @kotaku for my Love of DBZ and Personal Fitness Training that i showcase on my Youtube Channel ^u^ I’m truly Honored they had me on their front page. ALSO SHOUT OUTS to my sensei @realanimetraining for being interviewed as well :D BOOYAH!!!!

First image from Steve Rolfe Photography for Lily Pearl Corsets💋I have it waiting in my wardrobe for another shoot if anyone fancies it 📸