We decided this would be a really helpful product for a lot of trainers out there who can only go Pokémon hunting at night. The other night a cop came up to us while we were training at our gym because someone thought I was in distress. The cop was very friendly but mentioned that they get a lot of calls like that when people are just sitting in their cars in the middle of nowhere at all hours of the night. I mentioned that we should have a bumper sticker’s and he said it would be helpful, so now we want to share it with everyone else! Please share this item so other people can use it!

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Some fun templates I made based on the idea of Pokemon GO trainer Id cards! 

Based alot off of Backstage or Con/Concert Passes to hang around your neck or on a id holder! The first is just an example I made to indulge myself. 

 I didn’t know how to upload templates or PSDs raw to tumblr, so: 


Team Mystic

Team Instinct 

Team Valor

Feel free to use! But please credit me for the template and link me so I can see!