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I just followed recently... who are they? :3

augh i had a really good summary post i did with information about each of them but i cant seem to find it right now,,,but! i can list em off for you

alice, adam, lexus, and sona are my main 4? related to them/also in their canon are two more robot ocs of mine, gemini and ashur

i also had an old robot pokemon trainer oc named jem ;w;

Mmkay! finally done with my fan region’s protags!

Oliver, Rhonda, and Arron!

Go on a amazing journey with your pokemon on the small island region of Nevis, Where you will be able to befriend the legendary ancestor pokemon mew! You can choose between Girl, Boy && agender! Fight against rivals && the Mysterious professor Wisteria, Wild pokemon & more!


Some outfit explorations for my trainer. These are mainly to reflect different locations the trainer has been in and just give a sample of their wardrobe.
They enjoy simple and comfortable combinations with just a touch of edginess sometimes. They wear mainly black, blues, and grays with some brown thrown in at times.

The expressions are perhaps a little misleading. Fairy is actually rather chill and collected. They do feel discomfort and sadness and anger but tend to keep that bottled up as not to worry their friends.

There have been one or two incidents that led Fairy to lose their cool. They still feel guilty about it and hate being reminded of those moments but if you ask they’ll explain what happened.

Also they like to dress up the pokefriends too sometimes.

Pokemon Go finally pushed me to make a trainersona (wooo surprise I like sonas) so heRE’S TRAINER NAT. Trying to imitate the pokemon style was a challenge, but it was fun! Even tho I didn’t get as close as I would have liked :‘y
Encounter Theme:
Battle theme:

Champion Encounter Theme:
Champion Battle Theme:

Name: Nat
Pronouns: They/Them
Trainer Class: Ace
Region of Origin: Orre

Infernape, Luxray, Tyranitar, Xatu, Shiny Croconaw, Mightyena

Nat aspires to travel through all of the Pokemon world and become world champion someday. They love making friends wherever they go, and always try their best to be kind to others. Being from the Orre region, Nat has encountered Team Cipher in the past and has experience with Shadow Pokemon. Their Mightyena is a former shadow Pokemon, it was given to them by professor Krane after it was purified.
Nat has many other Pokemon in storage.