Oh yeah, here’s a commission for so-i-did-this-thing.

He wanted 3 illustrations of Newt and Hermann acting like the 90’s kids they are :y

hope u like the k-science team, kiddies, I got another commission w/ them on the way, I’m just waiting for my wrists to heal up before I finish it also there’s too much material to make comics with

Pokemon Trainer Azure 

& The Flygon Mirage

Small commission 2 of 8. Really enjoyed this one, though it took a while to get going. All credit to the realistic redesign of Flygon has to go to Arvalis however, as i cant find anything i would want to change on it. 

also, god the wings are fecking annoying. i prefer to keep it smaller so you can the details on the face, but the wings are mahoosive and so wont fit.

up next, the Eon Twins :)

I am financially in a pickle and am in desperate need of a phone, (along with a new work computer as this one’s now blue-screening, hnnnggg), so I’m opening all commissions!!  Feel free to message/email me with any questions that you have.  uwu  Thank you so much, anything helps!!


Commission - Kyle And Mega Gardevoir

Really glad i got this done for thalassophilouswitch and i’m really happy how it turned out. To explain M. Gardevoir from before, here’s my extract from the sketch

the basic explanation is that she is a cross between an orchid mantis, a lions mane jellyfish, and partial human qualities. I wanted it to feel natural, but still ethereal, like a fairy should be.

when they mega evolve, the ‘skirt’ produces these massive ‘dress’ of fleshy frills that are used as sensory organs. Essentially it increases its power by being able to sense even the tiniest of brainwaves, changes in air currents and movements from nearby opponents. It also secondarily functions as a way to deliver more oxygen to the brain. Like jellyfish, these frills are so thin that they can directly absorb oxygen from around it, which goes to its increased heart size (the ‘open’ section on the chest)

This means massive power boosts to its psychic abilities and my thinking is that its so powerful now that it doesn’t really need to move much, so the ‘gown’ doesn’t slow it more than it can handle.

Straight onto the next one tomorrow if I can! 

Goodnight guys!

                                      HELLO EVERYONE!!!

UPDATED!!! My name is Cameron and I need money (to save up for a car, pay for art supplies for college, all sorts of things)! I haven’t really been comfortable with opening commissions in the past, but I’ve recently become confident enough with my art to do so! At the moment, I’ll only be taking five or six commissions - just to get the hang of it. Keep me in mind if spots fill up before you have the chance to nab one, as I’ll be taking plentymore afterwards!

Now, for some examples —>

PKMN-TRAINER HALFBODY - $10.00 base price, + $3.00 for each additional Pokemon over two 

PKMN-TRAINER FULLBODY - $15.00 base price, + $5.00 for each additional Pokemon over two, + $5.00 for detailed background (so much more than featured above, I can provide further examples if needed)

DOODLE PAGE - $5.00 - ??? base price, will need to be negotiated depending on number of characters/complexity/test panels/etc.

CHARACTER SPLASH PAGE - $10.00 base price, + $3.00 for each illustration past two, + $3.00 for background/decoration

ANIMATED GIF - $10.00 - ??? base price, will need to be negotiated depending on what you’d like to see/how many characters/background/etc.

STYLIZED BUST - $25.00 base price, + $10.00 for each additional character (no complex background for this option atm)

PAINTED BUST - $25.00 base price, + $10.00 for each additional character (no complex background for this option atm)

PAINTED SCENE - $30.00 base price, + $15.00 for each additional character, complex backgrounds can be negotiated




We can hash out any other things that you may have questions about through email. As I don’t expect there to be TOO many problems with the PKMN-Trainer options, but just to clarify for the Stylized Busts option, I willNOT do:

  • mechanized/robotic characters (need to work on that, so maybe later!)
  • furry/anthropromorphic characters (I’m really bad at them so… yeah)
  • ideological content I’m not comfortable with (ask me through email if you’re unsure)

AND THAT’S IT! Thank you so much is you decide to throw me a line, and I look forward to working with you guys!!! You can also send me an ask if you’re unsure about anything as well, in case you don’t want to email me off the bat. 



These are officially OPEN. Don’t contact me through tumblr. Instead, e-mail me at if you are interested—but read below first!

The $15 is for one trainer and one Pokemon. If you want something more complicated then talk to me about it. I can also do quick black and white sketches for $10. Modifications to the trainer’s clothes, for example the shoes on the female trainer above, can be made as long as you specify exactly what you want or provide me with a reference picture.

I only accept Paypal. Payments should be made upfront. If I am unable to complete your commission, you will receive a complete refund.

[ EDIT: I got a few questions about how to provide references of trainers for this, so I’d like to clarify that taking pictures of your DS screen is perfectly fine. Here’s an example of what I mean. Secondly, you can send payment to the same e-mail by which you contact me ( ]

Been working on commission requests lately these past couple of days and it’s kept me busy! Here’s one that a dear friend of mine commissioned me. It’s her as a Pokemon trainer with her little Vulpix! It was soooo much fun to draw the cutie<3<3 

One important thing I want to mention is that I want to apologize to those who sent me questions/messages through my ask box recently, I promise to answer them by sometime tomorrow! Unfortunately, I actually have to head to bed right now, gotta work tomorrow for Black Friday tomorrow, oh boy! ;w;