Hey guys - I’m currently updating my commission information but I’ll upload the pokémon trainer ones first.

I’ve made almost 50 pokémon trainer commissions so far! As far as I know, all my costumers were satisfied. I’ll appreciate if you can reblog it too!

EDIT (10/16): Commissions are temporarily closed! I need to catch up on the ones I have and a few other things. I’ll reopen them soon, though! :D


Commission Post!!

Hey everyone!!!

I’m posting a commission update for the next few weeks! Right now I’m kind of in a bad situation, my benefits have been cut off for this month and maybe next month, I just dont make enough money at my job to pay rent SO I’m hoping to make enough commissions to make up the difference. (tbh it’d take a miracle) So if you’d like a drawing or you know someone who would, send me an email @ Anything would help! Reblogs are appreciated too!!

Most of the info is there but if you’d like more you can visit my page!