C: Can you take me to Miare City as well?
S: What’s this about, Citron?
C: I will go on ahead and go straight to Miare City.
S: In that case, we’ll also…

Alright guys, you mind if I vent…

Okay so, it’s really kind of starting to bother me how Citron seems to doubt himself so much. He never gives himself enough credit, and is consistently comparing himself to Satoshi. I realize Satoshi inspires him, and basically gives him that confidence boost to be even better, but there’s ultimately a lot more to Citron that he doesn’t see, yet and I mean, he’s done so much for Pokémon and people already and all at a young age, and if that’s not considered impressive then I don’t know what is. Even so, I’m just hoping that this gym battle will do him some justice with having him open his eyes a little bit. He wants to be the best Gym Leader he can be and that alone comes with him also wanting to prove that Satoshi’s fifth gym badge won’t be so easy to get. Honestly, episode XY067 can’t come fast enough because I am very anxious to see the strategy Citron conjures up that he thinks will be enough to fulfill their promise.

And although I’m secretly hoping Citron will do just that and win, I still admire how determined Satoshi is. He’s still sticking true to who he is and how he goes into a battle, and is just remaining psyched, optimistic, and fired up like he usually is. Apparently, that boy just has this charm about him that Gym Leaders can’t get enough of therefore, Citron is no different than Kasumi, Takeshi, and Dent. Needless to say, it made me happy to see Citron working so hard for when Satoshi finally arrives for his match, and regardless of whom ends up as the victor of this battle, I’m sure it won’t disappoint, nor will anything change. Citron will still aspire to be strong just like Satoshi and follow his example regarding his tenacity, and Satoshi… well, he’ll still be that same kid supporting him and saying, ‘Science is so amazing!’ which I’m sure Citron doesn’t get enough of hearing, haha.

All in all, Citron deciding to go on ahead without them to train and prepare was a smart move on his part along with leaving Eureka behind in the trust and hands of Serena, though I’m just glad they’re both looking forward to it because I know I am.

Update on my Clemont headcanon

I changed my mind. He doesn’t just like Ash and not know it. He also likes Serena and doesn’t know it. He’s very reserved about it, partly because he doesn’t know it and partly because he subconsciously thinks they’re out of his league because:
- Ash is so brave and strong and stuff
- Serena is so pretty
- Ash and Serena both obviously like each other and not Clemont

Doodle because these two blonde blue-eyed machine nerds are totally cousins and Winry will support Eureka on her crusade to find Citron a girlfriend (or boyfriend, who knows).

Cit doesn’t want to hear anything about it.

(Winry in pokemon style is so much fun to draw ovo).