trainers + their dream goals, as requested by go-pikagirl

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Any summer headcannons for the lovely featured ship? (GeekChic) ?

-frequent trips to the ice cream parlor (often with Bonnie)
-mostly they stay indoors to keep cool
-Serena insists they go to the beach
-each time Clemont refuses
-when they finally do go to the beach he ends up getting really tanned (even though he applied a heavily amount of sunscreen)
-saving up to take a trip to Alola
-going to a drive in theater together (getting lost on the way back home)
-going out to eat A LOT, because it’s too hot for them to turn anything on and actually cook

And that’s about it :)

Definitely, Maybe

(Imagine #20)

Hi! I think it’s been a while since I wrote an imagine! This one is a little different than the ones I usually write. This particular imagine is based on a song called Definitely, Maybe by FM Static. I hope you enjoy! :)

(Warning: Really long! xD)

He looked up as the seat that was next to him on the TMV was no longer empty. Sitting next to him was a petite, gold-blond haired girl with the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen. Immediately, he recognized the girl beside him. She noticed him staring, and introduced herself. “I’m Serena.” She said with a smile that in his eyes, lit up the entire room. I know who you are. The blond haired, awkward teenage boy thought to himself.

He didn’t just know her name, he knew almost everything there was to know about her. He had observed her for a while, but not in a creepy, stalker way. More like a loving, admiring manner. He knew her favorite color, her middle name, her birthday and more. He knew she loved rap music, and her passion was dancing as a performer on stage. She’d dance and dance until her legs would give out. Why, he even knew the most obvious thing about her of all, that her dream was to become Kalos Queen. “N-nice t-to meet you,” he stuttered. All he could think about was how nervous he was, and how stupid he probably sounded right now. “I’m Clemont.” He said, a little calmer now. “Oh, I know you.” The young female said, cheerfully. “You’re the gym leader of Lumiose City, aren’t you?” Clemont looked at the girl dumbfounded. He couldn’t believe she knew who he was! “Y-yeah. I am.” The teenager couldn’t help but wonder how she could possibly know that he was the gym leader of Lumiose City. At this point, the TMV had come to a stop, and the automatic doors slided open. “I’ve gotta get going.” Serena stated. “I’ll see you around. It was nice to meet you!” She shouted as she grabbed her bag and quickly ran out the door. He knew where she was going. He knew that at this time, she took the TMV from her hometown to Lumiose City, to work at Café Soleil, where she would have to deal with the owner who she could never seem to please no matter what she did. About twenty minutes passed until he reached his destination in Kiloude City. He got off at his stop, and still continued to think about Serena. On top of having to deal with her boss, there was also her dense, good-looking boyfriend, the ladies man, Ash. That’s right. After all these years, she still had feelings for him. And all these years later, Ash was able to return those feelings. Though, not exactly. Clemont knew something Serena didn’t. He knew that this ‘oh-so faithful’ Ash was, in fact, dating another girl. He had seen him with another girl, slightly older than Serena. Her name was Misty. Clemont could not stress how much he wanted to tell Serena, but he couldn’t imagine the kind of things Ash could probably do to him if he did tell her. “I don’t know what to do anymore.” He said, talking to one of his closest friends, Calem. Calem had been spending most of his time in Kiloude City, battling the Chatelines at the Battle Maison, catching Pokémon in the Safari. Calem looked at his friend with sympathy. Time and time again, he had heard Clemont complain about not having the courage to confront Ash or talk to Serena. “I feel like this is some ongoing nightmare.” The gym leader said, burying his face in his hands. “Wake me up when this is over.” “Sorry, Clemont,” said Calem. “This is real life and everything is really happening.” He said. Calem himself was friends with Serena, and many times he had tried to drop hints about Ash, and how he was cheating on her and there was someone better for her. And each time he failed. Clemont sighed. “You see her almost everyday, dude. Why don’t you just walk up to her?” Calem said, trying to encourage his friend. “Because I have no idea what she’ll say to me!” He exclaimed. “What will she say? Will she think I’m weird? I barely even know her.” He looked at his watched, surprised at the time. “Gotta get going.” In about twenty minutes he’d have to pick up his sister, Bonnie, from school. “Meet you and the others at Route 8 tomorrow.” Clemont scanned his TMV pass, and boarded the train. Getting out of the station at Lumiose City, he saw none other than Ash Ketchum and his other girlfriend Misty in Café Bataille. They were talking, laughing, and having a good time. How much longer would this keep going? Suddenly, he was angry. This guy doesn’t deserve Serena! He walked right up to them inside the Café, stomped up to their table, and grabbed Ash by the arm. Ash was startled at first. He didn’t know Clemont could be this way. “What you’re doing, isn’t okay.” He said, looking Ash dead in the eye. “Serena means way more to me than she’ll ever mean to you. You’re so fake, man!” The teenager almost yelled. “Oh yeah? And what are you going to do about it?” Said the cheater, with a smirk on his face. “You don’t even have the guts to talk to her.” With that, Clemont froze. He threw Ash back into his seat as he walked away, and Misty jumped up to help her boyfriend back up. The next day was Friday. Everyone at Lumiose High School was thankful, partly because it was Friday and because tonight most of the students would be heading to Route 8 near Ambrette Town for the bonfire night. Clemont was walking down the hallway to his locker, when he caught sight of Serena. This is my chance. He thought. Calmly, he walked up to her locker. “Hi Serena,” She looked up, and smiled at him then continued to put her books away. “So, uhm…are you going t-to the bonfire? On Route 8?” She gave him a confused look. Had he said something wrong? “Oh, no.” Said the teen, quickly trying to correct himself. “Not so we can go…together. I-I was just…wondering.” Now the confused look on her face was gone. “No, I’m not going. I’d love to, but Ash is picking me up at six. I really, really don’t want to disappoint him.” Clemont did his best not to look distraught, but failed. Seeing his face, Serena simply said, “I’m sorry,” and gave him a sympathetic look. He felt he had blown the only chance he got to talk to her. The heartbroken boy sighed as he took a seat around the campfire next to Calem. “It just gets worse and worse everyday. This can’t keep happening.” Calem looked at his friend, sad, upset, but most of all, angry. Calem understood. He felt almost the exact same way, because Serena was his friend. However, he couldn’t do anything about it, and neither could Clemont. “Tommorow I’m really going to do it.” Said Clemont. “I’m going to tell her about her boyfriend. She has to know.” Calem saw the look of determination on his friends face. He patted him on the back. “You go and do that. Go get the girl of your dreams.” Said Calem. “If you need me to go, I’ll come.” “No.” Replied the blond haired. “This is something I have to do on my own.” The next day, Clemont took a walk around Lumiose City, trying to find Serena. At long last, he found her. She was sitting at a table with Shauna and Miette, inside of Café Bataille. The exact same Café that he saw Ash and Misty in two days before. Serena took out her purse, and took out a picture. From outside Clemont could barely make out that it was a picture of her boyfriend. He walked inside, concealing himself as much as possible from the group of girls at the table. He sat down and ordered, eavesdropping on their conversation. “He got me this ribbon, too.” She said, touching it lovingly and swooning. Both girls smiled and gushed at Serena, the only one who had a boyfriend. They sat there for almost an hour talking about all the things Ash had bought her. At long last their conversation had ended, and Shauna and Miette were gathering their things, getting ready to leave. When Clemont turned around, he realized that Serena was already long gone. He ran up to the two ladies, and said, “Where did Serena go?” Miette gave him a weird look. “Why should we tell you?” The boy took a deep breath and said, “Listen, this boyfriend of hers, Ash, is seeing another girl. She has to know what kind of guy he really is, okay?!” “To the movie theater on the South Boulevard. You’re welcome.” Said Shauna. He had a look of gratitude on his face, before he sped off to the Southern Boulevard of the city. He made it to the movie theater, out of breath and almost out of time. He saw the couple getting their tickets about to walk into one of the theaters. As slyly as possible, he snuck past security and followed Serena and her boyfriend to their theater. Clemont sat a row behind him, waiting for a chance to talk to Serena alone. After a couple of previews Ash got up and said, “I’m going out for a bit. You stay here, I’ll be back.” Serena nodded in approval, and thought nothing of it. The young man behind her, however, suspected something was up and followed the dark haired boy outside. As Clemont would expect, Ash went outside not to stretch his legs, not for a refill. But because of course, his girlfriend just so happened to be there, and he just so happened to be kissing her. So he did what any other kid his age would do. He pulled Ash away from his make out session, and puched him. Right on his jaw. Before anyone could react, Clemont ran back inside the theater, and sat down next to Serena. “Sorry that seat is t-” Serena started, but was interrupted by Clemont. “No, listen to me.” He said. “You’re boyfriend, Ash, has another girlfriend. Serena looked horrified. “Impossible.” She replied. “He loves me.” Clemont didn’t know how to break this to her. “I hate to be the one to do this.” He said. So he took her by the hand, and stopped her outside the theater door. He showed her what he had seen moments before. Sure enough, Ash and his girlfriend were still out there, eating each others faces off. The young girl put a hand over her mouth, refusing to believe what she was seeing. “Is this…real?” She asked aloud. Clemont looked over at the girl beside him, with a feeling of sympathy. He wanted to throw his arms around the girl, and tell her everything would be just fine, that it’d be okay. But he couldn’t. And he didn’t. Serena wondered how long this had been going on. She knew she wasn’t smart, but she didn’t think she was stupid. Had this been an ongoing thing? Indeed it had. “You don’t need him.” Clemont said softly, as Serena put a hand to the blue ribbon that Ash gave her as a gift. “He’s a faker, you deserve someone who treats you like the queen.” She couldn’t take it. She couldn’t accept it, and she didn’t want to. This wasn’t the Ash she knew. This wasn’t her Ash. “No.” She said firmly. “You’re wrong.” Clemont couldn’t believe his ears. He thought she would understand. But she doesn’t. “Serena-” He began. “No.” She interrupted. “You mean way more to me than you’ll ever mean to him.” He said quietly, afraid of her reaction. “How could I mean more to you?” She asked. At this point, Ash and Misty had long left their place. “You barely even know wh- “No.” Clemont said. It was his turn to interrupt. “I know you. I know all about you.” “Your middle name is Grace. Your favorite color is pink, and all shades of pink. You work at Café Soleil, with the grouchy manager who never pays you enough. You listen to rap. And if you could, you’d dance all day everyday. Your dream is to become Kalos Queen.” He stopped. Serena looked at him in awe. “And your boyfriend, Ash, dates another girl named Misty.” She still looked at him, shock written al, over her face. “And you really believe he loves you?” “Yes.” She said, confidence in her voice. “Definitely.” She said, a little unsure this time. “Maybe?” She said, less sure than last time. Clemont gave her a look that said are you sure? . Finally, she sighed and said, “No.” The girl looked like she was about to cry, as she still held on to her ribbon. Clemont took her hand in his and said, “Well I’ll tell you something. I do love you.” Blushing, he continued. “And it’s not a definitely, or a maybe, and it’s for sure not a no.” Serena looked up at the teenage boy, and smiled. “It’s a yes. Yes, a million times, and yes to the moon and back.” In return, she let go of his hand, and pulled the ribbon she was clinging to, and pulled it out. She grabbed his hand, and kissed him on the cheek, then Clemont went in for a full kiss on the lips. Serena’s eyes widened with surprise, but couldn’t stop herself from kissing back. She felt her heart give in, but didn’t do anything to stop it.