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Any summer headcannons for the lovely featured ship? (GeekChic) ?

-frequent trips to the ice cream parlor (often with Bonnie)
-mostly they stay indoors to keep cool
-Serena insists they go to the beach
-each time Clemont refuses
-when they finally do go to the beach he ends up getting really tanned (even though he applied a heavily amount of sunscreen)
-saving up to take a trip to Alola
-going to a drive in theater together (getting lost on the way back home)
-going out to eat A LOT, because it’s too hot for them to turn anything on and actually cook

And that’s about it :)



When Serena danced with Clemont, she had felt butterflies in her stomach. She was confused as to why she felt this way. She knew she liked Ash, but maybe it was possible she liked Clemont too? No, she thought. I don’t think Ash has ever made me feel or think this way before…I’m so confused. She let’s it go for the night and decides it’s time for bed. That night she dreamt about her dance with Clemont. That’s when she realized her feeling for him were real.

Pokemon Dancing Headcanons


He’d have the potential to dance well, but he sort of just… goes insane. His energy gets the better of him and he ends up looking like an idiot.


She’s actually quite a good dancer, growing up with her sisters she learned quite young. She doesn’t take herself extremely seriously on the dance floor however and is either amazing or absolutely awful.


Everyone thinks he’s a bad dancer, that is until he sees a pretty girl on the dance floor and proves himself a very competent ballroom dancer. Needless to say he’s quite the charmer when he’s dancing.


No one really pays attention to his dancing skills, it’s hard to focus on that when every time he dances somehow at the very least his shirt comes off.


He shouldn’t dance. At all.

May and Dawn:

They are both surprisingly good dancers, no one believed them when they said they could because of May’s clumsy nature but she proves them wrong. They have good synchronization and flexibility, particularly when they dance together.


His dancing leaves much to be desired but everyone always finds him adorable… and they laugh behind his back about it.


A surprisingly good breakdancer… can’t be graceful while dancing to save his life, which is ironic considering his profession.


He doesn’t dance but… if he had to he’d do it with the straightest of faces and the baddest of attitudes.

Kenny and Barry:

No comment. 


Iris has really good rhythm, she’s no ballerina but she can dance hip hop like no one else. It’s really the only kind of dancing she can do… but she looks damn good doing it.


He does a mean classical dance and ballet, he has a lot of grace and is great when dancing with a partner.

Burgundy and Georgia:

The only time those two would embarrass themselves enough to dance… is when they are drunk.


Absolutely hopeless… just… no… everyone always experiences second hand embarrassment from his skills. 


Serena took ballet from a young and is very talented in the sport. She’s very beautiful to watch when she’s dancing.


Like her brother, she has no dancing abilities. That doesn’t stop her from dancing or having the time of her life however.

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might i request some more lemonmeringuepieshipping headcanons :D


  • Clemont LOVES hearing Cilan talk. Like he would be 9000% okay with listening to his voice hours on end. He just finds it so melodic, beautiful, and, Just. He just loves it! Like those ASR (I think that’s the one) stuff where you feel completely at ease and calm when listening to a specific sound.
  • Cilan learned a few French words and phrases to use on Clemont. Like words of endearments, nicknames, or whatever. Bonnie also taught Cilan how to say cheesy pick up lines in French - except unbeknownst to him, they were the naughty kinds.
  • Clemont tends to forget to eat, drink, or sleep when he’s working on an invention that he ends up pushing his body way too hard. Cilan picked this up after living with him for a few months and has helped Clemont how to function with basic human needs. He’ll remind Clemont it’s time to eat, sleep, or drink. Or just really anything really. Like getting up and walking around to stretch his legs. Going to the bathroom because holding in pee can lead to UTI. Cilan’s very caring when it comes to Clemont’s health.
  • The both of them enjoys cuddling with a blanket around them as they do their own thing. Cilan might be watching the TV, and Clemont might be reading a book or something. They don’t care what the other is doing just so long as they’re with each other. The cuddling always makes the two of them relaxed and happy.
  • One time, Cilan gave Clemont a makeover and was totally smitten over how incredibly hot he looked. Cilan made sure he took lots and lots of pictures of his makeover. Clemont enjoyed being done up, but wasn’t sure about the attention he was getting from other people (they shared the same thought as Cilan. He was REALLY fucking hot. Got to a point where there were girls and guys flirting with Clemont).
  • Clemont and Cilan are pretty great singers and would occasionally sing duets with each other. Clemont is an alto and Cilan is a soprano.
  • During their first date, Clemont planned a romantic picnic dinner under the stars - except halfway through their date, it begun to rain. Which later became a thunderstorm. They were drenched with water, but they had fun nonetheless. They got warmed up, cuddled, and watched the thunderstorm together.