trainer vs

1. what color are your sheets?
2. least favorite vegetable?
3. shrek one or shrek two?
4. favorite underwear brand?
5. slushy vs. smoothie?
6. favorite ramen flavor?
7. do you sleep with the door open or closed?
8. would you rather be buried or cremated?
9. mustard vs. ketchup?
10. one animal you do not like?
11. your favorite country?
12. one limb you could live without?
13. what you want your headstone to say?
14. bees vs. spiders?
15. your least appealing feature?
16. favorite type of cheese?
17. do you like the smell of wet dog?
18. your worst fear?
19. one thing you’d never want your parents to know?
20. flip flops vs. trainers?
21. broccoli vs cauliflower? 
22. unlucky number? 
23. favorite finger?
24. a job you’d never want? 
25. favorite type of dog?
26. what is your favorite expletive (swear word)?
27. favorite age you’ve been so far?
28. where is your nearest 7-11?
29. what was the last lie you told?
30. what’s one thing that will always cheer you up? 

radiohardkore  asked:

How about Gideon Graves or Scott Pilgrim for your neat trainer animations~~?

Seven Exes Gyms to beat…

Have any character you’d like to see as a trainer? Send it to us!

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