trainer volkner

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//whispers have you got any fluffy volkner or roark headcanons (as in how they'd act like with their s/o)?? ;v;


  • Makes a lot of jokes. Is actually a really funny guy.
  • He is a horrible cook. He tries his best. (Just let him live.)
  • One thing he’s really good at making is coffee. He makes a really good cup of coffee.
  • He likes to take his s/o hiking.
  • Doesn’t like his s/o going in the mines. Mines are dangerous. (Gets adamant when his s/o retorts with “How do you think I feel when you go down there?”)

(oh no i made it sad.)


  • Prefers to let his s/o do the talking. He’ll give occasional input, but usually he just grunts or nods to let his s/o he’s listening.
  • Actually a really good cook. Wanted to be a chef when he was little. He makes the best breakfast food and loves making his s/o breakfast in bed spontaneously.
  • Prefers quiet dates at home or in secluded locations where no one can bug him and his s/o. For at home dates a meal and sitting on the couch with his s/o sitting between his legs is his favorite. When the date is outside he likes to go to this secret beach shore that he’s known about since he was a kid. Only he and Flint know about it. Hell take his s/o there and they’ll have a picnic while watching the sunset.