trainer reggie


 Lemme introduce y'all to the magic of late night photoshopping, a.k.a. art school nights. 

Here we have; Johnny Whiscash, Nuzleafyishere, Sæl, Steven Wingal, Tommy Buizeau, Ken Cubone, Durant-Durant, Killer Keemstaryu and finally…

                                         THE REGGIES


My sketchbook here could double function as an answer to “So, which Pokedressing events were you around for and with which characters?” I had Reiji, Shinji, and Hunter J in play for the nekomimi event and J physically shrunk into a child. I feeeeel like the Mukudori Mukkuru/Starly is Shinji/Paul and I have no memory of the kid trying to battle him. Someone else in Pokedressing, probably.

So my sister dug up my old sketchbook… 2/?

It’s funny that I drew all these, because I distinctly remember only using two digital drawings as icons for age regressed J. Look at all these variety I could have had instead!

… still annoyed by how much more expressive and lively my old art was.