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Protected: Part Four

Summary: Reader is the younger sister of Tony Stark. After a bad breakup with her abusive ex she moves into the Stark Tower and asks Tony to help her train so she can look after herself and feel safe. Having previously worked at S.H.I.E.L.D as a translator, she fits in with the team immediately and proves herself to be no damsel in distress but that isn’t to say she doesn’t welcome the protective aura of a certain super-soldier.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Tony x Steve, Wanda x Vision, Tony x sister!reader

Word count: 2,678

Warnings: None

A/N: when speech is in italics, it means they are speaking another language. Sorry for the wait guys! Hope you like it! I’m working on the next part already so it should be out pretty soon.

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“Y/N, come on, wake up. It’s time for your first day of training, dollface.” You groaned in response snuffling further into the warmth of your pillows. Yesterday had drained you emotionally and you had spent the rest of the day swaddled in blankets watching cheesy rom-coms. Half way through, Bucky had joined you and you had, once again, fallen asleep to the feeling of his hands tracing your skin and threading through your hair.

You realised he must have carried you back to your room again and now you were more comfortable than you had thought possible and you hadn’t had any nightmares!

“Y/N. Come on, doll. I’ll tickle you,” he threatened. Your eyes shot open, waking from the befuddled half-sleep state you had been in, and you realised that your pillow was not your pillow, but Bucky’s chest and the warmth you felt was due to his arms being wrapped around you.

You looked up into his face, “Huh, Buck. Not that I’m complaining,” you grinned mischievously, “but what’s going on?”

He laughed softly, “Hey, don’t look at me like that, doll. I came to put you in your bed last night but when I tried to leave you wouldn’t let go of my t-shirt and you kept saying my name. Eventually I gave up and decided to stay,” he shrugged and grinned.

You blushed a little, embarrassed that you had apparently forced Bucky to sleep in your bed, “Sorry,” you murmured.

He laughed again and squeezed you tighter for a second, before letting one hand start rubbing lazy circles into the small of your back, “It’s ok, doll. I didn’t mind and uh- well it was nice actually – I didn’t have any nightmares.” He smiled down at you gently.

You beamed back at him, sitting up suddenly in the bed. You lost the warmth that he had given you but you were too excited to care (mostly) as you entwined your fingers in a casual movement, looking down, “Same,” you whispered.

He smiled, “Come on, Y/N, time to get ready. It really is your first day of training.”

You nodded and faltered for a moment before throwing yourself forward and giving him a quick hug, “Thanks, soldier,” you whispered. You felt him smile against your neck as he held you tighter for a moment, “Now out!” You ordered, laughing as he jogged out of your room with his arms up in surrender.

You had a quick shower, getting dressed in some yoga pants, a sports bra and a loose top with your trainers. You found Nat in the kitchen, wearing similar clothes, with a bottle of water in her hand.

“Morning, Nat,” you said cheerfully, heading to the fridge.

“Morning Y/N. Are you ready to start training?” She asked, smiling at you.

“Wait, are you the one training me?” You asked, looking at her hopefully – you and Nat had grown close during your short time at the tower and you got on well with her.

She nodded and you let out a triumphant, “Yes!” She laughed as you threw yourself around her in a hug and the two of you jumped up and down a little, her laughing at your enthusiasm. It was nice to see her let go for once, instead of being the cool controlled assassin that she usually was.

“I suggest you have something light, like a banana or to keep you going, then we’ll train for a couple of hours and then you can have breakfast. You can have a break over lunchtime and then we’re starting training again at 2pm, sharp, got it?”

“Yes ma’am,” you said, saluting her. She rolled her eyes and allowed you to grab a quick bite to eat before the two of you made your way down to the training area.

“Now, the reason I’m the one training you is simple, we’re both similar heights and weights and women have different bodies to men. We don’t have as much muscle naturally so we have to work harder to be just as strong and if that doesn’t work, we have to find ways around our opponents’ strength,” she explained, walking towards where thick blue mats were piled against a wall. You went to help her and the two of you put some down in the middle of the room.

“What about when you’re on missions?” you asked, grunting with the effort of pulling the heavy mat.

“Well, although I’ll be your main trainer, you’re going to get training from everyone here. We all have different fighting styles, our own unique methods, and you’re going to learn all of them and mix them together to make your own. You’ll be able to put Jake on his ass, and much more, in no time,” she told you, her voice fierce. It made a small smile slip onto your face at how much Tony’s team had come to care for you, letting you in easily and making room in their lives when they could have done the opposite.

You nodded, determined, “Let’s do this.”

Several (definitely more than several) mistimed attacks and bruises later, and your resolve to learn was just as strong, even if you were feeling a little battered.

“You’re doing well, Y/N. You’re already strong and fit due to the mandatory basic training at S.H.I.E.L.D which is good for us because that’s one less thing we have to work on. We’ll take a break now, and pick this up again in the afternoon,” she told you, helping you up from the mat.

It was now lunchtime, and you were sweating like a pig, to be frank, “Oh fuck it,” you muttered, pulling your shirt off to leave only your sports bra on underneath. Natasha had done that hours ago, but you had refused, unwilling to expose your body, which was miles less toned than hers. But now you were on the verge of overheating and so you finally gave in, using the t-shirt to pat your face and neck as you went to get your drink.

There was a sort of strangled noise and a loud thump! behind you and you turned to see Bucky and Sam in a pile next to the, now open, double doors. You frowned.

“Were you guys spying on us?” You asked, walking towards them, forcing yourself to be confident in your body and not cover it – doing so would only draw attention to it.

Bucky grinned up at you cheekily whilst Sam gave you a sheepish look, “Was just checking out the goods is all,” Bucky quipped.

“Oi, Soldier,” you said, playfully swatting him with your shirt.

“Hey! What was that for?” He protested, laughing as he rolled away from where he was tangled with Sam and started to get up.

You gave him a look and he put up his hands in surrender, “Sorry, doll. We are actually here for a reason, Nat, Coulson needs you, got a mission, he says it’s urgent.”

Nat sighed, “Seriously? I asked him if I could have today off.”

Sam nodded grimly, “He said he wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t an emergency. Sorry Nat.”

“Well it’s not me he should be apologising to, it’s Y/N. We were training today. Sorry Y/N,” she said, turning to you with a disappointed smiled.

“It’s ok, don’t worry. Go save the world and stuff.” You patted her arm reassuringly, hiding the disappointment you felt – you had been enjoying the sparring even though you had lost every time.

“Ah ah ah, not so fast, doll. I still have the day free, I’ll finish your training for today,” Bucky said. You groaned at the playful smirk on his face; this was going to be hell.

“Well, we’re not starting again until 2 anyway, so I’ll meet you then. For now I need to gather my strength so I can manage putting up with you for more than an hour,” you quipped, smirking at him. You saw Sam roll his eyes at the two of you, “What? What are you rolling your eyes at Wilson. Of all people, I thought you’d agree that Bucky’s a little annoying shit,” you said, ignoring the offended gasp Bucky let out.

He smiled, “Yeah yeah, Y/N/N. I’m just observing is all. I think Natasha here knows what I mean,” the two of them made eye contact whilst you looked between them with a clueless expression.

You huffed, “Whatever, I’m gonna go hop in the shower to cool down. I feel gross.” With that, you marched out of the room and back to your own bedroom. Once in there, you stripped and hopped in the shower. You didn’t bother to wash properly, since you would be getting sweaty again in a couple of hours, but instead enjoyed the cold water on your skin, which felt almost feverish in comparison.

Two o’clock came all too soon for your liking and soon you were stood outside the training room doors, reluctant to go in. Strangely, you felt nervous to train with Bucky, though you weren’t quite sure why. At first, you wondered if it was because you would be seeing a side of him that you hadn’t before – the soldier, the fighter, the assassin – were you secretly scared? But the thought was dismissed as soon as it appeared; Bucky made you feel safe, he had ever since the first time you had met him and you didn’t think it was possible for you to be scared of him. Whatever it was, you couldn’t shake it, so you stood outside the doors, pondering.

“Interesting way of training.”

You jumped, heart skipping a beat and turned with a frown to Bucky, “Why are you always so flippin’ quiet,” you complained, punching him playfully.

He rolled his eyes again and pushed the door open, gesturing for you to go in, “After you, mi’lady.”

Now you rolled your eyes, fondly shaking your head at his antics, “Whatever Barnes. Let’s just get this show on the road.” He followed you in, dropping his towel and bottle of water at the side and standing in the middle of the mat, waiting for you. He was relaxed, hands held loosely by his side, the ghost of a smile still on his lips as he watched you fiddle with your stuff. You felt a faint blush grow on your cheeks as he watched you and your eyes wandered over his form without meaning to. He was strong, all broad shoulders and muscle. Even relaxed, his right arm showed definition and his hard chest pushed at his top a little.

Your gaze travelled down, to look at his metal arm – you had never seen past his wrist before, as he usually covered it with long sleeved t-shirts. Curiosity filled your mind as you admired it, reflecting the light of the gym slightly. It was beautiful really, you thought to yourself. You looked back up to see where it fused with his shoulder, but it was covered by his top. You knew Tony and T’Challa had worked on it extensively to improve the interface between Bucky’s shoulder and the arm so that it wouldn’t be painful for him to have and use.

“Like what you see, doll?” He asked, smirking slightly.

Your eyes would end up rolling out of your head, if he kept those clichéd lines up, “Yeah,” you paused, walking forward with a smirk, “Tony and T’Challa have done amazing on this arm. I mean, I’ve seen the before pictures and really it looks very similar but Tony was telling me about everything they’ve done to improve it,” you began rambling about the improved tech. Though you had originally intended only to use it as a snappy retort, once you started talking, you did geek out a little. You picked up his arm, holding it in front of you to look at and twisting it around slightly, careful not to cause Bucky any discomfort.

“I mean, the metal is inlaid with thousands of sensors wired into your Central Nervous System to mimic the feeling of a real hand and, of course, T’Challa used vibranium to rebuild the arm, making it ten times stronger than your old one. Since the creation of Vision, combined with Wakandan knowledge of vibranium, we’ve been able to incorporate it much more efficiently into the arm. It goes beyond cybernetic prosthetics – this arm is semi-organic really, like vision, though it still has the appearance of metal-”

“Doll?” He asked cutting you off. You looked up to see he had an amused smile as he looked down at you.

You dropped the arm, “Sorry. I had a phase of wanting to be a doctor and Tony talks to me about his projects a lot and I just think it’s such a cool arm – sorry, rambling again. Let’s start.”

He smiled warmly at you, “It’s ok. It’s cute, doll.”

You felt a blush warm your cheeks a little but ignored it – you had heard plenty of stories about Bucky’s days as a ladies man from Steve and knew it was in his nature to flirt with others.

You stepped back, falling into a fighting stance as Natasha had showed you earlier, “Lets’s do this, soldier.”

He suddenly grinned and brought his hands up, “Gladly, dollface.”

You were patient, knowing that you would lose this, and instead deciding that even though it would be impossible for you to win unless he let you, you could still impress him. The two of you circled each other, waiting for one to make a move. When he realised from your steely gaze that you weren’t going to be that one, he let out a soft laugh and smirked.

You barely saw his hand coming and it grazed the side of your face but you managed to dodge to the left. He predicted that and your stomach met his knee. It knocked the wind out of you, but he was pulling his punches – something you weren’t entirely ungrateful for in that moment. You pushed away from him, swiping the hair out of your face and taking a breath. He observed you for a moment, checking if you were alright. When he decided that you were, he went straight back in.

The two of you sparred for a few minutes, him calling out advice here and there, you getting stopped by him at every turn, that was, until the last moment. He got you in a headlock, thinking he had won and it was a stroke of luck for you that he had decided to use this particular move on you. This was one manoeuvre that you knew very well – it was part of the basic training provided to all agents in self-defense and you had used it before when some guy grabbed you at a bar.

The hand caught between you and him pulled back and went over his head, scrabbling for a hold. Ideally, you wanted the eyes, but since you couldn’t find them, you grabbed his hair. At the same time, your other hand struck his groin as you pulled backwards, making his head jerk backwards. That gave you time to find his eyes, since you could now see where to aim, and you pushed down on them. He fell to the ground, but his grip didn’t release like you expected. It loosened slightly but you ended up being pulled to the floor with him.

“Agh!” you yelped as you fell on top of him roughly, losing your grip and landing on his chest. For a moment the two of you just laid there, catching your breath, before you sat up, straddling him and smiled down at him.

“Well, I certainly didn’t expect that, doll,” he murmured, impressed.

You laughed, “Neither did I, to be honest.” You knew that had it been a real fight, you probably wouldn’t have even gotten the opportunity to pull that move, but it felt good anyway. You were proud of yourself. You looked at him for a moment longer, before realising the position you were in and rolling off clumsily.

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Pokemon Go finally pushed me to make a trainersona (wooo surprise I like sonas) so heRE’S TRAINER NAT. Trying to imitate the pokemon style was a challenge, but it was fun! Even tho I didn’t get as close as I would have liked :‘y
Encounter Theme:
Battle theme:

Champion Encounter Theme:
Champion Battle Theme:

Name: Nat
Pronouns: They/Them
Trainer Class: Ace
Region of Origin: Orre

Infernape, Luxray, Tyranitar, Xatu, Shiny Croconaw, Mightyena

Nat aspires to travel through all of the Pokemon world and become world champion someday. They love making friends wherever they go, and always try their best to be kind to others. Being from the Orre region, Nat has encountered Team Cipher in the past and has experience with Shadow Pokemon. Their Mightyena is a former shadow Pokemon, it was given to them by professor Krane after it was purified.
Nat has many other Pokemon in storage.

Challenge Accepted

Pietro x reader

Warnings: none

A/N: This will be my second one shot and if all goes well, i might continue it after…

y/n= your name

y/e/c= your eye color

y/h/c= your hair color

Pietro’s p.o.v:

I angrily shoved a mouthful of cereal into my mouth. Why was I angry? Well, a few minutes ago, Steve had mentioned that there would be a new addition to the team. I had accidentally spit out coffee onto the counter in surprise. I didn’t think we needed new members. At least, not yet.

Wanda and I had only been a part of the team since the ultron incident that happened two months ago. Sokovia was still rebuilding. The newest members of the team were still in training and with Bruce and Tony gone, things would be tougher. I knew that much and at the moment, adding new members did not seem like a good idea.

I wanted to protest but Steve had cut me short, only adding fuel to my anger. He then left and I was alone in the kitchen, Wanda gone with Vision, and not here to comfort me.

I put my empty bowl into the sink and headed for the training room. Training always started at 8 am and typically ended at around 4, depending on how good Natasha and Steve thought we were doing in training.

Upon arrival, I walked through the doors to see Steve was still by the doorway, a cup of coffee in his hand. My guess is that he was waiting for the clock to hit 8. I looked around the large room and noticed that alongside all the other trainees, was someone new. A girl that, standing next to Sam, seemed really short. 

Steve seemed to notice my staring.

“That’s y/n, the newest member that I mentioned earlier.”

“I still don’t see why we need new members, we only have you and Natasha training five people already.”

“Pietro, it’s a challenge yes and with only of the two of us as teachers, the pressure is there but better to have them join S.H.I.E.L.D than be influenced to use their abilities for evil by rivals like Hydra.”

I tensed at the mention of Hydra, tons of memories flooding my mind. I quickly nodded in response. I continued to look at her and before I knew it, I found myself blurting out loudly

“I don’t think she will be able to do much. She is too small.”

Steve looked at me in shock and quietly questioned my actions. I was too busy staring at the girl who had now turned her attention to me. Her y/e/c narrowed and a scowl taking place on her face. I scowled back, all emotions fueling my actions. 

“You must be the ego obsessed speedster” she said. I growled at her response. 

“At least I have an ego” I responded. 

“Do you honestly think that I’m not fully capable of kicking your ass simply because I’m small?” she asked. I nodded in response, smiling smugly. 

Before the argument could go any further, Steve stepped down and started talking to all of us at once.   

“All right, for today’s training session, we will be sparring with one another so if everyone could go to the mats please.”

I found myself surprised that he would have us spar today considering the new girl probably didn’t know how to fight. 

We all walked over to the mats. Wanda stood next to me and I figured she probably was going to spar with Vision. It used to be that me and her were inseparable but that changed as she and Vision grew closer. Something I wasn’t exactly happy about. 

“Sam, you’re up. Pick your opponent.” Steve said.

We watched as Sam walked into the center, scanned over everyone before picking  Rhodey. Rhodey walked into the middle and they both took their stances.

“This better not be cuz I’m black” Rhodey said. 

They then started sparring, punches and kicks being thrown here and there. I watched for a while before letting my eyes wonder and find the new girl once again. 

She stood next to Natasha and I noticed that they were lowly talking to one another. Her y/e/c eyes looked at me as she muttered something again, making Natasha laugh. Was she insulting me?? 

I looked back to the fight to see Sam pinning Rhodey to the ground, marking the fight as over. Steve walked into the center as Sam helped Rhodey up. Steve looked to the new girl and she looked back. It almost seemed as if they were having a conversation by just looking much like how Wanda would speak to me telepathically. 

“y/n, you’re up. Introduce yourself and pick an opponent.” Steve said. 

I found myself shocked again but I saw an opportunity to see how much she knew. 

She walked into the center, ran a hand through her y/h/c hair and smiled. I felt a tug at my heart strings for the slightest second when she did that. She turned to face the rest of us and introduced herself.

“I’m y/n and obviously, one of the newest members….hmm…what else can I say? I like the color green?” she said, and a few laughed. 

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and blurted “Are you done yet or will you pick your opponent?”

She glared at me and I knew what she would say next.

“Alright Speedy, you’re up. Let’s see what you’re really made of.”

I smiled smugly and gladly walked into the center, seeing no threat.

She took her stance and quickly asked “No powers right?”

Natasha replied a yes. She smiled.

“How slow can you go?” she asked me and dashed toward her, feeling slow without my superspeed. She sunk to the floor and her leg darted out to trip me, catching me off guard as I fell to the floor. 

I quickly pushed myself up again and faced her, as a punch came towards my face. I blocked it with my arm and made a swing for her stomach. She dodged my fist and turned around. Before I knew it, her elbow connected with my jaw, sending waves of pain through my head. I stumbled a bit, trying to get back into my stance only for her to kick me in the ribs. I fly backwards, hearing a crunch from my ribs. Waves of pain start shooting from there as well. 

I’m now on my ass, but I’m not ready to give up. I push myself off the ground, and break the rule of no powers. Using my superspeed I run towards her, ready to catch her off guard but she senses this and manages to grab my arm, throwing me off balance. 

She doesn’t let go either and kicks her knee into the small of my back, sending me to the floor on my stomach, pulling my arm muscles uncomfortably. She then grabs my other arm and twists it behind my back as well, pinning me to the floor. The fight is over. 

Her face comes near mine and she whispers “I can’t wait to train you. Hopefully, you don’t underestimate me again.”

A tingling sensation spreads throughout my body and I feel all the pain go away. She then lets go of my arms and helps to pull me off the ground. She walks away, her hips swaying slightly and I can’t help but watch. She looks to Steve and Natasha, and mentions that she needs to move her belongings into the tower and leaves afterwards. 

I rub my jaw as Steve walks over, smiling lightly.

“I guess I forgot to mention she would also be one of the new trainers alongside me and Nat.”

I’m still watching y/n walk away to the doors. Before she walks through, she turns around and winks at me before walking through the doorway. 

“Challenge accepted y/n.” I say, smiling, and head off the mats.