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Random Headcanons

So I made a head canon blog because I did have some headcanons

-I know lot’s of people have said this before but when/if Hau becomes a Kahuna he would have a psychic team. His Alolan Raichu would have the Pshychium Z (Is that what it’s called?)

-For his trail battle he has Raichu (maybe not his, maybe like a lower leveled one), a Kadabra and a Slowpoke. If he also becomes an Elite 4 member his Kadabra evolved into Alakazam and Slowpoke evolved into Slow king. He also has a Starmie and an Espeon.

-If Mina were to set up an official trial  it would be in a field of flowers. Maybe in Poni Meadow. You would draw pictures of different fairy Pokemon in front of you and than each one battles you if they are not satiated with the drawing. The totem Pokemon would be Shiinotic or Ribombee. 

-After the trail Mina tells the trial goer that their art isn’t bad but the Pokemon are just very picky when it comes to art.

-Those Stufful toys in Olivia’s room are said to be pretty popular among single woman. I headcanon they were originally a toy made for kids but single woman found other uses for them.  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

-The Meowths in Nanu’s house are all badly beaten strays brought in by Persian. He heals them up and then they just never leave.

-Acerola’s family lived in the original shady house in Po Town. 

-Po Town was attacked by Tapu Bulu and eventually abandoned and taken over by Team Skull.

Yeah that’s all I got. 

~Mod Carbink