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★ we finished season two! ★ here are some small doodles i did while watching (including some pokemon au ideas lol)

Y’know what would have been really cool now that you can defend your Champion title, is being able to choose your own Elite Four members.

You could get like, a list of trainers you’ve met along your journey and select them to be a part of your Elite Four, and then other players could challenge your league and you theirs. 

I’d pick Guzma for sure.

Even though she’s not apparently a trainer, I’d love to have Wicke. I’d imagine she’d use Normal or Psychic types.

BUT since she’s not really an option, my other three would be Hapu, Nanu and Lana.

Maybe at later stages you could unlock multple-type trainers like Hau, Blue/Red and Kukui for more of a challenging group.

Dunno. That would have been cool.

anonymous asked:

So about a week ago I started travelling with another trainer (someone I've met a few times, I consider him a friend) and ever since my Gallade has been wary of him, extending his swords whenever he gets within a few feet of me, and occassionally stops paying attention in battle. He used to be fine when we met up before, so I don't know what is wrong all of a sudden. Any help?

It may be a good idea to communicate with your gallade—specifically through means your new traveling companion can’t eavesdrop on. Gallade are highly protective pokémon, but it’s also important to remember that in addition to this protectiveness, they’re also psychic. While it’s entirely possible that your gallade is simply being overly cautious around your friend, it’s also possible that your companion presents a very real danger that your gallade has picked up on. Communicating with your gallade through subtle channels will help you determine whether or not the threat is valid and what actions you would need to take after that.

If your new companion is indeed a threat (and, of course, always investigate before assuming your gallade is completely correct), it’s important to take caution in your dealings with him from that point forward. I would advise parting ways with him in a public area (and doing so politely but confidently) to minimize the possibility that he will respond violently. Be sure to have your pokémon close at hand for a few days afterwards for protection, and try not to make it obvious that it’s because you perceive him as a danger to you.

If, however, your companion is not a threat, try to explain to your gallade that your friend is trustworthy. I would also suggestion having your friend and your pokémon engage in team building exercises (such as, for example, allowing your friend to help take care of gallade or having your gallade and your friend work together to set up camp) so that the two of them may begin to build bonds with one another. Eventually, the longer your friend works with your gallade, the more likely your gallade will finally let his guard down.

Good luck, anonymous!

“There was an interesting trainer I met when I vacationed in Kalos. Honestly ‘interesting’ is such an understatement because that wouldn’t be enough to describe someone who trains his Pokémon through dance. According to him, dancing helps his Pokémon not only with how they move but in their overall endurance. And it sure showed when I battled him—even if his Crawdaunt had those huge pincers, it was so agile that it evaded all of my Pokémon’s moves.

“We kept in touch after that, and I bring him up to you because I talked to him recently about some funny stuff. A few nights ago there was this newly discovered Pokémon in Alola shown on TV called Oricorio. It’s this Flying-type Pokémon that does a variety of dances depending on its form, and it has four forms that differ between the islands of Alola. It even has this unique ability that allows it to copy any dance moves its opponents perform like Quiver Dance or Swords Dance. The kicker? The ability’s called ‘Dancer’.”

“Sounds like the perfect Pokémon for your friend!”

“Exactly! I called him right away when the segment ended, and sure enough, he told me he had just bought a plane ticket to Alola and was leaving the day after. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s already caught all Oricorio forms by now!”

Name: Daemon

Pokemon: Incineroar

Type: (Fire)(Dark)

Nature: Rash

Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Daemon’s story: When I first met my trainer, I was lining up alongside two other pokemon my size in a little town called Iki. I was being taken care of by a fat old human who seemed to know everything I needed. Until one day I was let out of my ball and lined up against a Rowlet and a Poppilo. They were both dorks, no way were they being adopted anytime soon. As a Litten, I knew I’d be picked for sure. Who honestly would pick a grass type I could easily lick in a battle and will faint? Or such a dumb-looking water type with no sense of style? Nah, I was the best pick, and my trainer knew it. I took one look at her and didn’t think much. I was kinda hoping for a male human to be my trainer. But then I thought of how she could be different. Most female humans are well known by all pokemon to be very caring towards their pokemon, and heal quite often. Like the pink haired one who’s always in a pokecenter. I knew I’d probably get into a lot of scuffles and brawls, so she’d be ideal for having at hand, y’know? I guess I didn’t really care who my trainer would be, as long as they made me strong. So I went along. Giving her my most charming smile and running up to her, she scooped me up above her. Her hands were super gentle and so large back then. In her eyes I was the best, and I was going to prove it to every trainer, pokemon and challenger that dared, uh, come up to us and… challenge us. Okay, I was just going to prove it y’know?

Anyway, after showing a smiling boy and his Rowlet how weak they were, we took a few walks around the island. I met my trainer’s mother and her pokemon Meowth. Felt kinda nice to know that there was another feline around to talk to. Oh yeah, my trainer nicknamed me Daemon. Call me crazy but that’s not so stupid a name. Kinda has a fierce ring to it. Though it’s a little embarrassing when she calls me her “pretty kitty” and scratches under my chin, it feels sorta nice. And my trainer indeed made me grow and helped me to reach my evolution, Torracat! Despite other trainers, my trainer had no fear of me, even when I tried to startle her. I love being scratched just under my whiskers and chin the most, and being fed the most colorful beans. I once tried a dry human-made flat cake and my tongue just fell in love! I gotta have me one of those again sometime! Once, my trainer burned her hand while petting me too close to my flame bell. I smirked at first, but I guess I couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for how fragile she was. There wasn’t much I could do about her hand, but I’d show her some appreciation in return. In battle, I’d show her how strong I was and she would reward me for all the great battles I won. On the road, she’d sometimes stop and heal me, and I’d find things for her to use sometimes. I must’ve found some really important things sometimes, because she’d give me that happy scratch under the chin. I knew she adored me, and nothing made me more proud and happy. It’s what made traveling with a trainer all worthwhile y’know? There’s no downside.

My trainer took me along on a few challenging routes and one route with a volcano around it was my personal favorite. We encountered a weird looking fire-type pokemon called Salandit. She had some mean cat-like purple eyes but she was no cat. She was a brave one, but I could’ve easily made her faint even though she poisoned me. My trainer instead instructed me to stay put and threw a pokeball at her. She came to join us in our island adventures and my trainer named her Reyna. I didn’t care for her at first because she’s kinda puny, but she can pack a punch when she wants. We play fireball pass together when we got the time. But I’m my trainer’s first and best pokemon, at least here. She came from a far away island called Kanto or something. Who knows what other pokemon she trains and takes with her? I just don’t want to be stuck in a box the whole time, y’know? I wanna train and get stronger than even a Tapu island guardian! Though my trainer insists that all pokemon have their strengths and weaknesses. We made it through the Alola island challenge and their new pokemon league! It was a real challenge, but the team and I pulled through and I became a champion! Well, I guess my trainer is the champion. It’s sorta all thanks to my trainer, y’know? I won’t fight my best for anyone other than her. Any punk who’s stupid enough to challenge my trainer has to go through me and my claws.


“Oi, I know you just finished Lush Jungle but you need to give your pokemon a rest.”

Hajime crossed his arms as he looked at the black haired trainer. He had met a lot of trainers that pushed their pokemon too far. What was with these haole’s and not understanding their pokemons limits.

“Come back when your pokemon are in better shape.”

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A friend of mine turned me onto this new show on the CW called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and although it already has many interesting parts to the show about exploring relationship tropes while doing so in a parody-musical type fashion. Its hard to explain the charm of the show, you’ll just have to watch it yourself. 

But of course the reason I’m bringing this up is because the show also features something I’ve been asking for so long in representation; A male character who self-identifies as bisexual! They actually use the word (and even sing about it) in the show. Darryl Whitefeather is introduced as a divorcee who loved his ex-wife, and finds himself longing for a trainer that he’s met. He exclaims that he’s “Both-sexual” and this ensues:

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It’s nice to see this happening in a TV show, and this same-sex relationship between a gay and bisexual man will be interesting to see in development throughout its story arc to see the issues that will be tackled. 

Pokémon GO - Potential Features?

Imagine coming back from long trips and telling friends about Pokémon you found and trainers you met.

And as far as features go, Pokémon GO has the potential for:

•VS SEEKER - Proximity detector to tell you when trainers are nearby (like a “discovery mode” you turn on like Bluetooth)
•PalPad deal where you can trade Game Center/Play Store credentials to stay connected with any trainer you meet
•If you have a game, instant friend code trading
•Real, honest to goodness Passerby Analytics!
•And maybe, and I’m not sure how it’d be done, some secret bases??
•Trainer badges (for completing events probably)
•Itemfinder/dowsing machine?? Find Pokéballs and Items!
•Imagine a ranking system where you get ranked globally, nationally, and regionally. You could well be the champ in your town! Or you might look for people ranked higher than you to beat the stuffing out of them!

And the possibility for events!

•"(virtual) Team rocket is snooping around your city! Find and battle them to learn what they’re up to!“
•A virtual Pokemon center has been set up in your town, go there to meet other trainers! (Meet and greets)
•Remember the Deoxys movie? Imagine fending off some Deoxys clones while looking for the real Deoxys? Or avoiding Unown while looking for a legendary dog/Ho-oh/Lugia?
•"A (virtual) Pokémon champion is in your city! Battle them and get a prize!”
•Item-based events! (There is a rumored evil spirit in your area, find the SilphScope and find out what it is - Pokémon or actual spirit?) or (Find a fossil in your area and take it to be revived!)
•Again, possible secret bases??

And I think we ALL know there will be money-grabbing in the app (and that’s fine by me, a Pokéball costs like a dollar in RL currency - and there will likely be a free way of getting items), but I wonder if they’ll ONLY use Pokédollars? Some apps have two currencies - one that you get for free in-app and the other you buy.
Which brings up the next question: DO WE GET POKÉDOLLARS FROM TRAINERS WE BEAT?