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Older!Lara (11) and older!amourshipping doodles because it was necessary.

The precious pic of amourperlashipping right here inspired me to draw Lara again and a bit of Sunny, the Kecleon Ash captured for her >v<

When will I make proper refs? At some point this year I hope. The moment is not now 8)

♥Long live fankids♥


“Pokemon Y Nuzlocke Challenge” follows the adventure of a young 16 year old Pokemon Trainer named Lara. Her and her mother have just moved to the wondrous new land called the Kalos Region, with Lara about to start on her first Pokemon journey. Many new wonders will be discovered, but will they be the ones she actually expected? Stay tuned in for the first chapter, coming soon!

(( Heeeey guys! I’m actually going to try and do my own Nuzlocke comic! Since this is my first time making a comic, I’m kind of nervous, but I’m actually really excited at the same time! I hope you all will be interested in it. I’ll make it funny, full of action, and it’ll even have feels as well. uvu

But anyway, updates may be slow until Summer vacation starts, but I also have two blogs I have to focus on, but I will try my hardest to keep this comic going!

So I hope you all like it! c: ))

“mario is no longer a plumber!” well GEE LOUISE ash is no longer a pokemon trainer. lara croft is no longer an adventurer. sonic is no longer a hedgehog. gordon freeman is no longer the protagonist of a successful PC FPS series

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s.s. endurance

You know when you’re 100% convinced you’re going to get a particular birthday present, but you’re still absolutely ecstatic when you do?  This is me with Endurance requests~


How much I like it: actual cause of global warming | notp | don’t care | it’s okay | cute! | otp | MY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN | I WILL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP | JUST HOOK IT TO MY VEIIIIINS!

“Their” song: “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. ;D I told you I wasn’t going to be good at this part.

Who does more housework: Lara, when she remembers/isn’t caught up in other things.  She and Sam keep their place from being filthy, but it’s always crazy cluttered.  Sam wants to hire a housekeeper, but that’s part of the ‘life of riches/having everything done for you’ lifestyle that Lara doesn’t want for herself.  Sam sighs theatrically when Lara says things like that, but she also loves and respects her for it.

What couple cosplay they should do: Pokemon! Sam as a trainer and Lara as Eevee (you know Sam would look great in the cap and jacket and gloves and all that, and fluffy Lara is something everybody needs).

Who cried watching Toy Story 3: Sam cried into Lara’s shoulder, and Lara got misty eyed and stroked Sam’s hair, trying to be the brave girlfriend.  Sam asked her if she liked it though, and when Lara’s voice cracked when she tried to answer Sam smiled to herself and then leaned up to give her a kiss on the cheek.

Who hogs the blankets at night: Sam, who sometimes just does it in her sleep because she’s cold, and sometimes does it intentionally so Lara will get cold and snuggle closer to her.  Lara is fully aware of what she’s doing, and shakes her head with a little laugh before snuggling in.

What they fight about: They don’t fight a lot, because Lara’s pretty chill and will let Sam have her way most of the time without being bothered by it (not that Sam pushes too often).  They will, however, fight to the death over the Jaffa cakes.

Who has more Facebook friends: Sam has a massive list, and Lara got so many requests that she switched to using a false name just so she could keep it to close friends.  She goes by Laura Croft.

One headcanon about them: One time during college Lara came down with pneumonia and was confined to her bed for a week.  She was stressed about missing her classes, so Sam attended every one, took notes, collected any reading material and brought them back to Lara where she’d do her best to re-enact the lecture.  Lara kept laughing herself into coughing fits when Sam kept referring to important historical figures like ‘that guy from Friends’ (‘Matthew Perry?’) ‘Yeah that guy from Friends visited Japan’, and events like ‘so everyone was pretty bummed about that and decided FUCK THE SYSTEM and rebelled’.
Lara was worried about Sam’s own study, but Sam brushed her off, because she is a genius director and barely even needs the classes anyway (thankfully her own lectures were up online, and she put in headphones and watched them after Lara fell asleep).

That’s my girl.

In relation with Lara’s motto, the other day I came across this and basically it was a must.

Also casually introducing Miwa, my gymshipping fankid, because of reason he hot. He’s 15. More info on him (and older Misty and Brock) soon!

Lara and her starter Fravi, the young yellow-strip Kecleon.

Long story short, amourperlashipping‘s precious pic reminded me about working on the designs of my fankids, like, get them out of the sketch state. I somewhat overcame my art block from this week (thanks to getting back to uni probably) and got productive this afternoon, so here’s the first one.

The magical girl aura is strong on her. Improved some details on her outfit too. 

During her main story, Lara is 12 and carries 3 pokemon with her.


More Info will be available soon.


Meet Lara (laah-rah), my amourshipping fankid!

As you can see I have a thing for the kids that take a lot f genetics from their grandparents, in this case, grandmothers >w<


It has been a while since toasty-coconut started buggin me about making a Amour fankid, and I always forgot ;;;; So on sunday night inspiration hit me and here we are.

It’s a quick thing and there’s room for improvement but at least I was productive ò0o

Lara’s a blank page aside from the name and the fact she’s super reckless and enthusiastic about everything like hes dad, and romantic, positive and conciliatory like her mom, so I’m open to HCs about her!

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Got any random Lara headcanons you want to share off the top of your head?



It’s not super relevant but it’s super cute uvu

(look at these dorks ^ And a hottie daddy)

This is Keky the puppet, Lara’s favorite toy. Her mom (Serena) made it for her.

Keckleon will also be Lara’s first pokemon when she gets older!


Disgurl >8V

SO since I finally got the other Pokemon game, I decided to test out a little Nuzlocke run because I’ve never done one before, and I feel like I want to make a comic about it! So far this is my team, I’ve recorded everything that has happened, and how I caught my pokemon.

I’ve already beat the first gym leader, and no one on my team has died yet.

So far my team is (In order from how I caught them):

Yori the Braxien Male Lv 16

Renie the Pidgey Female Lv. 15

Naomi the Fletchling Female Lv. 14

Clem the Bidoof Female Lv. 11

Mia the Azurill Female Lv. 11

Floretta the Flabebe (In PC) Female Lv. 8

Ansel the Squirtle Male Lv. 10

And right now I’ve stopped in front of Route 5 in Lumiose City.

And for the rules I’ve been following so you guys know I’m really doing a geniune Nuzlocke run:

1. Any Pokemon that faints is considered dead, and will be placed in the Graveyard Box in the PC, and can not be used anymore.

2. The player may only catch the first Pokemon they encounter in each area. If it faints or flees, there are no other chances.

3. Must nickname all Pokemon.

4. Black out/White out is considered a “Game Over

5. Can accept Pokemon freely from NPC’s in the game, but not from out of game trades from friends.

6. Player may use Potions and Pokemon Centers, but limits visits to the Pokemon Centers, and can not use Potions during battle.

7. If Shiny Pokemon is to appear, even if a Pokemon has already been caught on that route, the player is allowed to catch it, but not use it during the course of the Nuzlocke run.

So if you guys want to see more, or WANT me to start a comic, which I probably will, comment and tell me what you think!

Anyway, thanks for reading! c: