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Here are some ideas for a demigod au with the kanto children

-Red is the son of Ares because of reasons

-He is orphan and his cap is the only thing he has from his mother

- He lives in the streets before Prof. Oak finds him and takes him to camp half-blood

- For a son of Ares he is super chill but when it comes to battle he shows his true power

- He has received the blessing of Ares

- He is the counselor of Ares cabin

- He thinks Ares is a jerk (everyone does)

- Blues is the daughter of Aphrodite

- She is really strong and powerful because the training she received as a kid (kind of like the mask of ice thing)

- She can shapeshift but only her head and face and she has charmspeak

- She used to use her charmspeak on Red 

- She tried it on Green too but it didn’t work

- Her earrings where a gift from Aphrodite 

- She is the counselor of cabin 10

- Everybody is conflicted about her being a child of Aphrodite because she has all the characteristics but she is so strong and nobody thinks an aphrodite kid can be strong

- Yellow is a chid of Apollo

- She is an excelent doctor

- She uses a lance despite her ability with the bow, she thinks it suits her better

- She is very good at arts

- She was also an orphan, her uncle (not blood related)  raised her

- She is really close to nature and has mastered potion making because of this

- She posses photokinesis, though itt really wears her off and rarely uses it

- Green and Daisy are children of Athena

- Daisy is the counselor of the cabin

- They were raised by prof Oak but when he realized they were in danger he sent them to camp half-blood

- Nobody knows what happened with their father, the only thing he letf were the necklaces they wear

- Prof. Oak married a Goddess so his son was a demigod who also married a demigoddes making Daisy and Green have god blood from both sides.

- Green is an expert with the bow

- Daisy is Athena’s favorite

- All the scars they have are based on the manga. Red has his hands ice burned. Blue has a big scar on the chest. Yellow has her right arm burned. Daisy has a lot of scars on her arms but she doen’t like them so she covers them. Green has a scar on the neck.

Those are the only ideas I have rn for the kanto kids, I will make the other dex holders later, if anyone has ideas I’d love to hear about them




Man, Pokemon is 20 years old now…I feel old (lol). I’m not sure what to say about this, other than I sacrificed my sleep schedule and sanity to get this done on time. I’m really rather proud of it! Much in the way Pokemon has grown and evolved throughout the years, I feel like my art has done so as well. Pokemon has been such a huge part of my life since I was small and this series means so much to me. I loved all the stories and characters in these games, and I’ve always been inspired to draw from this series.
So Pokemon, thank you for bringing me joy for so many years, and I hope you’ll continue to provide joy in the years to come!

Here is an “everybody” piece of artwork for the Kantou arc, which shows all of the major characters of the Generation I saga, bar one particular father figure.

「俺サトシ! 今度マサラタウンからポケモンマスター目指してトレーナー就業の旅に出るんだ! 俺の行く手には山や海の… いや、伝説いっさいなっているポケモン達がいっぱい待ってるはずさ!
新始まり: ポケットモンスター新物語! 今年の夏から伝説の冒険を繰り返す! 皆も俺と一緒にポケモンGETだぜ~!」


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Here’s a gift I made for my dearest @firebandit-shitposts. Thank you for being an amazing partner and helping me become a better person. Now take the xmas bois we love so much.

Have I ever told you guys that I hacked Pokemon FireRed and it’s exactly the same as the original except I changed all of Green’s dialogue so he’s super hardcore flirting with the player character the entire game

I also changed the sprites so it’s original Red