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@msclockwatcher mentioned that Chris Wood was following the same personal trainer in Vancouver than many of the actors playing superheroes in Arrow work with, Thomas Taylor.

So I checked Thomas’ instagram, that is @t3athletics.

And yes, not only Chris Wood follows Thomas, but t3athletics’ latest post specifically names Chris Wood as one of the Flarrowverse actors who needs to keep on training to get fit for the next season.

Quote: “t3athletics: While the Cast is away, the Directors get to play! Arrow/Flash Supergirl Director extraordinaire @glenwinter putting in work in the off season. He’s kicking ass and taking names. This is a call out w/ 6-1 ladder down Rows/Rollout Push Ups to @stephenamell @emilybett @echokells@rickgonzalez @julianaharkavy @christophrwood @james2bambamford. Better be fit as he is come Season 6 kids. No pressure 😉
Yes he does give me the 🖕at the end of this. I feel it’s loving”.

I see this as a confirmation that he is indeed Chris’ personal trainer. In Vancouver. Where of course he will keep on living because this is where they film Supergirl. And he is a series regular in Supergirl. And they start to film season 3 at the beginning of July.

This trainer is an expert in making actors get and keep a superhero body. Chris showed in Supergirl 2x13 that he has an amazing physique but with this guy is going to bulk up even more. Yay.

And the Arrow cast usually post videos with their workouts. I hope we also get this with Chris. Actors work very hard to get their amazing bodies so they should show off.

Why does Chris need bulking up? Oh, I’m expecting a red superhero suit with a blue cape, Kara’s glyph and lots of spandex.

So tell me again why there is still people who don’t think that Mon-El is back for season 3 and Valor is rising?

Because I’m going to laugh so hard at them when they are proved wrong!

One more thank-you short fic, for @whowaswillbe, who requested “ yoga seb, I’d love to see it being before they get together – Chris being completely transfixed by this gorgeous creature (and who could blame him?)”. I don’t really know *that* much about yoga, but they are both (relative) beginners here in any case, so…have some first-meeting Evanstan fluff!


Chris should be good at yoga. In theory. Given his flexibility.

He wobbles. Trying to do something called mountain pose. He’s not a good mountain. Or whatever.

He’s done gymnastics and ballet and improv theater classes. He knows how to move. Or he’s always more or less thought so.

He’s aware that this is not enough.

He’s also aware that at least half his problem, if not more, involves the utterly beautiful man just in front and slightly to the right of him. The man has duckling-soft brown hair, infinite legs, and an ass that exists in a state of loveliness which cannot be defined by words.

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All Hail the power of the Chris Wood Appreciation Week!!

We have got:

- Teen Choice Awards Nominations.
- Melwood photo with the Waco cast.
- Chris and Melissa acknowledging their nominations in Instagram.
- Chris thanks fans in Instagram and retweets one.
- Chris’ new trainer in Vancouver mentions him so we know that he will be hitting the gym.
- Melissa tweets a photo with Chris smiling.

Seriously, this is the moment to ask for nice Karamel things to happen. What do you want to ask? I want:

- A Melwood selfie.
- Announcement of new cast to play the Legion of Superheroes in season 3.
- Spoilers regarding Mon-El in season 3.
- Confirmation that Chris will be in the Flarrowverse crossover event.

What else?

@ SG writers regarding mon’s suit

short cape bc booty 

actually just scrap the cape completely

and make those trousers shorts bc THIGHS 

and no sleeves on top bc ARMS

and then trainers because chris looks adorable in trainers

The two boys

Request:  Okay, Basically something about the new guy, that got Chris or Aiden with tunnel vision, both wanting him, for Chris it brings back feelings of high school and dating guys before Victoria, for Aiden; finding someone who balances him out and is like his center. For Aiden he loves having the fact that the new guy knows his bike just as well as he do, for Chris; a perfect sparring partner, trainer and chef as Chris can’t cook. But they know he’s not ready to talk about his past yet.

This isn’t very good but I’m a bit rusty so hopefully it’ll get better.


When Y/N walked through the school doors you recognized two people, Chris and Aiden. They both had met you before but now you really saw them in their true self, meeting people at bars was always difficult since they put on a different face.

You knew Chris was older as were you but Aiden was eighteen so he was in his senior year of highschool. You stopped in just to see if you could maybe land a job as a secretary or maybe a teacher’s assistant since you’d be staying in town longer than you thought.

“Chris.” You greeted as you passed him walking to the front desk, he was meeting with someone who looked like barbie with red hair.

“Hi Y/N.” He said looking up and smiling.

Walking the rest of the way to the front desk a lady with red cat eye glasses greeted you with a frown.

“What are you here for?” She snapped, looking down to her magazine.

“I was wondering if there is a job opening as a secretary or teacher’s assistant or something like that?” You asked.

She looked back to you and stood up her big curly hair following her every move. “There are no job openings, now please leave me alone I want to read my magazine.”

Shocked at her, you turned on your heel and walked back out the door knowing that one of the boys were following you.

“Y/N? Are you ok?” Aiden asked.

“I’m fine, that lady was so rude. Is that how people are in this town?” You asked propping up against his bike.

“That’s just how the secretaries at the school are.” He said shoving his hands in his jean pockets. “Instead of staying here would you want to go and work on a bike with me? This place is a drag anyways and I was looking for an excuse to get out of here.”

“Sure, do you want to drive in my car or on the bike?” You asked slinging your jacket over your shoulder.

“Bike if you don’t mind.” He said, you both got on and he started the bike while you held on to him.

Feeling the wind in your short hair felt amazing since the last time you were on a bike was when you drove across the United States with him.

By the time five o’clock came around you were both laying on the couch talking.

“You know you are my balance, if I didn’t have you I’d go crazy.” Aiden said drawing circles on your biceps.

“Well that makes me want to stay here forever.” You said. “Unfortunately I have to go meet Chris, he’s supposed to help me get a job.”

“I’ll see you later though, right?” He asked pulling on your hand.

“Of course.” You kissed him. “I need you to drive me to my car.”

“Oh yeah.” You both laughed.

While walking to his bike you were hand in hand while only the street lamp illuminated you. Aiden dropped you off at the school and you said goodbye while climbing in your car. Making your way to Chris’ house you decided to stop and grab some food since you’d probably end up cooking.

Knocking on the door with your groceries you saw a very well dressed Chris open the door and step aside for you to come in.

“I’m happy to see you.” He stated while smiling.

“I’m happy to see you too.” You laughed setting the bags on the table.

“So what should I make this time?” You asked.

“Anything, it will taste good either way.” Chris said looking through the bags, he sometimes guessed what you tried to make but never got it right.

Washing your hands you started chopping cherries and washing lettuce while the meat baked in the oven.

“What?” You asked noticing Chris staring at you.

“You look so focused when you cook.”

You laughed knowing he was probably right. “Well why don’t you set the table.” You said while setting the cutlery on the island.

He moved to the end of the island and picked up the silverware watching you all the while. You took the meat out and finished cooking the vegetables. Setting everything out you both started to dig in.

“You know, I really like you food, you should apply to one of the restaurants and a cook.” He suggested while stabbing another piece of meat.

“Hmm maybe I will.” You smiled.

I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks since I started working out with my personal trainer, Chris Stevens 💪🏻💪🏻! 8 weeks, of being in the gym 4-5days a week and as of this weekend I’ve lost a total of 10lbs (through working out and following Slimming World online)

Also, I bought a swimsuit in the next size down for my holiday in September, I’m hoping I can reach that 🙊.

SW: 193lbs CW: 183lbs Down: 10lbs
Morning Pocket Monsters

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Be happy, enjoy life! Don’t spend it crying or being angry, life is too short. And tell someone you love him/her maybe he/she needs it today.

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Okay, I know there’s a lot this week, and I’m definitely not sorry, but I’m also kind of sorry

kiazareni  asked:

fine then, if that was easy, get ready for this one: lab partner, elevator mate, employee trainer - the chris edition: Chris Pine, Chris Evans, Chris Giacometti (lol)


(thank you :DDDDDDDD AAAA)

get randomly assigned as your lab partner for a whole semester:

Giacometti. like. can I just. get together with him by the end of the first class and/or become really good friends I would die thank 

get trapped with on a broken elevator for ten hours:

Pine! I don’t know him as well as I would like to tbh, we could talk, he has a nice voice 

get as my employee trainer for my new job at McDonalds

Evans!!! who could be a nicer boss seriously he would bring his dog around for meetings and shit idk aaaaaaa 

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