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@msclockwatcher mentioned that Chris Wood was following the same personal trainer in Vancouver than many of the actors playing superheroes in Arrow work with, Thomas Taylor.

So I checked Thomas’ instagram, that is @t3athletics.

And yes, not only Chris Wood follows Thomas, but t3athletics’ latest post specifically names Chris Wood as one of the Flarrowverse actors who needs to keep on training to get fit for the next season.

Quote: “t3athletics: While the Cast is away, the Directors get to play! Arrow/Flash Supergirl Director extraordinaire @glenwinter putting in work in the off season. He’s kicking ass and taking names. This is a call out w/ 6-1 ladder down Rows/Rollout Push Ups to @stephenamell @emilybett @echokells@rickgonzalez @julianaharkavy @christophrwood @james2bambamford. Better be fit as he is come Season 6 kids. No pressure 😉
Yes he does give me the 🖕at the end of this. I feel it’s loving”.

I see this as a confirmation that he is indeed Chris’ personal trainer. In Vancouver. Where of course he will keep on living because this is where they film Supergirl. And he is a series regular in Supergirl. And they start to film season 3 at the beginning of July.

This trainer is an expert in making actors get and keep a superhero body. Chris showed in Supergirl 2x13 that he has an amazing physique but with this guy is going to bulk up even more. Yay.

And the Arrow cast usually post videos with their workouts. I hope we also get this with Chris. Actors work very hard to get their amazing bodies so they should show off.

Why does Chris need bulking up? Oh, I’m expecting a red superhero suit with a blue cape, Kara’s glyph and lots of spandex.

So tell me again why there is still people who don’t think that Mon-El is back for season 3 and Valor is rising?

Because I’m going to laugh so hard at them when they are proved wrong!

Some Unholy War (Part 2)

Part 2 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU!

Part 1 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty bar stools.

Warnings: swearing, violence (lots of it, Tom is an ultimate fighter. but not just his fights I just don’t want to give it away)

Word Count: 7235


I know this has been a long time coming but trust me I think it was worth the wait, I worked on it for almost a week straight, there will be at least one more part to this as well! Let me know if you’d like to be tagged in the next part! Also this is not my gif. And please tell me if you like it I need constant validation 

After Tom’s fight, Y/N was having a good night, until she walked through her apartment door, immediately regretting what had occurred earlier that day. She knew Raymond would be there waiting for her in her room to talk to her about what happened at the diner. She was right, he was sitting there on her bed, wearing a white tank top and old blue jeans that he stole from the Goodwill, his bare foot tapping on the hardwood floor, waiting for her to walk into the room,

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Fake it till you make it ~

ik I wasn’t missed in this fandom …oh well ~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Here is another Kunikidazai au with Dazai as the harpy that attacked along others Kunikida’s village and killed his family but even so he captured it and ready to be sell to some rich man ( Mori or Fitz, tho I will go with Mori) to have him as pet for his beautiful feathers , Kunikida seem to take too much on training him not to break necks ~

Some Unholy War (Part 3)

Part 3 of MMA Fighter!Tom AU

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4 Part 5

Summary: Ultimate fighter Tom Holland walks into a diner at two in the morning and finds something more than greasy eggs and dusty stools.

Warnings: Language, violence, blood and some sexual content (no smut though I don’t write that stuff)

Word Count: 7000+


I just want to say thank you for all of the love for this fic I worked really hard to write it and to see that you guys like it warms my heart so much. There’s still more to come so don’t worry I didn’t leave you hanging! Let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this also send me compliments because I crave Attention and Constant Validation™

Waking up next to Y/N was a dream come true for Tom. Ever since he’d met her, there was no way he could get her out of his head, everything he saw, thought, or said reminded him of the beautiful girl lying next to him. Tom asked her to stay with him every night since he found out Raymond kicked her out, Tom said that he wanted to make sure she was safe, but it was really to make sure he wouldn’t go crazy without her.

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One more thank-you short fic, for @whowaswillbe, who requested “ yoga seb, I’d love to see it being before they get together – Chris being completely transfixed by this gorgeous creature (and who could blame him?)”. I don’t really know *that* much about yoga, but they are both (relative) beginners here in any case, so…have some first-meeting Evanstan fluff!


Chris should be good at yoga. In theory. Given his flexibility.

He wobbles. Trying to do something called mountain pose. He’s not a good mountain. Or whatever.

He’s done gymnastics and ballet and improv theater classes. He knows how to move. Or he’s always more or less thought so.

He’s aware that this is not enough.

He’s also aware that at least half his problem, if not more, involves the utterly beautiful man just in front and slightly to the right of him. The man has duckling-soft brown hair, infinite legs, and an ass that exists in a state of loveliness which cannot be defined by words.

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Pokemon XY (& Z) anime drinking game!

(Preferably done with water or soda, or Capri sun if you’re daring.)

Take (1) sip if Ash does that weird fake laugh
Take (1) sip if Ash shakes someone’s hand
Take (1) sip if Serena is thirsty for Ash
Take (1) sip whenever Bonnie asks a girl to date Clemont
Take (1) sip if Clemont’s glasses do that shine thing
Take (1) sip if Bonnie mentions Dedenne
Take (1) sip when mega evolution is mentioned or shown
Take (1) sip whenever Alexa appears
Take (2) sips if James says “okay” before he uses Inkay
Take (2) sips whenever Clemont says “the future is now…”
Take (2) sips whenever a gym leader or elite 4 member appears
Take (2) sips whenever Sycamore or Diantha appear
Take (2) sips if anyone makes an anime squeal
Take (3) sips if Clemont’s invention fails
Take (3) sips when Shauna is gay for Serena
Take (3) sips whenever Jessie thinks she’s a star (we believe in you Jessie)
Take (3) sips whenever a rival appears
Take (3) sips if a Pokémon evolves
Boss mode:
Take (4) sips if a character starts to cry
Take (5) sips if a past character is mentioned or implied
Automatic win: If Iris appears 😭

All Hail the power of the Chris Wood Appreciation Week!!

We have got:

- Teen Choice Awards Nominations.
- Melwood photo with the Waco cast.
- Chris and Melissa acknowledging their nominations in Instagram.
- Chris thanks fans in Instagram and retweets one.
- Chris’ new trainer in Vancouver mentions him so we know that he will be hitting the gym.
- Melissa tweets a photo with Chris smiling.

Seriously, this is the moment to ask for nice Karamel things to happen. What do you want to ask? I want:

- A Melwood selfie.
- Announcement of new cast to play the Legion of Superheroes in season 3.
- Spoilers regarding Mon-El in season 3.
- Confirmation that Chris will be in the Flarrowverse crossover event.

What else?

@ SG writers regarding mon’s suit

short cape bc booty 

actually just scrap the cape completely

and make those trousers shorts bc THIGHS 

and no sleeves on top bc ARMS

and then trainers because chris looks adorable in trainers

I can’t believe it’s already been 8 weeks since I started working out with my personal trainer, Chris Stevens 💪🏻💪🏻! 8 weeks, of being in the gym 4-5days a week and as of this weekend I’ve lost a total of 10lbs (through working out and following Slimming World online)

Also, I bought a swimsuit in the next size down for my holiday in September, I’m hoping I can reach that 🙊.

SW: 193lbs CW: 183lbs Down: 10lbs