Back at home after my little vacation/long weekend up at the lake in NY💆🏻💞 But I’m stoked to be back cause I have a lot of exciting and new things coming! Firstly, I’m starting my new YouTube channel fitpositively! Check it out and subscribe here! I will mostly be posting exercises but also some recipes and maybe a little vlogging. My first video is on why I chose ACSM for my CPT and what you need for it.


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Link to 2nd post with male trainers

Pokemon XY trainers and their pokemon based on available in-game outfits.

Playthrough 1: Sporty tomboy who likes to use tricks

Playthrough 2: High-class dandy boater who uses water type

Playthrough 3: Super spoopy dark/fairy/ghost trainer

Playthrough 4: Punky rocker who likes cool pokemon (guitar not actually available)

Gallery with tons of outfit combos (girl only)

Sorry for the long post. Some detail images below the cut:

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GO Trainer Vest

The journey to becoming the very best starts here! Whether you are training at the gym, or searching for monsters in the tall grass, the Trainer Vest is perfect for carrying all the items you’ll need. 

Available now in 3 team colors!

The first 40 orders will be number special editions, and will ship by the end of August. Further orders will ship by the end of September.