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- Woozi’s Bday is Coming Up + the Boys Need Your Help


- J-Hope and Suga getting mad when their crush becomes close to Jin


  • I’m Somewhere In Between A Dream And Reality [Kyungsoo/D.O] [fluff]
    ↳ For as long as you could remember, a boy had haunted your dreams. Brown-eyed and mysterious, you presumed that he was just a creation of your active imagination. Until one day you both met and destiny was set in motion, revealing that he was a lot more than just a dream.
  • The Boss’ Daughter [Minseok/Xiumin] [angst] [mafia!au]
    ↳ Being the daughter of the head of the Mafia had its perks. One being money. Another being Daddy’s hot bodyguard.
  • Someone Call The Doctor [Baekhyun] [insane asylum!au] [angst]
    ↳ If any of the other asylum doctors knew how much Baekhyun loved you, a patient, they just might think he was insane


  • First Kiss [Taehyun] [fluff]
    ↳ Accidental first kiss with Nam Taehyun
  • Over Stimulation [Seungyoon] [smut]
    ↳ Your daddy was kind and very caring. He loved to look after you and pamper his baby. But one thing he did not tolerate was disobedience


  • Kiss Kiss Kiss, Baby [Taehyung/V] [fluff/slight smut]
    ↳ Keeping your relationship with V a secret was hard, especially with him being a teasy little shit.
  • R To The M [Namjoon/Rap Monster] [smut]
    ↳ Who cares about homework or studying when you can make out with Rap Monster instead?
  • You’re Like A Butterfly [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ 5 year old Jungkook likes three things for certain; ice cream, slides and his pretty babysitter.
  • Save Me, Save Me [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ Jungkook looks at his reflection in the mirror, wondering if he was really going to do this. Your humming reaches his ears and he thinks,“Yes, I’m a man now. This is something I have to do”
  • Happy Hope Day! 2017 [JHope]
    ↳ This is in celebration of Hobi’s bday 💖
  • Mafia!AU: Jung Hoseok [also for Hobi’s bday :D]
  • Fuckboy!Hoseok [for Hobi’s bday … again haha]
  • A Broken Heart [child!Jungkook] [babysitter!au] [fluff]
    ↳ Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like
  • Practice Makes Perfect [Jimin] [fluff]
    ↳ Jimin tries to teach you the choreography to “Save Me” and only ends up looking even more beautiful instead.


  • I Adore You, Enough To Get Dizzy [Seungcheol/S.Coups] [fluff]
    ↳ Kisses from S.Coups were powerful enough to leave you dizzy.
  • I Took A Pill In Ibiza [Jisoo/Joshua] [angst/fluff]
    ↳ “I took a pill in Ibiza / And when I finally got sober, felt 10 years older” / But sobriety was only first achieved with a gentleman’s help.
  • Midnight Snack [Jun] [vampire!au] [angst-ish]
    ↳ Vampires weren’t just the stuff of legends. They were real, they were hot and they were hungry
  • Chubby Cheeks [Hoshi] [fluff]
    ↳ You just can’t stop kissing Hoshi’s soft, precious cheeks.
  • Family Dinner [Woozi] [fluff]
    ↳ A day in the life of Woozi and his wife taking care of their four children; Jeonghan, Joshua, Seokmin and Seungkwan.


  • Feel So Good [Daehyun] [fluff]
    ↳ Grocery shopping is never fun. Unless it ends with a hot date


  • Limitless Love [Taeyong] [fluff] [high school!au]
    ↳ Sunbae Taeyong can’t help noticing how attractive Mark’s friend is & his friends decide to help him out with that
  • SM’s New Trainee [Mark] [fluff]
    ↳ Trainee life is hard. But having someone to help you through it makes it just a little easier. Especially if that person is Mark Lee
  • Professor Turned Call Boy [Taeyong] [smut]
    ↳ You call a sex line, only to find out that Lee Taeyong, your strict professor, has a side to him you never knew.

Monsta X


Character(s): S.Coups (Choi Seungcheol)

Genre: Fluff!! Soulmate AU!!!!

Word Count: 1,866

Summary: Lapsing - When you first meet your soulmate you two enter a lapse, a lapse is when a day repeats over and over again until you meet a specific requirement “make a connection” if its getting their number or asking them out to coffee just make a connection. Only you two will realize its happening. (x)

Request: great! i was wondering if you could do a soulmate s coups scenario? or something just really fluffy with coups hes so cute. either way thank uuu <3 - @kookiexdae​ (Thank you for requesting!!! <3)

A/N: I have no idea about the dorm situations, so I’m sorry for my inaccuracies! 

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Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those reassurances were lies you concluded. Despite being in the Pledis Entertainment building for nearly half a year, you still could not find your new dorm area. You sighed. Trainee life wasn’t hard in only the actual showbiz and practice. You were the leader of a new “group” too! How could you let this happen?

“Have I been down this hall before?” You asked yourself. Something about it seemed vaguely familiar. Or maybe it looked like every other hallway you found yourself in. Groaning for the hundredth time, you turned around and headed to a new direction.

You passed by a couple of windows. Shoot. It’s already dark out. You hoped that the rest of your group had already found the dorms and were already sleeping. You also wished that at least one of them would be out looking for you. Why did you have to go out on a food run by yourself this time round? Another person passed by, smiling to you in acknowledgment. He had some fluffy looking hair and bright eyes that accented his smile. You smiled and nodded back, the two of you going on your merry, or your not-so-merry, ways.

“There you are! We got worried,” a voice spoke out. You looked towards an open door, spotting the heads of three of your members poking out. You sighed with relief and rushed towards them. “You forgot your phone so you couldn’t get the directions to the new dorms, huh?” A sheepish nod and a shuffle later, you found yourself inside.

“For someone who graduated high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible with your basic belongings.” You laughed.

“For someone who’s still in high school, you don’t seem to be too responsible about maintaining those grades.” The member, the youngest of the group, flushed slightly.

“Hey! It’s just that you haven’t been around to tutor me often so I get really confused about this stuff…” You ruffled their hair and told them that you’d help out later. You were exhausted and wanted to get to bed.

You felt a hand on your shoulder, stopping you from beginning to unload the groceries. “I can take over from here. Get to bed, I took a nap anyways.” With a grateful nod, you head off to bed. It only takes a couple of seconds for you to fall asleep.

When you wake up, you’re being shaken. Your blurry vision cleared slightly, and you saw some elderly woman nudging your shoulder. She said, “I think this is your stop.” Outside was the shopping center. You looked back at her with a confused expression. “Aren’t you shopping for groceries?”

You finally realized you were holding onto a paper with lots of food items scrawled onto it. Didn’t you just go shopping the day before? Maybe you were too exhausted from practice that you dreamt you did. You gave her a nod of the head. “Right, thank you!” You jump off of the bus after paying. She looked familiar.

Shopping was a breeze, but you had the feeling of déjà vu when you saw a little child whine over not getting red apples instead of green ones. With enough food to last a week or two for the band, you started to head back. A bus ride and a 15-minute walk later, you found yourself at the Pledis building. You looked up at it, smiling. It’d become your new home almost. The sun and red sky reflected on the windows. It was going to get dark soon.

You walked into the building with multiple plastic bags on hand. All that dancing made your hands pretty strong. Multiple trips were for losers anyways you decided. Or something told you that if you left some of the bags out, one of them would have been stolen.

“Right, the new directions to the place were-” You stopped short. Cringing, you stomped forward. “They were on the phone that I left back with the kids… great.”

Now it was time to test your memory and instinct. You passed through multiple halls, and they seemed even familiar than before. You sighed heavily.

Transferring dorm rooms in the middle of the year would be easy they said, it’ll be super fun and easy to adapt to they said. Lies. All of those… wait a second. Haven’t you been here before?

“Haven’t I been down this hall before?” You turned around, quickly walking over to the windows. It was dark. “Strange.”

You heard footsteps down the hall. It was that guy again, the one with the bright eyes. He smiled at you in passing, to which you smiled back and then went to the door you apparently knew was the new dorm. It was from the hall that guy just came from, so you assumed he lived in the dorms there too. You stopped in front of the door just in time for three heads to poke out and then pop back in once they came into contact with your body.

“Didn’t expect you to actually find this place. You left-”

“My phone, yeah. I’m tired, this day has been weird.” You walked in, placing the bags in the kitchen area and then rubbing your eyes.

“You know what’s weird is that a high school grad-”

“-graduate doesn’t seem to be responsible over basic belongings? Don’t worry, as a high school kid you don’t seem to be too responsible over keeping your grades up.” The youngest stared at you for a second.

The other two members laughed. “That’s the leader for you. Get to bed, you have school tomorrow. I’ll take over from here, get to bed too. I took a nap anyways.” You nodded. Trudging to your bed, you huffed and closed your eyes. The sleep that took over you almost seemed to forcefully suck you in.

You woke with a start. You looked to the side and saw a somewhat startled elderly lady, her hand hovering over your shoulder. “I guess you’re a light sleeper? It’s your stop.” You rubbed your eyes and tried to suppress a deep groan, trying not to seem rude. Mumbling a thanks, you planned to get shopping done and over with as quickly as possible. Waiting in those lines for perhaps a third time would be excruciating. You even told a mother that the skin of the green apples were a little too soft, so the red apples would be better suited.

You made it to the Pledis building. It was going to get dark soon and you had to get these bags to the kitchen. Somehow you made a beeline for the dorms. You weren’t exactly too surprised by now. You almost made it to the hall when you heard footsteps. Must be that guy again. And it was, he flashed you another brilliant smile.

“Shopping again?” You quirked a brow. He stopped walking, and so did you. “I’ve seen you carrying the same amount of bags the last couple of times. It looks like a lot of food for you to have to be shopping every day.”

“You’ve… noticed?” He nods, seemingly relieved. For some reason the calmer expression made you feel calm as well, almost glad.

“Yeah. I thought I was the only one seemingly repeating this day over and over again. I’ve had to deliver the same instructions to my members so many times today. But hey! At least I was able to be there and prevent one of them from kicking a hole in the wall.”

You laughed. It was a sound that made the boy feel fuzzy inside and the heat rise into his cheeks. “I’m so glad. I basically had to shop and wait in so many lines so many times. And deliver the same comeback at least twice now.” It’s his turn to laugh. This sound made you feel butterflies erupt in your stomach and a strange urge to hug him tightly.

He stopped laughing and allowed a smile to rest on his face. He motioned to the bags. “Need some help carrying those in?”

“If it’s not too much of a bother.” He chuckled and easily took the majority of the bags from you, leaving only one in each of your hands. The soft feel of his hands on your felt amazing during those few seconds.

“Please, I insist. I’m supposed to be grabbing all of the members drink from the vending machine. There’s thirteen of us total, I’d much rather do this than have to lug an armful of cans over to the dorms again.” He gestured for you to open the door. You walk in just in time for three members to start walking to the door.

“You’re back! We thought you got lost! Since you lost your phone.” You smiled, leading your new companion into the kitchen to set all of the bags down. You couldn’t help but stare when you saw those arm muscles flexing in his t-shirt.

“You know… for someone who-”

“Save it, I heard it twice now. I don’t want to have to embarrass you in front of our guest.” The youngest pouted, mumbling under their breath about you having no actual comeback and didn’t want yourself to be embarrassed.

“Who’s this?” You looked over at the man, who moved some hair out of his eyes and used the same hand to wave.

“I’m Seungcheol, or S.Coups, from SEVENTEEN. Pleased to meet you.”

“Ah, so you’re our seniors then!” You grinned. It felt so right when he grinned in return.

“Trainees?” You all nod. “It must be rough having to move dorm rooms from across the building. Sorry, that’s our practice room that your previous dorm is being turned into. It’s a lot closer to the music studios, they saw it fit since one of our members composes our songs.”

“That’s cool! Wait, weren’t you supposed to be getting drinks for your members?” Seungcheol’s eyes widened some.

“That’s right! They’ll get suspicious. Sorry, I have to go!” The four of you waved. Seungcheol backed up quickly, however. He turned to you, cheeks slightly pink. “Would you mind it if I gave you my number?”

You adverted your eyes and felt your own cheeks growing a pink hue as well. It certainly did not help when the other members started to make some suggestive gestures with their eyebrows. “Sure.” You both managed to exchange phone numbers quickly, as your phone was lying out on the counter. He put his number in and left with a goodbye, even going as far as to give you a cheeky wink.

In your contacts a new name was put in with a string of heart emojis attached to it. You laughed at how silly it looked and went to bed when the others told you that they would handle the groceries.

You woke up, but in your bed. A text message roused you from your sleep this time. It was from Seungcheol, and it read: ‘When can we meet up again?’

Who Could Complain? (Mark x Reader)

(A/C: Here you go anon! I’m sorry it took so long, I tried to make it as long as I could. I think it’s kind of bad, I dunno… I hope you like it anyways!)

You stood outside in the clean, neat hallway. The SM building is nicer than you would expect. Although SM is one of the top entertainment companies in South Korea, with their talented artists, infectious music, and eccentric styles: You didn’t think the building would look this way. It was refreshing and new, being a new trainee in passing your auditions made you excited and nervous. Understandable, the life of a trainee is a hard but rewarding journey. You understood this concept quite well. Also young for your age, you observed the industry for a good amount of time to make sure this is what you wanted.

While caught up in your thoughts, a tall and slender woman came into view. She stood upright and had a serious look on her face. Your face, much different than hers, had a look of nervousness and embarrassment with a hint of queasiness. (That sushi did not go down well and it doesn’t help that you are super nervous either). You looked up at the woman in silence so she called your name in a stern tone. “ It’s extremely rude to ignore your elders! You’re going to be a troublemaker. I see it already, the young ones are always troublemakers.” You started to apologize with a deep bow of the utmost respect, but before you could finish the lady pushed you inside and closed the doors. You stumbled inside and pulled out your backpack. The strap was stuck in the door, of course.

You pulled at your backpack and turned slightly to reveal a bunch of familiar faces staring at you. You quickly stop fiddling with your backpack and the door, took off your backpack smoothly, and bowed to your audience. You began to introduce yourself but your words come out of your mouth as you really studied the people before you. Your throat dries up as you get lost in your thoughts again. (I ah, thought it was just going to be the big bosses: the CEO, the producers, choreographers, stylists, the whole shebang. But not this shebang-y all my favorites are here!)

You focus your attention back on idols in front of you, (as well as your bosses and teammates) and swallow your self doubt, cleanly introducing yourself. “Hello, I am y/n. It’s nice to meet you all!” The director of the meeting leads you to the front of the large room and gives you notecards. You turn to the director in disbelief with fear in your eyes. He pats your back and whispers “If you’re going to be an idol, you need to get used to crowds like these.” He winks and leaves the stage. Never in your life, have you wanted to beg someone to stay with you so badly. You shuffle through the notecards quickly and apologize for taking up their time.

Mark leans over and whispers to Johnny. “She’s really cute.” Johnny looks at him and laughs, kinda tilting his head then pointing to the stage as a silent “Hey, pay attention. Someone is talking.” Gesture

You finish your introduction cleanly and tried to ignore your own shaking voice. Did anyone notice? Surely. Did anyone care? No. Overall, did you make a good impression? Weeeeelllllll… You made a memorable one.

After the meeting, it’s time for lunch. You enter a large cafeteria and hold your hot,boxed lunch in your hand. You don’t feel like eating much because you still feel sick to your stomach due to current events. “Hey, you looked a little nervous… Are you okay now?” You jumped a little at the sudden entrance. “I’m just really worried I’ll mess up, I’ve been rejected before, and I didn’t exactly make the best first impression. I look all sloppy and unprofessional and some of the seniors probably hate me now and I–”

Your words are muffled when Mark puts a hand over your mouth. He smiles widely and grabs your hand, rushing you out of the large cafeteria where many trainees sit and eat lunch. You get a few stares as you’re dragged out by your hand. “

You reach your destination and he releases you, you waste no time. “WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?” You reach out to hit him and hold your hand back, stomping your foot instead. Mark laughs at you and stops, looking at you with a look of confusion for a second and then clears his throat.

“Did I surprise you?” He grinned.

“YEAH, AND SCARED ME TOO.” You yell back.

“I scared you enough to get rid of your nerves?” He leans into you.

You stare at him and blink slowly. Did he really…? You hold your stomach with your hand. The pain you felt is gone, you feel completely okay and actually, a little hungry. You glare at him in silence.

“So… That’s a yes. Great! Now that you’re not nervous, let’s get some lunch.”

You smile to yourself. (He reads me really well, has he been watching me?)

You closely follow Mark as he leads you around a more secluded area of the building. There are beautiful trees and a small patch of grass. It really contrasts from the city surrounding the building. Dirty, gritty, bustling. You felt really calm and at peace here with Mark. The scenery was beautiful, and no one was around.

You take your lunch out of your hand and open the small box. The French fries glistened with gravy and cheese curds on top. You grab a fry and pop in your mouth. Mark looks at you and blinks “…Poutine?” He asks you in English. You nod. “I made it to comfort me today. It reminds me of home.”

He smiles widely “Home? Canada?!” He says excitedly with an unmistakable glow in his eyes. You blush. He really is attractive, and has such a sweet smile… You respond in English.

“Yes, I was born and raised in Canada.” You smile proudly.

“ No wonder why your English is so good! But your Korean… Is even better.”
He smiles back.

“You’re… ” He trails off while looking down “Really amazing.”

“Is my Korean that good?”

“I thought you were a native speaker!”

Mark looks at you, you look back at him and you both look at the poutine. You roll your eyes and read his mind, shoving a fry into his mouth.

Some time passed as you two ate together. Mark told you of the Canada line which consisted of the familiar names Wendy and Henry. You watched the idols on TV often and couldn’t believe you were going to be hanging out with them. The whole thing was really foreign, not just Korea itself but the rush of everything happening at once. Every little step was so fast, you realized this is how your life is going to be now. Fast, and ever changing. You were excited but understandably cautious.

You made your way to the practice room with Mark as your guide once more. Your manager told you that until you have a practice group to practice with and get to be friends with, it was best for you to hang out with Mark, Henry, and Wendy. Mark invited you to the practice room after you confirmed you had nothing else to do. It didn’t take much decision. As soon as he asked you you blurted out “Yes!” A little too excitedly.

You set down your backpack and sat down on the cold floor, waiting for the rest of Mark’s members arrive. You looked over at a hand hanging down.

“Come dance with me.” Mark said sweetly, outstretching his hand to you.

You took his hand and he led you to the middle of the practice room and held your waist close to his warm body in a embrace. You stood as still as possible, shocked and unable to move. You were so close and he was staring right at you. You suddenly became aware of yourself and started questioning your appearance. (Do I look okay? Does my breath smell bad? We’re so close! Do I smell like gravy?) You were jerked out of your thoughts by the movement of your own feet. You were dancing, alone in the practice room. It was nice, familiar… and quickly over.

“MARK LEEEEEEEE” A loud voice assaulted your ears. You jumped back and ended up bumping into a tall, masculine man. You stepped back after apologizing with a slight bow and ended up bumping into another boy. You were tossed around like a pingpong ball back and forth until you finally landed into Mark’s arms once again.

He stood you up and steadied you back on your feet. He leaned in close to your face while holding your waist. “Are you okay?” You gulped and nodded, finally stepping away from the large group. You didn’t get very far before the group of boys crowded you again and started throwing questions at you.

In a sea of “Who are you? Where are you from? Are you new here? You’re so cute!” Mark emerged and pushed his way through the gaggle of guys, grabbing your hand and pulling your hips to his side roughly. “She’s my girlfriend, from Canada. ” He winked at you. You just sort of nodded, assuming it’s best to just go along with whatever he was planning if it meant getting you out of here.

“Your girlfriend? You’re not allowed to date!” A smaller member pointed out. Mark quickly dismissed this. “The CEO said it was okay.” The boys reacted in a mixture of disbelief and shock. “YEAH RIGHT!” Someone in the dense crowd shouted.

He ran his fingers through your hair “It’s true, isn’t it, 자기?” You nodded again. “Of course it is, 여보!” You went in and kissed his cheek in a rather sickenly sweet fashion. He blushed slightly and looked at you then cleared his throat and avoided your eyes sheepishly. “Right! So leave us alone!”

The strangely satisfying plan worked and eventually you and your (boyfriend?) got to clear out of the building. Once outside he apologizes.

“I’m so so sorry I thought it would be the best way to get them to leave you alone.” He says with pleading eyes.

“I had no problem with it.” You say blankly.

“I hope you weren’t too upse–t” He trails off. “You, what?”

“Who would complain about being your girlfriend?”

Mark stands there in silence and stares at his feet. He reaches his hand to you again and you grab it. He pulls you into him and kisses your forehead, wrapping his arms around your shoulders.

“Who would complain about being your boyfriend?”

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Boyfriend Joshua

@kyotocean: Heey, can you please write the boyfriend thing for Joshua from Seventeen? I really like your scenarios and reactions, keep up the good work!~ I hope you will have a nice day ♡

a/n: thank you! I’m sorry for the lateness of this but hopefully you like it ^^” I wish you a nice day too! ~

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  • omg this nerd
  • where do I even start
  • maybe from the beginning?? lol
  • you both met while 17 were still training, when the original 17 members were there and you were a new trainee at pledis
  • he wanted to welcome you to the trainee world, to be your friend. esp. since some trainees could be vicious in their determination to debut before you.
  • but … you were so attractive >////< and how do u talk to attractive ppl? what language do they use? do they bite?
  • it was Sammy who made the move to introduce him to you and you both clicked right away
  • that led to a lengthy friendship, to you supporting him every time he thought his group was close to debut only to be disappointed, up until they actually did debut
  • he’s had you with him, to wipe his tears and pick him up when it got hard, and he realized that you weren’t just his attractive friend anymore .. you meant so much more to him
  • it took a lot of courage but he eventually asked you out and when he told the guys you were dating, their exact response was;
  • “wait, you’re only dating now? I thought you’d been together for years??”
  • and even the rest of Pledis was like “???? so you weren’t dating before this?? what??”
  • It became kind of a Mandela effect in Pledis because everyone swears they heard you two started going out years ago but anyway,, that’s not the point
  • joshua is such a soft boyfriend oml
  • he can never say no to you and luckily for him, your requests are never crazy. because if you suggested jumping off a building or something as equally insane,, it would be so hard to say no.
  • but luckily you only ask for, like, ice cream at 3 am
  • which he’s all for since it’s an opportunity for you two to bond, sneaking out of the dorm while everyone sleeps and having some alone time over ice cream.
  • he loves admiring you
  • while you train, while you cook, while you walk and smile and talk
  • best of all is when you’re laying down together, cuddled up and he runs his arm along your arm or back, fingertips tracing the outline of your body.
  • those are the moments that he savours the most, when he can relax and breathe in your scent and feel your touch
  • you get lost in conversation,, about doggo’s and anime and video games. but about serious things too, about the injustices of the world, about how hard trainee life is or if there’s an anti out against him
  • those times usually get interrupted by one of the members
  • which neither of you mind too much. it’s nice having the guys around and they like being around you. you make joshua happy and he exudes a positive energy that people feed off of
  • but he always feels better after those times, more refreshed and reassured that as long as he has you, he can make it through anything
  • you wear his clothes
  • a lot
  • and the boys tease him for it
  • a lot
  • but he doesn’t care
  • he’s kind of a cheesy boyfriend and more okay with pda than you expected 17′s gentleman to be. but his pda is very innocent, such as hand holding or his hand on your waist or maybe a few light pecks on the lips
  • nothing crazy
  • not while the guys are around anyway.
  • he has a pure religious boy image that he needs to protect
  • he says things like “The stars are no longer beautiful to me since I looked into your eyes”
  • and has so many puns and dad jokes and he dabs too,, ugh, you’re so embarrassed to bring him out sometimes.
  • you acted like you didn’t know him once when he pin dropped at a party ((but 10 minutes later you joined him so no one was convinced)) ((also it was a Pledis party so everyone knew you two were together so ..))
  • he giggles when you kiss his nose but he loves it so much so don’t stop
  • he’s not the type to constantly text you but he does give you updates and checks in on you. he’s always sure to send a “how are you?” or “how was work/school today?” because he cares so, so, so much about you and your well being
  • you two take the cutest couple selfies ever
  • it takes a lot to irritate him so you can poke and prod and he’ll still smile sweetly at you a true gentleman
  • anime marathons
  • doesn’t protest if you want to do his hair or makeup or nails
  • actually, he finds it kind of relaxing when you do that, as opposed to when professional artists do, because he’s not got the nerves that come before a performance or a variety appearance
  • he knows there won’t be flashing cameras either
  • it’s just you two, having fun, in his room, and it makes him feel normal for a minute
  • joshua feels like he’s living his life like a normal twenty-something year old, having fun with his partner and acting goofy
  • “You know .. without you, I don’t think I’d be who I am today. You helped me through a lot of tough times and there’s not enough I can do to repay that. All I can offer you is my heart.”
Trouble In Paradise (Jeonghan)

Note: Requested! I hope you like this, shy cloud!

- Admin Mochi ✨

Jeonghan stabbed at his phone’s keyboard in annoyance as he heard your giggles from across the practice room. Joshua’s mellow voice followed suit, encouraging you, as you tried strumming at the guitar in your lap again. The long-haired boy couldn’t help himself and allowed himself to glance up through his eyelashes.

You both were sitting against the mirrored walls but you were sitting close- too close. Joshua had his arms around you, guiding your fingers across the neck of the instrument, teaching you to how to strum to the beat. If either of you could feel the heat rays coming from Jeonghan’s eyes, you didn’t show it. Jeonghan bit his lip in contempt as Joshua grinned at you.  

One more smile and I might cut the strings on that guitar….

Slight guilt and surprise at his thoughts washed over Jeonghan as he ripped his gaze away from you and Joshua. He was usually such a pacifist, the mom friend of the group of known as Seventeen. And it wasn’t like you were his; he had no right to be mad.

Yet….he was. And Jeonghan just couldn’t deny it anymore- he had a crush on you.

It had begun five years ago, the moment you became a Pledis trainee and a month before Seventeen was set to debut. You were new to the place and Jeonghan could still remember the cute expression of uncertainty on your face as you walked through the third level, trying to find the other members of your group.

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Christmas Miracle

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Christmas Miracle
Day Two
25 Days of Christmas

“I’m so sorry jagi…” Jaewon groaned on the other end of the phone.

“It’s ok” you laughed, while scurrying around the house looking for your earring. “I was pretty sure you’d be too busy anyway.”

“Don’t say it like that, that makes it seem like you’re expecting me to flake out on you.” At first he just thought he was running late, but there’d be no time for him to finish up his lessons and make it to the party in time. The last thing he wanted was for you to be waiting around for him all night. It was Christmas eve, you deserved to have some fun.

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WannaOne reaction to you having a hard time due to the trainee life.

Done! c:
♦Adm Jelly♦

Jisung: “What do you mean?! You haven’t slept for that long?!”

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Sungwoon: “I know it gets hard at times and you think it might not work out. But work hard and you’ll reach your goal someday.”
*scolds you* “And don’t forget to eat! And take care of your skin and sleep well. Try this product!”

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Minhyun: “I understand how you feel and if you ever need some hugs help, i’ll be here.” *gif*

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Seongwoo: “Now, now. Let’s not stay down; what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t cheer you up by now?”

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Jaehwan: “I’ll help you see it till the end. Can’t give up.”

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Daniel: *becomes a qt and gives you a hug* “Don’t be upset?”

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Jihoon: *sulks with you* “Oh it’s stressful just to think about. It’s making me upset as well.”

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Woojin: *flustered* “Yeah there’s no hope left- Wait! I didn’t mean to say that!”

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Jinyoung: *also sulks with you* “Yeah, it’s very hard at times.”

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Daehwi: *tears up* “No no no no no! Don’t cry! I know how bad it gets.”

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Guanlin: He starts thinking hard on how to help you and just sits there blankly for some time.

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SM’s New Trainee

nct marklee scenario: same age smtrainee from canada. sm introduces you to nct so the english speakers can help you. you’re in the next room playing guitar & nct’s curious to who is playing&singing. anyways MARK FLUFF where you guys becomes bffs and fall in love. SORRY IF THIS IS SO SPECIFIC :( you can alter it anyway you like. (pls make it a long scenario)

Character: Mark (NCT)
Word count: 3114
Summary: Trainee life is hard. But having someone to help you through it makes it just a little easier. Especially if that person is Mark Lee | #fluff

a/n: I don’t think this is all that fluffy but I like the way it turned out! I hope you do too, anon :)

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The first meeting was rather awkward.

That’s how it felt to you anyway.

The least awkward out of everyone present was Johnny, although he could charm a fish out of water. He was easy going and funny and that put everyone at ease. Well, almost everyone. You were still on edge. Leaving your family behind had not only been scary but daunting too. You felt that you were too young to maneuver through life alone, in a different country. But you reminded yourself to focus on the one thing that brought you to Korea in the first place: your passion.

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Wrong Number - Wonwoo

Your heart was racing as you picked up your cell, crumpled slip of paper on the table before you with a number scribbled on it. You scanned it a few times, wondering if some guy you half drunkenly got the number of last night in a bar was really worth contacting, but upon realizing you had nothing better to do and wanted to take a shot you dialed the number and waited. Surprisingly, the phone was picked up on the second ring, a deep and slightly raspy voice answering: “Hello?” You frowned, trying to remember who you were talking to late into the night, and found yourself with hazy memories. He was handsome, quite tall, wide smile constantly… but you could swear his voice wasn’t as low as this. “Hello?” he spoke again and brought you back to reality, realizing you’d been silent a little too long. 

“H-Hi… I-is this…” you read the name on the paper - “Kwon Taejin?”

“No.” the man on the other end replied shortly, sounding slightly irritated and very tired. “I’m Wonwoo. Jeon Wonwoo. Who are you?”

“Oh… Um, I’m Y/N. I met this cute guy in a bar last night and he gave me this number so…”

“Ah, he gave you a wrong number.” you heard slight shuffling on his end as his voice got slightly kinder. “I’m sorry about that. Um… I kinda just woke up, long practice last night, could you give me a second?” You smiled to yourself; he sounded sorry at least, and agreed. You could practically sense his smile as he thanked you quietly, yet you felt as if you should be thanking him for not just hanging up as you lay back on your bed and wait for him to return. After a rather long 10 minutes he was back, coughing lightly as you heard more shuffling. “Okay, I’m back, sorry about that.”

“No, don’t be sorry. I’m sorry I’m taking up your time and calling you when you wake up and stuff… you don’t even know me.”

“Yeah, you’re Y/N.” he replied with a small laugh. “It’s the least I can do. You were wrong numbered.” he said it uncertainly; “is that even a word?” You laughed, sighing happily as you felt yourself easily lost in his voice. Deep and now smooth as he was more awake, you could listen to him talk forever.

“I guess it is now.” you replied with a shrug. “So, Wonwoo, you said you had a ‘long practice’ last night. What were you practicing?” you asked. You wanted to know him better; he seemed like a nice guy.

“Ah, yeah, that. So I’m a trainee under Pledis Entertainment, you may know them. I’m a rapper and I really want us to debut soon.” your face lit up; he was so cool! You didn’t think he could get any better at that moment, grabbing your laptop and looking for the Pledis trainees as you prompted him to go on. You found a picture of him as he spoke about hard trainee life, you responding with the odd “yeah, mhmm,” to show you were listening still, and almost screamed when you got a good look at his face - along with the sweet personality, great voice and talent, he was incredibly good looking. You were not letting him get away.

“Wow…” you murmured, raising an eyebrow. “You’re so handsome.” His shy chuckle was barely audible and you could almost feel his blush, your mind filling with images of how he’d look when embarrassed or rosy cheeked. The thought itself brought a huge smile to your lips. 

“Did you just look me up?”

“Perhaps. You have a nice voice, you seem talented, you’re very good looking and you’re still on the phone with a girl you hardly know because she was given a wrong number and you’re a nice person.”

“Stooop.” he groaned, thankful you couldn’t see him hide his face bashfully behind one of his couch cushions. He was in the dorm; practice that day happened to be postponed until 4 due to the leader’s leg injury and his best friend Mingyu’s cold, and so he was currently say alone. It felt nice to relax a bit.

“But trainees can’t date can they? I mean, I’m just a barista, I work at the coffee shop down the street, I’m kinda average looking… definitely not worthy of a future idol rapper.” your lips formed a straight line as you sighed, realizing you were right. What chance did you have? 

“I think I could sort something out, if you could deal with me, that is. And know my career is very important.”

“I promise to be with you every step of the way, supporting you through debut and all.”

“That’s a pretty big promise for a guy you hardly know.” he mumbled, only half joking in his words.

“I may not know a whole lot, but you’re the kinda guy you fall for in an instant, Wonwoo.” you admitted. “Are you free today, then? You managed to sleep until 11.”

“I am until 4. Why, do you want to meet up?” he sounded almost hopeful, and you could hear him stand and start pacing. You sat up and swung your legs over the bed, grinning.

“Sure. I know this great coffee shop.”

“Don’t say it’s the one you work at.”

“I have employee discount, though.” you laughed and he followed, slipping on his trainers. 

“No, you deserve better than that. Tell me your address and I’ll pick you up.” You couldn’t help but swoon as you told him, lost in the thought of having a boyfriend as cute and sweet as him, and you almost missed his “I’ll be there in 10″ before he hung up as you daydreamed. You looked down at the screen before putting your phone into your purse, looking over at the slip of paper that still lay on the table. You frowned at it but then realized you’d found better. You were actually happy that he’d given you the wrong number last night.

“Thank you, dickhead.” you scoffed before grabbing the purse and slipping on some flats, leaving just as you heard the honk of the horn. He was fast. 

“Wow, average looking my ass.” he mumbled as you came towards him, both of you smiling shyly and happily as you got into the passenger seat. “Looks like we both managed to get pretty lucky.” He was even better looking in person, his brown hair falling just over his eyes and his casual clothing managing to look incredibly suave, his appearance carefree yet caring at the same time. It confused you, but you didn’t think twice about it as you took him in with your eyes, heart rate increasing as it had when you dialed earlier but for a different reason. Lucky indeed.

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Best ending ever wow 

-Admin Belle

Ceci Magazine Interview:

I was born in 1996. I’m the ‘ginseng’ of the group. I have an eye smile that will melt anyone. Even though trainee life was hard, I’d always just think about what it’d be like to finally be on stage. Because I like the dorm to be clean, I’m in charge of doing the dishes and laundry. A member I want to praise is Eunha. Thank you for watching TV with me lately. I always have fun when I’m with you. I’m jealous that Sowon unnie can eat anything and not gain weight. If I eat something I definitely gain weight. Sob sob. My ideal type is someone who works hard at everything they do and looks cool when they smile. A musician I want to be like is Suzy and IU seniors. My hobby is taking supplements due to lack of sleep. If I’m stressed I can talk to the members comfortably. GFRIEND’s ultimate goal is to be known as the nation’s girl friend. We want to be remembered as bright and positive kids.

Story about one unlucky girl

I decided to tell you a story about one SM trainee, who is really broken right now.

I’m half Korean but all my life I lived in India. Since my father is Korean and my mother from Sweden I don’t really look like Asian that much. On the other hand my sister looks really Korean. 3 years ago me, my sister and my mother went to Korea for holidays. I didn’t want to stay in India after school graduation so I was looking for university in Korea (or Sweden…or USA). You know I didn’t expect to be accepted to SM because I was already 18, too old for trainee and I’m not that talented. But I believed in my sister. She is very beautiful, dance great and young. So i went to SM building with my sister and you know, I’m really dumb and always get lost. So after my audition (I sang Boa song) I had to wait for my sister. I didn’t know what to do so I was just hanging out in SM Building. There one guy came to me and started talking to me in English. but i didn’t know English so I answered him in Korean and somehow we started a conversation but he had work so he left me for some time and then when I met my sister he came and asked for my Kakaotalk.

I talked a lot with this guy and we hang out a few times and my sister went to a lot more auditions and got accepted in SM eventually. Still don’t know if that guy helped her or not. My mother didn’t want my sister to be trainee and my father came to Korea because of it…But later and after talking with SM managers they let her and me stay in Korea. I went to study Korean in Korean University and my sister got accepted in an international school, which is really expensive.

Trainee life for my sister was at the same time hard and fun. My sister was only 16 but she always did her best. She used to be fan of Super Junior. Once she was ready to give up and at that day she met Ryeowook. He is not her bias but she was so happy that started working even harder. She met a few idols. Once Boa made pre debut girl groups in SM compete with each other. My sister’s group lost. She thought that the ones who won will debut soon, and later some of them became SM Rookies and Red Velvet. But one girl from my sister’s group had introduced as SM Rookie and performed in SM Town. My sister had actually quite high ranking among trainees. Do you know Doyoung from SM Rookies. He is my sister’s same-age friend. He and others told her that she would debut, they were so sure about it. I say it not because she is my sister, but because she is really great with her face, body, dancing and singing. My sister was added to another group and I had hopes that it will be her debut team. I was asking my friend from SM about it but he said that it possible.

But recently after 3 years of training my sister was literally kicked out from SM. They told her that she won’t debut and that they don’t have plans for her and sent her to a small agency with which SM has connections. But this agency has only one unknown group. And apparently this SM guy (I dated him actually) knew that my sister would be kicked.

Right now my sister in the small agency and doesn’t know what to do. Last week she was crying after seeing Red Velvet with SM Rookies as MC on tv.

My parents spent so much money on us living in Korea. And now…me and my sister really regret staying here.  

[TRANS] KNK ③ Park Seungjun “Dream was to be a Language teacher, till he became an Idol”

‘Issue Daily weekly ‘Hot Debut Reading’ corner through star’s debut from before to after, honest detailed report for the public that solves all of their curiosities. In this piece the protagonist has an average height of 185cm together, warm visual boasting ‘model idol’ group KNK. 

Starting from the members their ability to be distinguishable is easy to understand. ‘Become Big and Great People’ has meaning for KNK a group consisting of 5 men Park Seungjun, Kim Jihun, Kim Youjin, Jung Inseong, and Oh Heejun. Last month on March 3rd, their first single album KNOCK was released that knocks on the door of the singing world. This group will go down in history and have you standing on your toes. Third batter is Park Seunjun’s story. 

#”Originally my dream was to be a language teacher!”

Tall, with sharp eyes, I think it’s hard to divide this story without words and reticent photos. But when he opened his mouth, he gave a innocent and bright impression. Park Seungjun, born with boasting visuals, dreaming of things like being an entertainer. Unexpectedly, at school he was a quiet student. Originally, in the future his wish was to be a ‘Language Teacher’.

“I had no thoughts of becoming an entertaining. I followed my friends to an audition, and got casted so my life as a trainee started. In the early stage, having the title of being a singer trainee was fascinating, so I started, but real thoughts about what I wanted and greed began to grow. Sincerely, I lived with the dream of becoming a singer.”

After becoming a trainee, his confidence about life changed and adapted. Ansan Oido Island was his hometown, but because he was a trainee in Seoul and to master dancing and singing he would leave work at 10pm and wouldn’t arrive home till 1am. He had unfamiliar things than needed to be mastered and everyday life was hard but, he couldn’t give up. 

“At first it was all really hard, because I had to go to school, and Seoul’s practice room, and then again go home, life was too much for me. From my third year of high school I was a trainee, at that time I saw Seoul for the first time. Ha ha. That time in Seoul, I had no work. There were a lot of buses so it was hard, the buildings were also really tall so I had the feeling of being a high handed person.(laughs) But together with my trainee friends, because they were nice, I was able to adapt.”

Seungjun was trainees with the members from idol group Bangtan Boys. Especailly when Seungjun was a trainee, the best was Jungkook’s growing compliments. 

“When I first saw Jungkook for the first time I really thought he looked like a flower boy. He had white skin and the feeling of a child. So I thought ‘Seoul boys are really good looking’ but then I realized his hometown is Busan. Ha ha. He was one of the first trainees I meet so I still have strong impressions of him. When I was a trainee at Big Hit Entertainment for the first time, at that company I met many friends, all who came from the country so they were very friendly and simple. Because of them I was able to conquer hard trainee life.”

At Big Hit Entertainment is where he first dreamed of becoming a singer, but Seungjun’s debut wasn’t easy. When he was 20 he left Big Hit Entertainment and later moved to JYP Entertainment. At the company until KNK’s debut there was a lot of pleasant work but competition arised in trainee life and this caused his heart hardship. 

“KNK member Inseong and I both left Big Hit Entertainment together, at that time it was really hard. From then will I have to restart everything, and every time the situation came up, my heart couldn’t endure it.”

“Since I was young, competition was big but I never had a lot of greed. More than ‘I must win this’ then with my friends we were all enjoyable trainees together and if we debuted together that would be nice, I thought things like that. But in reality things weren’t like that. When I changed companies I realized the concept of competition.”

#”KNK’s Debut, even though it hasn’t sunk in I will work hard!”

Even though there were crises, he fairly debuted with KNK. Now that he has the title of a singer, he can meet his old friends from his trainee days, with his shoulders squared and head high. 

“On the day of the debut showcase with the members I cried. I really don’t think I can ever forget that day. But even though we debuted it still hasn’t sunk in. Ha ha. When we go on the broadcast schedules I think ‘Ah I debuted’ and if we don’t have schedules or we finished, at the practice room we practice because debuting is just and extension of trainee life. Because I was a trainee for such a long time I do things like that. Ah! When I practiced with Bangtan Boys, and Boys Republic, and went to give them KNK’s CD at that time reality hit me. They are all my seniors. I want to greet them at Music Broadcasts if I see them.”

Before debuting, unconditionally ‘I must become a singer’ was his aim, and to get ahead to the days where they are on the stage. Seungjun now is a little different. A little bit more concrete, he only has one goal. He has huge determination to get KNK more well known. 

“Now the idol market is flooded with rookies. And we are just on of those rookies. So how do I make KNK more well known and appealing for the public, how can we be rememberable, I have a lot of thoughts like that. Even though each member has individuality and is outstanding, the priority is KNK as a name I think. ‘Let’s just debut’ is what I used to think, but my attitude has surely changed. KNK moving forward and growing together that would be nice.”

Before Seungjun’s dream was to be a language teacher. He has good sex appeal, and loves things like studying. But the reason he wanted to become a language teacher is because ‘A language teacher’s desk and computer looks cool’. Even though he has a cold atmosphere, when talking to him he is off the wall, and has a cute card up his sleeve. He is just a common young man who enjoys watching dramas, movies, and manwha. Through a voice filled with sincerity KNK members are happily meeting with the public. If you look you can see Seungjun’s strong reversal charm. In the future, like the top of a beautiful white canvas, anticipate his dream.

Translated by fy-knk


sm trainee

i have a friend, we’re not super close but shes been a trainee for just over a year. shes young and one of those really really all rounded people by that i mean not only is she smart and musical, but also relatively pretty, hardworking and has a good personality. she attended a sm global audition so she practically beat thousands of people, mind you which is pretty amazing. im not going to say which country shes living in (could be canada, america, europe or maybe even australia or new zealand) but she is chinese. but shes still studying here. however on sundays she goes to train at like where all the trainees from this particular country all gather in a building. then during holidays she flies to korea to get proper training. her family is in china so she flies there every weekend during the holidays.

im not sure how many rounds of auditions she went through (maybe 3 im guessing) when she first found out she made it in she was pretty hesitant because she knows its harsh, i dont think she actually wants to be an idol (i mean come on, its really not THAT great unless if a big dream for you) but she went for the experience. the sechudule is pretty tight because you have so many lessons such as singing, dancing, language and acting. i honestly havent seen her sing or dance properly because she always sings and dances for fun and mucks around a lot and shes always bringing laughter so im actually really curious ughh i want to see. anyways i think shes a great actor because shes one of the best people at drama in my school. and shes fluent in english and chinese and her korean is okay. she is on a diet but not a super intense one. shes pretty skinny tbh and tall. but the thing is sm actually care for your wellbeing because they encourage trainees to do well in school and have backup plans. oh and every month (only when you’re in korea) they have the evaluation showcase thing where some trainees may get kicked out or get told that they are in consideration of debuting. 

my friend is realistic and deep. shes actually thinking of dropping out because it is true that when you became a successful idol, 10 years later you’re in the dump again because more young people have debuted. and everyones into young people. and you’re basically ruined if you have no backup plan after being an idol. plus being a girl idol its so seasy to get hate. as much as we want to deny it, guy idols are much more popular and likeable. 

also about idols i havent heard much because they rarely visit the trainees but she said that amber is really nice and encouraging especially to the non korean trainees. she has bumped into exo and other groups several times in the corridors and when exiting and entering the buildings. shes met her bias but not talked, its just like *walk past, make eye contact* so im kinda jealous about that ahahha. oh and sm is kind of strict it is true that they have the other office. when rumours about you start to surface you have to go there and they lecture and punish you and deduct points from you (they have the points system and if you do well you get rewarded my friend has been rewarded) and if its a really big issue or rumour  you may get kicked out. and when you’re a foreigner trainee you stay in  the trainee dorm which is nearby the sm building

truthfully i kind of want her to debut because its pretty cool when you’re like: MY FRIEND IS ON TV but thats just me being selfish.  but if she does debut it will be so hard for her and i kinda dont want her to go through all that crap and not having a personal life. the trainee period is already ridiculously hard, i heard that every 10 trainees, 9 will end up dropping out/being kicked out. its kind of like when you’re already 25 and you’re still training you basically have no chance of debuting and thats when you finally realise the reality and that you’ve just been wasting your time.  i have no say in this but thats just what i think. i also have no say in what decision my friend will make but either way i’ll be happy for her.

so my advice for those who are desperate to be trainees. seriously only do it when you’re actually willing to give up almost everything and keep in mind that the chances are extremely slim. on average sm debuts a group every 2 years. in other words regardless of your gender its every 4 years. people like chen and baekhyun are just unbelivably talented and lucky ^^  but good luck to all. if you;re really determined and if you will work hard for it, perhaps you can do it :D 

For mrsyoungbae21


It had been about a year since you had started your trainee life at JYP. It was hard in the beginning considering you were a foreigner a lot of the other trainees have you hard time. However after seeing how talented you were the bullying kinda just stopped on it’s own.

“You what me to sing with who?!” You said

“With GOT7’s Mark” you’re training coach said

“Why me?” You asked

“Every trainee is being paired up with an idol and your partner is Mark. Since you both speak English and I know you both are friends I thought it would be more comfortable for you” you’re training coach said

It’s true that you and Mark were good friends, he had helped you out a lot of times and had helped you fit in at JYP when you had just started out. You also had the biggest crush on him but he was totally oblivious to it.

Singing a duet with him would be like a dream come true but your didn’t want him to notice how you felt, after all you were still a trainee and didn’t want to start some scandal with him.

“Hey y/n” Mark said

“Hey Mark, what’s up?” You said

“Nothing much just busy with schedules as usual” Mark said “you?”

“Just busy training” you said making him smile

“So umm what song do you want to sing?” Mark asked as he put his arm around you shoulder.

You always thought that to him you were one of the guys and nothing else. You were his good friend and that’s how it was always going to be.

“I was thinking of singing Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat, what do you think?” You said

“Nice I like it, it’s a great song, it’s calm and mellow, good choice” Mark said as he ruffled up your hair.

After practicing a little and warning up your voices you and Mark were ready to sing. You were so nervous you felt like you were just gonna pass out.

“You guys ready?” The training coach asked

“Yes” you and Mark said

As Mark started sing you felt your heart skip as beat. Out of all the songs in world you had to choose one about best friends falling in love.

However you weren’t the only one who had butterflies in their stomach. What was this feeling he felt? It was a feeling he had never experienced with you before. Once you started singing Mark felt his whole world turn around.

Your voice was like an angel, it was like every world you sang sent electrical shocks to his heart. You were one of his closest friends but was his love changing towards you.

Mark loved you but always as a friend never as anything else. However things were about to change because Mark was falling in love with you.

As you both continued to sing Mark started to walk closer to you as he just gazed at you in awe. He felt like such a fool for not realizing how beautiful you were or how your hair glistened under the light or how your eyes were so shiny and beautiful. How could he have never seen you the way he did right now.

As Mark reached you, you looked at him and smiled. He held out his hand to you, you hesitantly picked up your hand to hold his. You looked at him just before you took his hand, Mark just smiled at you signaling it was ok.

Mark held your hand as he laced his fingers yours. He picked both your hands up as held them against his chest. Mark looked your eyes as you both continued to sing.

The song had finally come to end but Mark was still holding onto your had and gazing straight into your eyes.

“Mark the song is over” you said

“No, it’s just begun” Mark said as he smiled at you, never letting go of your hand.