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Bunnies are Underestimated Companions
  • Bunnies are anything but dull. However, if you’re going to keep them confined in a small cramped hutch away from regular interaction then of course you aren’t going to understand what your bunny is really capable of. They are incredibly social animals by nature and should never be kept alone without regular companionship.
  • Rabbits can live over 10 years in age with proper care. This is a big commitment, a long-living family member. The oldest recorded rabbit was 18 years old. However, this statistic is only for house rabbits. Outdoor rabbits sadly have less than half of the expected lifespan due to the risks and dangers of predators and disease, and also often due to depression from negligence.
  • Bunnies have the same intelligence levels as dogs. This means they can be taught tricks, learn commands, and can partake in agility courses. There are official rabbit agility tournaments across the world for bunnies that enjoy agility training!
  • Bunnies are emotional and sensitive animals, despite not expressing emotions in an anthromorphised way such as a dog would. A lot of people look at their blank stares and think “this creature is dumb”. WRONG. Bunnies feel great joy, deep sorrow, get moody spells, and can throw angry tantrums too! They just express it through subtle body language and you need to pay attention to connect with them. As prey animals, everything must be done quietly and subtly for survival. Some rabbits are more forward and will nudge or lick you as a way of saying “pay attention to me!!”
  • Bunnies are CLEAN AND ODORLESS animals. They constantly groom themselves, like cats, and they can be litter-trained in just a few days (they must be neutered/spayed). It is a myth that they are smelly pets, normally due to people keeping rabbits in what is basically a tiny cramped toilet and/or not cleaning it regularly, and never bothering to litter-train them. My rabbits smell like freshly-picked freaking daisies.
  • When given the space they need to play, bunnies will express themselves in super adorable and hilarious ways!! “Binkies” are when a rabbit jumps, twists and/or shakes their body and it’s an expression of sheer joy. They’ll also occasionally race around the room, just ‘cause it’s fun! Some bunnies have proper cheeky sides and will invite you to play or tease you. They can’t express themselves in all these ways if you only give them tiny spaces to live or “exercise”.
  • Bunnies will not put up with your nonsense. If you do something they disapprove of, they will sass you; some examples would be by giving you the cold-shoulder or grumpily thumping/digging at your feet. They will remind you when you are late to feeding them dinner and treats by sitting in front of you and staring, or by begging, nudging, or even the occasional nip on the ankle! They’re certainly not the docile creatures you’d expect. You have to do things on their terms, much like many cats. This helps you respect each other in the home. You’re both the boss in this house.
  • When a rabbit’s nose is twitching, this isn’t related to their breathing. Their twitching nose is actually how they express their interest!! They read things first and foremost by smelling with their noses to collect information. When their nose is twitching away, this is them signalling to you that they are interested! If the twitching is slow, it’s a “meh”, and if it’s very fast it’s a “FASCINATING!!”
  • Some house rabbits have made special bonds with other pets in the family. They get on surprisingly well with cats especially. However, each cat’s personality and history must be considered before this should be allowed, and supervision must be given in the first few months.
  • Once you completely earn a rabbit’s trust, they will love you deeply and their affectionate sides will properly come out. They may show this by getting excited when you come to play and following you around, licking or chinning you, booping noses together with you, snuggling up with you, or even requesting petting from you. Earning a naturally anxious animal’s trust can take a long time, especially if you haven’t been with them since childhood/teenhood, but your patience will be rewarded. You need to give them lots of time to adjust to living with you; don’t just assume they’re “boring” or unworthy of love if they don’t reciprocate with you within the first few weeks or months.

Please think again about keeping these intelligent, loving animals locked outside in a small hutch away from your family. They deserve to have their potentials nurtured and to share a loving companionship with you.

If you feel like you have the patience and understanding to make a bond with a bunny, please consider adopting one of the thousands of abandoned and rescued rabbits in shelters who have been thrown away simply for being underestimated.

I know this may be a little controversial to some, but Bones needs to get his nails trimmed again soon. I cannot spend the money to have the vet do it for me again. Getting hands on and being able to physically handle my rabbit is one of the areas where I have admittedly slacked as an owner.

He doesn’t seem to like it too much, but I have been acclimating him to being handled by me more. I think it’s actually making our bonding a little bit better. Yes, he’s mad immediately after I place my hand over his head and on his behind to pacify him enough to let me examine his claws up close without struggling. He doesn’t like when I put my hand underneath is chest and paws to stand him up. But those few foot flicks haven’t stopped him from spending time under my desk when I’m working or studying and following me to the other side of the room if I need to go there.

While I’m at this, I’ve also been practicing picking him up and holding him, and rewarding him with treats afterwards. No carrier. No vet visit. Just being picked up for a few minutes, being pet, maybe even sitting down; and letting him go after a minute to receive some papaya. He’s gotten a lot better with it. if I sit down on the bed with him, I don’t even restrain him. I’ve been doing it on “you’re free to go whenever you want” terms. He’ll stay to be pet, but as soon as I stop he’ll casually walk onto the bed. He clearly doesn’t like the being picked up part, but he doesn’t FIGHT like he used to. And in a way, he IS enjoying the extra engagement.

I think every rabbit owner needs to commit some time to doing this. I know the general consensus on bunblr is usually “don’t do it unless you need to,” and a lot of info I studied when I first became an owner advised against it, but really, your vet will probably really appreciate it! And who knows, every rabbit has a different threshold for handling, and I’d advise that you never let your guests do it(unless your rabbit is a freak that loves it) but if you can acclimate your rabbit to this, you just might find that they enjoy the comfort of sitting in your lap being pet gratuitously. Rabbits like to be treated like royalty. And like royalty, they might not be so keen on being handled. But there’s a time and place for it, and you and your rabbit need to both be trained for it.


I’ve seen some stuff going back and fourth between the fandom about whether Sportacus and Robbie would be more of a dog person or a cat person

but as someone who owns a pet rabbit, I INSIST that a rabbit would be the PERFECT pet for Sportacus

honestly, Sportacus himself is pretty much a human (elf) rabbit 

They both have big ears and are CRAZY about sportscandy

Like Sportacus, rabbits are also very active pets that like to run and jump 

Also, like Sportacus, rabbits are very fucking cute 

There’s plenty of reasons why a rabbit would be a good pet for someone like Sportacus 

First off, Sportacus and his pet would share pretty much the same diet. The only thing a rabbit eats that Sport might not is hay and hay pellets 

Secondly, although rabbits require more maintenance than a lot of people think, it’s still not as much work as a dog or a cat. So, Sport can spend plenty of time outside during the day playing with the kids and saving people, and his rabbit will be fine as long as it has enough hay and water while he’s gone and Sport comes home by evening 

A rabbit’s sleep schedule is perfect for him. Rabbits are crepuscular, so they are most active in the morning and in the evening, and the least active in the afternoon and at night. The morning and evening is when Sportacus is home in the airship 

His living space might not be enough to a larger pet, but it’s enough for something as small as a rabbit. The airship has just the right amount of space for a rabbit to have playtime when it’s not in its cage/exercise pen. A rabbit doesn’t need to be walked like a dog, so there is no worrying over how to get it in and out the airship every day 

Just- PLEASE imagine Sportacus chilling with his rabbit during playtime. Crawling around with it, sharing some carrots with it…I mean, CUTE 

Actually…a rabbit would not be a bad pet for Robbie either. Rabbits do not make any noises, clean themselves are almost never need to be bathed, and are generally tidy and can even be litterbox trained. Rabbits are also the type of pet that are fun to just watch, and don’t necessarily demand physical interaction with you all the time like a dog or cat. However, rabbits can still be very sweet and let me tell you, petting one is the most therapeutic thing ever 

BASICALLY WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY IS, boyfriend AU where Sport and Rob live together and are the gay dads to two little bunnies, who are also gay 

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Top 5 animated movie ships, and top 5 cartoon ships. Because me and a animation are the Real OTP

Thanks for kicking this off! This should be fun! :D

Top 5 Animated Movie Ships

  1. Carl & Ellie (Up)
  2. Hiccup & Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
  3. Roger & Jessica Rabbit (especially with my headcanon that Jessica is asexual) (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  4. Buzz & Jesse (Toy Story Trilogy)
  5. Tulio & Chel (The Road to El Dorado)

Top 5 Cartoon (I’m Assuming Animated TV) Ships

  1. Aang and Katara (“Avatar The Last Airbender”)
  2. Danny and Sam (“Danny Phantom”)
  3. Batman and Wonder Woman (“Justice League”)
  4. Robin and Starfire (“Teen Titans”)
  5. Phineas and Isabella (“Phineas and Ferb”)

Sleepover Weekend

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Hey! I was just wondering something about SM2. I believe when in Rabbit's training session with MC, Diana said something like: a panther? And a snake familiar, how odd am I? Then MC responds something like: what's a familiar? Then after Diana: you don't wanna know. What does it do? How did Diana obtain it? Why can't she let MC know, Sorry if that wasn't understandable and/or you can't answer some of the questions. Thank you ❤️❤️

Play Diana’s route ;)

I feel like I’ve been fighting this doe all her life.. she’s a second generation Mad Hare, and currently the only decent hare of my breeding left.. due to my inexperience with training rabbits to pose she sort of hates being worked with, and most of her time on the table she just sits up on 2 legs.. making it hard to pose her..

One day I decided I want to show rabbits, and I went out and bought myself a ragtag herd of hares, and with no support system, it was definitely a rough start!! I managed to hunker down, and at the cost of a lot of cash, tears, and heartbreak, I gained a lot of experience over these past 2 years. In the past year I’ve managed to meet some great people who have also been a lot of help.. getting to play around with the tans, angora, and brits has turned into my stress relief from the hares..

I thought Syrah and I had finally begun to settle our differences, but the nip on my nose when I was trying to cuddle might suggest differently. She’s finally allowed herself to be bred however, and if the day ever comes that this Sept 2015 doe has a healthy littler, I will probably be in tears…