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Underrated DreamWorks Movies

You know, when someone mentions DreamWorks, the first couple of movies that pop into a lot of people minds are Kung Panda, How to Train Your Dragon, and Shrek. It makes sense why most people think of these three films since they are considered to be DreamWorks most successful movies. However, there are actually a lot of good DreamWorks movies that I never see anyone talk about which I find very disappointing. There are so many great DreamWorks movies like:

Flushed Away

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 A comedic movie in which a pampered rat named Rodney is sent to the sewers and must team up with a no nonsense female adventurer named Rita in order to get back home. What’s great about this movie is that even though the main character Rodney have been pampered, he’s not some rich snobbish jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone else. He can be goofy, excitable, a klutz, and somewhat socially awkward due to spending so much time by himself. He and Rita have great chemistry together and form a great bond that is also hinting at the romantic feelings they are developing for each other. The movie also has one of the most unique animations I have ever seen in an animated movie. It seems to be a combination of digital animation and stop motion, something that really helps the film stand apart from other


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 A movie that is told from the view point of a very likable villain named Megamind who questions what is he supposed to do with his life since he seems to have defeated his arch nemesis. I love how Megamind is a total genius but is also a goofball and decided to become a super villain since he is good at being bad, and it’s fun. Despite it being a comedy parody of superhero movies, it actually has some good drama in it. Megamind goes through a character arc as he realizes that he doesn’t need to be a villain. When it comes to animated movies about a super villain you always hear people talk about Despicable Me, but I personally think Megamind is much better.  

Wallace & Gromit the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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 With all the people out there who love the show and claymation, it’s crazy how no one talks about how Wallace and Gromit made it to the big screen back in 2006. While I wouldn’t rank it as a comedy movie, it does set itself up to be a very fun and intriguing mystery movie that revolves around a mysterious giant rabbit lurking the town. The great thing about this movie is that it sticks to the source material instead of trying to be all hip and modern. The personalities of Wallace and Gromit are handled perfectly, the animation is incredibly smooth, and it’s full of new characters that you’ll either like or get a laugh out of. There’s even a very entertaining intense plane chase involving Gromit and the villain dog that is fun to watch.

Rise of the Guardians

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AKA, the holiday Avengers. Seriously, I don’t get why more people don’t talk about this movie cause it’s such a genius idea! I mean it’s a movie about magical legends fighting against the Boogeyman that is filled with fantastic fight scenes, likable characters, comedic moments, and some very good drama. The main lead is Jack Frost, a thousand-year-old legend he actually feels very alone since no kids can see him since no one believes in him like they do with the other legends like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy. Throughout the movie though, we see him bond with the other guardians, learn to work as part of a team, and also learn who he was before he became Jack Frost. All the characters really just bounce off of each other, and the Boogeyman known as Pitch comes off as an intimidating villain who has a solid reason as to why he is trying to cause so much misery.


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au where Moghedien is never captured by Nynaeve and instead spends the rest of the series trying to “get” Nynaeve through increasingly more intimate and unnecessary gestures

like, Nynaeve walks into room dimly lit by a few candles, an elaborate two-person meal is waiting on the table, the WoT version of Carless Whisper plays softly in the background and Moghedien is sitting very discretely in a shadowy corner with a wine glass. Nynaeve just sighs and walks out of the room

Bunnies are Underestimated Companions
  • Bunnies are anything but dull. However, if you’re going to keep them confined in a small cramped hutch away from regular interaction then of course you aren’t going to understand what your bunny is really capable of. They are incredibly social animals by nature and should never be kept alone without regular companionship.
  • Rabbits can live over 10 years in age with proper care. This is a big commitment, a long-living family member. The oldest recorded rabbit was 18 years old. However, this statistic is only for house rabbits. Outdoor rabbits sadly have less than half of the expected lifespan due to the risks and dangers of predators and disease, and also often due to depression from negligence.
  • Bunnies have the same intelligence levels as dogs. This means they can be taught tricks, learn commands, and can partake in agility courses. There are official rabbit agility tournaments across the world for bunnies that enjoy agility training!
  • Bunnies are emotional and sensitive animals, despite not expressing emotions in an anthromorphised way such as a dog would. A lot of people look at their blank stares and think “this creature is dumb”. WRONG. Bunnies feel great joy, deep sorrow, get moody spells, and can throw angry tantrums too! They just express it through subtle body language and you need to pay attention to connect with them. As prey animals, everything must be done quietly and subtly for survival. Some rabbits are more forward and will nudge or lick you as a way of saying “pay attention to me!!”
  • Bunnies are CLEAN AND ODORLESS animals. They constantly groom themselves, like cats, and they can be litter-trained in just a few days (they must be neutered/spayed). It is a myth that they are smelly pets, normally due to people keeping rabbits in what is basically a tiny cramped toilet and/or not cleaning it regularly, and never bothering to litter-train them. My rabbits smell like freshly-picked freaking daisies.
  • When given the space they need to play, bunnies will express themselves in super adorable and hilarious ways!! “Binkies” are when a rabbit jumps, twists and/or shakes their body and it’s an expression of sheer joy. They’ll also occasionally race around the room, just ‘cause it’s fun! Some bunnies have proper cheeky sides and will invite you to play or tease you. They can’t express themselves in all these ways if you only give them tiny spaces to live or “exercise”.
  • Bunnies will not put up with your nonsense. If you do something they disapprove of, they will sass you; some examples would be by giving you the cold-shoulder or grumpily thumping/digging at your feet. They will remind you when you are late to feeding them dinner and treats by sitting in front of you and staring, or by begging, nudging, or even the occasional nip on the ankle! They’re certainly not the docile creatures you’d expect. You have to do things on their terms, much like many cats. This helps you respect each other in the home. You’re both the boss in this house.
  • When a rabbit’s nose is twitching, this isn’t related to their breathing. Their twitching nose is actually how they express their interest!! They read things first and foremost by smelling with their noses to collect information. When their nose is twitching away, this is them signalling to you that they are interested! If the twitching is slow, it’s a “meh”, and if it’s very fast it’s a “FASCINATING!!”
  • Some house rabbits have made special bonds with other pets in the family. They get on surprisingly well with cats especially. However, each cat’s personality and history must be considered before this should be allowed, and supervision must be given in the first few months.
  • Once you completely earn a rabbit’s trust, they will love you deeply and their affectionate sides will properly come out. They may show this by getting excited when you come to play and following you around, licking or chinning you, booping noses together with you, snuggling up with you, or even requesting petting from you. Earning a naturally anxious animal’s trust can take a long time, especially if you haven’t been with them since childhood/teenhood, but your patience will be rewarded. You need to give them lots of time to adjust to living with you; don’t just assume they’re “boring” or unworthy of love if they don’t reciprocate with you within the first few weeks or months.

Please think again about keeping these intelligent, loving animals locked outside in a small hutch away from your family. They deserve to have their potentials nurtured and to share a loving companionship with you.

If you feel like you have the patience and understanding to make a bond with a bunny, please consider adopting one of the thousands of abandoned and rescued rabbits in shelters who have been thrown away simply for being underestimated.

Here’s the beginning of jazz up & down!

First, I’m just walking - empty, energy level 0 - with his super high value toy to the yard. He used to spin in circles, jump, pull, tug, try to take the toy, nearly knock me over, etc., while I tried to do this. But now he picks up on my energy level and, while still expressing he wants the toy, understands we’re not playing yet. Eventually, he sits down politely.

Then I do the jazz up by suddenly exploding my energy level to like, idk, 7? 8? It could be higher, but man it’s fuckin’ hot out.

Then I suddenly bring us back down to a 0 by asking for a down. He calmly lays there, not even a whine.

I reward him with the Wubba in the end by tossing it into the yard.

This was the first round. The follow up rounds I mostly varied the reward by throwing it and then releasing him with a ‘free’ command instead. I also jazzed him up a little bit longer. Oh annnnd put myself at an energy level 0 BUT waving the toy around.. he read the energy instead of the toy, stayed sitting/laying!


The Women of the Monterey International Pop Music Festival playlist

“Picking Up The Sunshine” - Beverley Martyn || “Ball and Chain” - Big Brother and the Holding Company || “Poverty Train” - Laura Nyro || “White Rabbit” - Jefferson Airplane || “California Dreamin’“ - The Mamas and the Papas || “Dancing in the Street” - The Mamas and the Papas

Ok, just watched the Space Rabbit episode for the 2nd time and noticed some random themes throughout. Do they mean anything? Possibly not. But lets chase some space rabbits together. 

Flying train in Wendimoor
Train tracks in Amanda’s vision
Train noise when Suzie wakes up

Lake in Inglenook
Lake behind Amanda and Vogel
Bergsberg boat
“Pollock” from the boat is a type of fish
Raining when the sheriff pulls up
“I’m a walking in the rain” song on the car radio
lost City of Atlantis/algae
water circles
map of a river behind the sheriff

(Also, I swear the music when Todd and Farah are first looking at the house sounds like whale calls to me, just like the 1st season’s music sounded like cats and dogs at times. I’m calling it, there’s going to be a whale. : P)

Geometric Shapes-
Tina/Mage tattoos
Friedkin and Vogel pins
magic wand shapes

Any other strangeness you noticed?