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Rimworld is consuming my liiiiiife! *SOB*

What is it with me and games that throw randomly generated characters at you expecting them to die?? WHY DO I KEEP ADOPTING MORE CHARACTERS??!

Each one of them has their own story and this is ruining my LIFE!!


It was late when Draco came home from his St. Mungo’s evening shift. The large clock in the hallway had a picture for each number. Their one month anniversary, two months three… They were thinking of replacing them with annual anniversary pictures now that they’d been together for nearly three years but for now the big and small arrow both pointed towards their twelve month anniversary. A hiking trip in Yellowstone park.

Draco walked past it with a tired smile on his face. They were so happy together. So ridiculously happy that today during one of his breaks he’d accidentally spent fifteen minutes telling a patient how wonderfully green Harry’s eyes were before he realised what he was doing.

Luckily the old woman hadn’t minded in the slightest and he’d even had to promise her that he would marry Harry as soon as it became legal. Draco needn’t be told, but he still swore it. He’d love nothing more than spent a lifetime together with Harry, except maybe two lifetimes, but he had to stay realistic.

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Tricks and Treats with Timothy the House-Trained Pig

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Hello, world! It’s time to meet today’s #WeeklyFluff: Timothy (@timothy_the_mini_pig), a house-trained piggy with an adorably squishy nose. When he’s not eating, sleeping or playing with his human mama, Timothy likes learning new tricks — as long as they result in a treat, of course.

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Never forget that Tamir Rice was a 12 year old child murdered by a lazy, poorly trained , underqualified pig for playing with a TOY gun.

Guys, if you haven’t read “When Pigs Fly” by Jane Killion yet, you need to. It is my favorite dog training book to date and I’m not even done with it yet. Multiple times I have actually laughed out loud while reading it, the above paragraph an example of one such passage.

But seriously, it’s full of very useful information even if you don’t find yourself with a “stubborn,” “independent,” or “unmotivated” dog. And it also shows my Favorite Thing™ about dog training which is that it should be F U N!


Flåm Line by Tony
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Too Many Tourists: In a 2014 Dagens Næringsliv article a farmer said that “Previously the smell of summer was that of grass that had been cut. Now [the smell] it is [of] tungolje” [“heavy-oil”]. Furthermore, “They [a retired couple] talk about fish that has disappeared from the fjord. In Norway cruise ships are permitted to dump overboard their greywater in the postcard-narrow fjord-arms. Furthermore the news article says that defecation in public by tourists, is already a problem; the village has one public toilet, and 200 000 tourists are expected in the summer season. At the top of the Flåm Line is the stop at Myrdal. At the start of the season, the snow was still thick.