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Could you do a story with a very hurt Jason getting dragged back to the cave by a freaked out dami. Who's worried about his brother then maybe Bruce and the other siblings come in and yah does that make any sense. 🍊🍊🍊#i get bored and read tags #yah

THANK YOU. Wow I didn’t think anyone would read through all those tags lol. I hope you enjoy what I came up with. : )

Also @dove-among-bats this is what I was talking about.

Title: If I Live to See the Dawn

Rating: General

Warnings: Blood

Words: 3,700

AO3 link

Jason’s night had not gone as planned. He’d been halfway across the city, ready to drop in on an unsuspecting group of drug dealers when he’d gotten the call from Bruce. I need your help.

Bruce didn’t call him often and he never asked for help. Jason’s first thought had been that Batman was in trouble, but his voice hadn’t sounded strained. His tentative response of With what? was answered with a request to watch Damian. More precisely Bruce asked Jason if he would “Take care of Robin tonight.”

Damian was the last person Jason expected to be babysitting that night. Dick maybe. Tim probably at some point. But Damian? Jason hadn’t been able to wrap his mind around it. His youngest sibling was headstrong and far too similar to Jason himself for Bruce to approve of their spending a lot of time together.

Which meant that Jason was the last choice. He’d scowled, despite Bruce and anyone else who cared to look being unable to see it. It felt good to turn his mouth down in a grimace. “No.” He’d answered.

Except Bruce had asked him. And Bruce never asked him for anything. The request alone tempted something warm to bubble up in Jason, but he pushed it down as fast at the thought of being the last to be asked.

He didn’t mind spending time with Damian. The kid wasn’t so bad when you pushed past his prickly exterior, and he had a sense of humor that Jason found endearing. Especially when it involved dragging Tim for his lack of self-care. Jason simply refused to be Bruce’s last choice in the matter. He understood it, but that didn’t mean he had to be happy about it.

The other side of the comm was silent as his father considered the answer and tried to come up with one of his own. The silence dragged out longer than it should have and Jason started to wonder if Bruce had closed the connection.

“I’ll send him home then.”

That was it. The comm clicked off and Jason swore. Damian wouldn’t go home. Even if Bruce marched him back to the manor the boy would be back on Gotham’s streets in half an hour. Damian was many things: highly trained, able, and smart, but Jason couldn’t see himself letting a child, because that was something else Damian was, out patrolling Gotham’s streets alone.

Jason had been Robin. He’d been the kid to do things on his own. To be assured in his abilities. Batman had trained him after all. He’d failed more times than he cared to count. Wanted a partner more than that. No Jason wasn’t going to let Damian patrol alone, neither was he going to call Bruce back and tell him that.

It took Jason longer than he cared to admit to find Damian. He refused to call for help early on, for fear of Bruce overhearing before he’d left. Thankfully his youngest brother had a tendency to follow his father’s example and follow pre-planned patrols unless something caught his attention.

As Jason moved on to the third area he figured Damian would be he was ready with a snappy comment to give his little brother the moment he found him. Something about sneaking out being not DaddyBats approved, but the words died on his lips the moment he parked his motorcycle and cut the engine. Shouts filled the air followed by the cough of gunfire.

Jason was off his bike, the vehicle crashing to the ground behind him, and halfway down the street before his head caught up with his feet. The source of the sounds had to be close, his eyes grazing each alleyway he passed before moving on to the next.

A little over a block away he finally found the right one. He couldn’t see Robin through the press of men, but he could hear the kid through the roars and grunts of whoever he was fighting. Jason didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the fray, working his way towards his brother.  He lost himself in the steady, practiced actions of find the biggest threat and take them out. His brain a few steps ahead of his guns, a part of his attention on Damian.

All Jason could think of during the fight was the words Bruce had used earlier: take care of Robin. They were what pushed him to his limit during the fight, and what propelled him into Damian, shoving the boy out of danger as a stray bullet caught the side of an unprotected water heater and causing it to explode. 

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This is a short piece from an AU I have where Bruce and Clark met during Bruce’s Batman training. Years later, they’ve been married since before they were heroes, but no one knows. Until Batman is caught kissing Clark Kent.

“You knew Jimmy was there!”

“I- You know how much of a distraction you are, and it was on top of a building full of reporters-”

“You.” Bruce whirled around, jamming his finger into the man’s chest. “Are lying to me. And you are still bad at it.” Kal was quiet for a long moment, standing in place. At long length, his shoulders wilted.

“I… I didn’t plan it, but- but I did notice him,” he admitted, pained.

“Before or after you kissed me?” Bruce challenged. Kal’s silence said it all. “What the hell were you thinking?!”


“What kind of PR can I spin about this?! Batman doesn’t do press!”


Don’t you dare make a joke about him ‘doing’ the press right now.

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The Arkham’s Female Knight

Part I | Part II | Part III - 0.5 | Part III - 2 | Part IV

A/N: This is my first lil piece. I am not sure if I should do a part 2 or not (Update: I have made new chapters! Links are above^^^). It started as a little prompt but my conscience is screaming at me to write a second part. Since this is my first piece, it wont be obviously perfect. I tried, and hopefully you guys will like it! 

~ J.

Ship: Jason Todd x FemArkhamKnight!Reader

Backstory: Basing the story line of Batman: Under The Red Hood & Batman Arkham Knight, the reader is Bruce Wayne’s blood daughter, whom he had raised and trained to be the current Batgirl. During this time, Jason is the current robin and was captured by Joker where Batman and Batgirl tried to save him but did not make it on time. As 5 years went by, everyone moved on. Not knowing that Jason has returned as Red Hood, the reader got captured by Joker and was tormented for a year (based on the torture scene in Arkham Knight), now the reader returns, seeking out batman, to kill him, but certain paths cross and now, conflict arises. 

Prompt: The reader cross paths with Red Hood and realizes who the Arkham Knight is. 

Warning(s): Swearing and the mention of torture??

Word Count: 1,459


Arkham’s Female Knight


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“Let them all underestimate me”

In Batman’s original 2-page origin story, his training was depicted in a single panel. The story has of course been expanded and rewritten, but for decades this (or similarly brief depictions) was all readers needed to believe that Batman could take on anything Gotham’s underworld could throw at him, from vampires to aliens to serial killers dressed like clowns.

Barbara was introduced in an era of slightly more sophisticated storytelling, so her qualifications were given in a little more detail. She was a brown belt in judo, and undertook a rigorous training routine when she decided to become Batgirl.

Later retellings pumped up Barbara’s credentials further. She became a black belt in karate, a track star, a gymnast, and a ballet dancer. She’s trained with Batman, Black Canary, and Richard Dragon.

Yet the general perception is that Batgirl is an amateur while Batman is the expert. Often this is what people like about Barbara, which is understandable. She is a more “down to earth” character. She doesn’t have Bruce Wayne’s fortune, and she didn’t make a solemn vow to war against all criminals after her parents were murdered.

But I think this is something that goes beyond Barbara and to how most female characters are perceived. It’s easy for an audience to believe that a male character is very skilled and has trained a long time, and can do lots of cool and physically impossible stunts. It’s much harder for a female action star or superhero to reach that state of memetic badassery.

What Ethnicity is Lady Shiva?

Every once in awhile a post pops up on tumblr discussing at length what ethnicity Lady Shiva is, mostly in deference to what ethnicity that makes Cassandra Cain. This is not a call-out post, but rather a compilation of facts and my interpretations. I’ve done this before, but the post is now lost to the vast expanse of the internet. It’s worth typing up again.

Lady Shiva has suffered through the years as being ambiguously Asian with enough controversial and circuitous backstories that we are provided with both an abundance and lack of an answer. In order to help you all out, I’m just going to provide a case-by-case analysis on Shiva’s appearances and outfits in order to discern her ethnicity. Associated panels posted below; special thank to @judgeanon for reading through this. 

TLDR; Lady Shiva was created specifically as a mixture between different Eastern cultures to act as a foil to the more traditionally American heroes. She has been portrayed with mainly Japanese and Chinese influences, but also importantly Southeast Asian, Korean and South Asian references. I firmly believe Lady Shiva is Chinese, but there is evidence to be argued for each and every one of the ethnicities/regions listed above. (My headcanon, what I believe to be the most probable backstory she has can be found by searching ** in this extremely long post.)

Note: being Chinese is not an ethnicity, but rather a nationality. I’m using the main ethnic group in China, the Han, and the word Chinese interchangeably. That being said, there has never been any indication that she is or is not Han vs any other ethnic group native to China.

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Oh Baby!  Raven's a Baby!

Mumbo let out another another annoying cackle as he leapt from rooftop to rooftop while his enemies the, Teen Titans, give chase. Robin, Cyborg, and Drake Daniels followed on foot, while Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy, in the form of a hawk, followed from the sky. They had been chasing the washed up magician for the last three blocks and already they had dealt with dancing gloves, razor sharp playing cards, and being tangled in silk scarves, now they just wanted it to be over. None more then the Dragon Knight, Drake Daniels.

“I will let this guy get away with all the money he stole for him to never utter another magic related pun for the rest of his life.” he grumbled.

“That’s not how this works.” the familiar monotone of the half-demon reminded him. Drake rolled his eyes leaping onto another rooftop. With a twang, Robin shot his grappling hook at the escaping villains feet. As he had hoped, the shot tripped the villain up, but a good magician always has a few tricks left up his sleeve. He spun around as he fell so that he was on his back and removed a wand from his sleeve. He took aim at the Boy Wonder and uttered his magical phrase.

“MUMBO JUMBO!” A stream of white light shot from his wand heading right for the chest of the team leader. Robin, who was always thankful for his training with the Batman, nimbly leapt out of the way just seconds before the light hit him in the chest. The same however couldn’t be said for those behind him as the light was now coming straight for Hawk Beast Boy.

Without thinking, Raven dove for the changeling and pushed the green hawk out of the line of fire only to be hit directly by the light herself.

Beast Boy fell to the ground in his human form and got to his feet. “RAVEN!” The sorceress was engulfed in light and was falling down into the allyway below.

“I got ‘er!” Shouted Drake. He leapt into the air and caught the girl, but the magic that was now enveloping her began to wash over him now sending them both hurtling to the ground below. Beast Boy got to his feet and sprinted to the roofs edge to look for his friends.

“Beast Boy! Mumbo’s getting away!” Robin yelled back to the changeling.

“I’m not leaving withou-” Beast Boy made it to the edge and looking over, he saw his friends wrapped around a white light.

“We’re alright Beast Boy keep going!” Drake shouted from below. Beast Boy hesitantly turned back around and ran off with the rest of his team after the magician.


After another ten mintues of the chase, they lost Mumbo. Each of the four remaining Titans took different corners of the roof they landed on looking around for the villain while trying to catch their breath.

“Beast Boy can you see him?” Robin asked.

Even with the eyes of an Eagle we wasn’t able to see Mumbo. He shook his head along with Starfire, whose alien vision wasn’t able to find him either. A quick scan from Cyborg’s equipment also revealed no evidence of the blue faced magician.

“Damn it!” Robin shouted pounding his fists together.

“Hey where’s Raven and Drake?” Cyborg asked. He and Starfire looked around not realizing they were two member’s short. Beast Boy snapped to attention realizing they had left them behind.

Robin took out his communicater dialing Raven. “Robin to Raven, where are you?” There was silence on the other side for a moment. Then the audio came on, but not the video feed.

“Robin?” it was a deeper voice but one they at least knew.

“Drake? Are you in Dragon form?” Robin asked, the rest of his team was over his shoulder listening to the conversation.

“Yeah, I’m headed back to the tower. I’ve got an earbud in my ear-”

“Where’s Raven?” Beast Boy asked.

“Awe, worried about your girlfriend?” Cyborg asked making kissing noises.

Beast Boy snarled at him. “She’s not my girlfriend! I’m just…concerened…”

“Yes I to am worried for friend Raven.” Starfire whimpered.

“Raven is fine,” DragonDrake said over the comm, “…I think…”

“You think?!” the team shouted in unison.

“What happened?!” Robin asked, panic clear in his voice.

“Uh…this you’ll just have to see to believe. I’ll see ya at the tower.” The communication cut leaving the Titans concerned, and confused. Starfire grabbed Robin while Beast Boy changed into a Pteronadon and grabbed Cyborg in his talons. They flew off towards the tower, fear heavy in their chests.

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 So not only do we have all but confirmed Batfamily in the DCMU, but I think we can almost pinpoint the exact time frame the family is in. 

So to state the obvious first… The Justice League Trailer

Commissioner Gordon pointing out that he has seen Batman work with others before. He’s pleased even about it. Since Batman habitually trains children, that would suggest that either in the DCMU they are going to age up the Robins or Gordon has had a long time to come to terms with the idea. 

Thanks to Dawn of Justice, even before Suicide Squad, we knew that Batman has been operating for a while and already faced off against some of his biggest threats, like the Joker.

But it’s thanks to the Joker that we get our next hint. Have a look at the Harley Quinn Easter Egg from Suicide Squad.

One of her crimes? Accomplice to the murder of Robin.

It’s about as obvious as a mallet to the head. A Robin is dead. And any comic fan can tell you exactly which Robin was famously murdered by the Joker. (Even taking into account that the Death in the Family story arc was written before the creation of Harley) Sure, there have been other story arcs involving a Robin being injured by the Joker. Hell, one of the darkest story arcs in the DCAU involved what he did to Tim Drake. But no one is ever going to contest the fact that if you want to look at the Robin murdered by Joker, you get Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Now Jason is the second Robin. And we know that his death did send Batman into a deep spiral of depression. Bruce doesn’t tend to show emotion much from the one and a bit movies we have so far seen, so it does seem he is falling apart both as Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is so paranoid about criminals killing innocent people that he is torturing petty criminals and was fully prepared to skewer Superman simply for being an alien and a possible threat. Not exactly like the Bruce Wayne we know. And yet, the thing that pulls him onside? The idea of an innocent person getting hurt i.e Martha Kent.  

But then there is that one scene in Dawn of Justice that seems to contradict everything.

But does this mean that there is no Batfamily. Is this the false line and the others true or have we got this the wrong way round? Or is there another meaning to this? Maybe look at his relationship with the oldest Robin, Dick Grayson.

Remember that there was a few years there where Bruce had all but cut off contact with Dick after their blow up. Dick was not adopted until a lot later in canon and therefore not technically Bruce’s family and face it, during that time both were kinda pretending the other didn’t exist. Maybe by saying what he said, Alfred was lamenting Bruce’s failure to adopt the Robins and include them in the Wayne family and Dick’s estrangement and Jason’s death (Alternately, he could be lamenting the fact that there are no genetic sons which is odd for Alfred Pennyworth. He has never discriminated like that before and frankly that is not an Alfred I want in the DCMU)

So if I am correct, where does that leave us?

Although not directly stated, it has been made clear that the Bat is without a Bird at the time of Dawn of Justice. Yet, it is equally clear that there has been at least one Robin previously. To keep with canon of the second Robin being the one to meet his end by the Joker, there would have to be two previous Robins. That puts us post Death in the Family yet more than likely Pre-Tim Drake era. Which, although sad, makes sense. Part of the reason Tim Drake took up the mask was because he saw how both Batman and Bruce Wayne were being affected by the loss of his partners and well, DOJ Bats gives off that exact and worrying mentality that got Tim to don the short-shorts.

Since they are bound to do a Batman movie to hook into the JL movies, it would be a good side story to look into Bruce making amends with Dick, training Tim and making his peace with Jason’s death to bring out the human side of Batman (Sadly, I think it would be too much of a stretch to bring Damian Wayne into the movie verse but a girl can dream) All these would be wonderful to create a rich and complex character in Batman, outside of the brooding grump that he is habitually played as.

So in conclusion, if I had to guess the Batfamily timeline in the DCMU, I am going to say that there is enough small hints to suggest that we are post Dick and Jason as Robin but pre-Tim (Of course this could all be speculation and mis-direction but I like to live in this little world I made and everyone else is welcome to join me here where the Batfamily lives)

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If you don't mind me asking, how many versions of Jason out there?

Oh there are so many versions of Jason out there, my dear anon :)

But I will introduce you to the most important versions of him in this post. 

Pre-Crisis Jason (underappreciated gem):

“I’m Robin, and being Robin gives magic”

The First Jason, the one with acrobats parents who were killed by Killer Croc and then got adopted by Bruce Wayne. He was playful kid, kinda bratty, insecure and you can’t help but feel as proud as Bruce when you see him mature through the run. He had a better life than the other Jasons and better relationships. He also got the best Batdad ever (seriously, pre-crisis Bruce was the best batdad you will ever see). 

If you guys ever wondered what Jason would be like without all these tragedies, then just read Pre-Crisis Jason’s stories and you will find out.

Dark knight Returns Miller’Jason:

“But The Joker is out there….there’s no telling what he’ll do”

The first one who started the “Jason has to die in every universe” circle and his death pushed Bruce to retirement. We unfortunately don’t know much about his parents or how did he meet Batman. He was extremely brutal (There would be no criminals left in Gotham if this Jason got the chance to grow up) and protective of Batman. He was also trained to be the next Batman, but unfortunately died before he could take the mantle.

Post-Crisis Jason (the one tumblr is in love with):

”Try and catch me, you big boob”

The one who died by a vote and then returned as Red Hood. He was a street kid with a criminal father and addicted mother. He met Batman when he tried to steal the batmobile’s tires and become Robin later. He was killed by The Joker after his real mother betrayed him (and stayed died for almost 20 years) and then return later after digging himself out of his grave. 

Flashpoint Jason:

“Father Todd, but you can call me Jason”

Ever wondered what would have become of Jason if he never meet Batman? Well, we got the answer in Flashpoint, a world where Bruce died instead of his parents. Jason ended up falling in with the Church of Blood run by Brother Blood. He mysteriously still died and resurrected and his hair bore a white streak suggesting that he was brought back by a Lazarus Pit. After his resurrection, Jason was taken in by the church where he turned his life around and became a priest.

What interesting (and sad) about this take is it proves that Jason would have been better off if he never meet Bruce. That Bruce actually doomed him.

New 52 Jason (another underappreciated gem):

“You can’t tell, but I’m shedding a single tear underneath this hood”

The one with harsher home life and better relationship with the Batfamily. Like PC Jason, his father was criminal and his mother was addicted. But unlike the other versions, Jason’s father was abusive toward him and his mother. He trained under Batman, LoA and All Caste (he’s seriously strong). Teamed up with Kori and Roy for awhile (and become one of the top ten most wanted criminal in the world), Started a company with Roy and now he’s teaming up with Artemis and Bizarro.

He is the current version that being used in the main DC universe and honestly? I’m pretty fond of him :)

Arkhamverse Jason:

“It’s personal, very personal”

The one who never died, but you will wish that he did (seriously, his life freaking sucks in this universe). Jason was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured both physically and mentally for a year. The Joker brainwashed Jason to hate Bruce and even get close enough to telling him Batman’s identity before Joker shot Jason and send the video to Batman making him think that Jason was dead. After The Joker died, Jason become Arkham Knight and worked with Scarecrow to takeover Gotham and break & kill Batman. He formed a militia and had Deathstroke as his right hand.

At the end of the game and after Bruce defeated Jason and stopped his army, Bruce was kidnapped by Scarecrow which resulted in a broken Jason saving him.

Honorable mention: Bombshells’ Jason

“If all the good people left Spain, then who would be left to fight for her?”

In this version, Jason was taken under Kate and Renee care. He was born during a war and refused to leave when everyone did to protect his country. He was described as cunning and clever who helped out Kate and Renee a lot. He died later in Kate’s arms which affected her and Renee deeply.

Yay, another long post and I’m tagging this because I was planning to do a post about different versions of Jason anyway.