I took a train from Seattle to Chicago

It looks like I’m being super artsy but actually it’s just that my lens sucked. 

In order: The Puget Sound, Washington; Glacier Park, Montana; Sunset in North Dakota; The Mississippi River, Michigan; some trees in Wisconsin; Outside Chicago, Illinois.

Imagine if your OTP met by being forced to sit next to each other in a train due to no free seats left. They bond over the long ride, and before stepping out, they get each other’s numbers and promise to meet again. (Bonus: reasons for OC1 to is moving out to a new home, leaving everything behind and starting a completely new life, so OC2 is like their first friend since then.)


Summary: Reader meets new people on the train and Draco Malfoy makes an appearance.

Characters: Reader, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Heromione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Professor McGonagall

Fandom: Harry Potter

Series: Slytherin Fox

AN: I didn’t know what else to put so I put that gif..

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I jerked awake as soon as it crashed into my face. Was that a dream? It felt so real. The last man at the stop stepped onto the train. I know that man…. that’s the man from my dream. He was wearing the same blue sweatshirt and crooked hat. The doors shut. I looked around frantically. My friend Jim was sleeping in the same awkward position he was in my dream. The lady with the red shoes on was talking on her cell phone just like I remember. The train started to move. A bum was asking the man in a business suit for spare change. This isn’t right. All of this already happened, dream or not. I looked over at the short women and waited for her to drop her coffee. Like clockwork, she did. I shook my friend awake.

“Jim! Jim wake up! We’ve got to get off the train, it’s about to derail and we’re all going to die!” My heart was racing.

He woke up annoyed. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“The train! I just had like a vision or something, it’s going to crash! We’ve got to get off!” A few people started laughing at me.

“You been watching too many movies kid,” the man sitting across from us said with a chuckle.

“No I’m serious! We all need to get off this train now!” I yelled out in a panic.

“Calm down dude,” Jim said to me. “You must have had a weird dream. Besides, what are we supposed to do, jump out of a moving train?”

“Well then we need to tell the engineer to stop!” I said and stood up.

Jim pulled me back down to my seat. “Chill out, we’ll be at our stop soon.”

“See, I knew you were going to say that! We’ve got less than a minute now to stop this train!” I stood up again and Jim grabbed me but I was fighting for my life at this point. I ripped his hand off of my shirt and started to run down the isle. I didn’t get too far before a few people grabbed me and helped Jim pull me back to my seat. I fought for a few seconds, but there was no way I could get away from all of them. Then I heard the bum let out a loud sneeze. That was it. It was too late now.

A loud popping noise echoed through the train and the lights flickered. The train made a violent jolt sideways and leaned into the wall of the tunel. Everyone fell and scrambled to grab ahold of something. I grabbed on to a pole and looked over at the lady with red shoes. Part of the top and side of the train got ripped off at the same moment as the lady lost her grip on her seat. She fell head first into the hole and her head got wedged between the tunel wall and the moving train. She was decapitated instantly. The man with the blue sweatshirt and hat was next. He lost his grip and crashed through one of the windows. Blood splattered across the outside of the remaining unbroken windows. Then I remembered. “JIM!” I screamed out uselessly. One of the poles broke off from the front of the isle and impaled him right through the chest. A large piece of metal scrap was now heading right for me. I jerked awake as soon as it crashed into my face. Was that a dream? It felt so real. A man wearing a blue sweatshirt and a crooked hat walked on to the train….

Written by: Sage