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If WeaPo are just there for choreo, a month is a rather long time no?

I’m convinced that there was a hiccup somewhere with the transition from DSC and that set their training behind. Maybe the Zoueva move didn’t work out and they then went to Morozov? Maybe they are doing significant training and reworking or adding of new techniques/elements and can’t leave training?

Kaitlyn and Andrew wouldn’t have taken the decision to withdraw from The Ice lightly as they make their money from those shows.

I am beyond interested to see what they look like when they show up to their Senior B.
Citibank Locavore NYC Ad

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lol, I’m not sure what agency is behind this but, creative should have checked the copy. Locavore is a fairly new word so I’m going to assuming the copy editor just thought it was creative word play. A quick Google search would have helped anyone discover that and NYC is a city that would have a larger population of locavores than most other cities. We’re all cosmopolitan and what not.

If this was intentional and not just accidental, then I will have to ask why they didn’t use an apple. It’s a NYC MTA train ad. I’m not sure what could fit the bill better and be more iconic than an Apple. It’s the Big Apple and apples are local to NY! C'mon. I don’t know where a cupcake is local to.


“Myself and Barça share a winning mentality. I am a competitor and I want to play, but first and foremost I want to learn. I  cannot wait to play alongside players who I have only seen on TV,” before adding that training them will be “a special moment, I cannot wait to meet them”.

Also I pulled up to a gym to help train it up before I went home since it was very close to leveling up. Then in the middle of training I see a Stanley Steemer truck pull up on the other side of the road, and I see both guys in front trying to fight my gym and I’m like HECK NO, MY TURF BUDS


Samuel Umtiti has officially been presented as an FC Barcelona player after putting pen to paper on his contract and passing his medical examinations.

The young French international spoke to the press about what he described as “a childhood dream” for signing with the club. Here is the pick of what he had to say:

  • “Myself and Barça share a winning mentality. I am a competitor and I want to play, but first and foremost I want to learn.”
  • Umtiti said he cannot wait to play alongside “players who I have only seen on TV,” before adding that training them will be “a special moment, I cannot wait to meet them”.
  • “He [Abidal] only told me positive things about Barça and of his experience,” as well as talking with new teammate Lucas Digne.
  • “The new Barça player expressed his thanks to Olympique Lyonnais president Jean-Michel Aulas for “making this transfer possible”.

Israel Police: Bomber targeted Jerusalem light rail - Jerusalem District Commander Yoram HaLevy confirms bomber captured Sunday had planned to detonate explosives on Jerusalem light rail train - 17 July 2016

Following the capture Sunday morning of a Palestinian Authority resident carrying a pack of explosive devices, Jerusalem District Police Commander Yoram HaLevy confirmed to reporters that the would-be bomber had targeted the Jerusalem light rail.
The terrorist was intercepted by train security guards after arousing their suspicion. During questioning by the guards, the terrorist admitted that he was carrying bombs in his bag.
The terrorist was distanced from the train and sections of Yafo and King George streets were shut down to both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.
HaLevy told reporters that the terrorist was carrying a relatively large explosive pack, which he apparently intended to set off after he boarded the light rail train.
The District Commander added that Israeli security forces had no prior warning ahead of the attempted attack, and that the bomber was stopped thanks to alert train guards.
Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat praised the guards’ work, thanking them for warding off what could have potentially been a catastrophic attack.
“This morning, thanks to the alertness of the light rail guards of the City of Jerusalem a huge terror attack was prevented.”

The thing is about warriors training in the dark forest is that it wasn’t really about “willingness”, they were all manipulated
Bramble//claw and haw/kfrost for feeling like outcasts and longing for a father, tiger star found that easy to manipulate them, not to mention he lied about his death to ha/wk/frost
Ivyp/ool felt left out by dove wing, and hawk//frost took advantage of that
Blo//sso/mfall because of mil//lies ignorance of her
Bre/ez//epelt bc of hatred for his father and (i think) clan itself. Later, the Three added to his rage
Croo//kedstar trained with Ma//plesh//ade unknowingly she was a DF cat but she still easily manipulated him with his being an outcast in his clan and disowned by his mother
And so whos to say this/tleclaw wasnt tricked as well, with s/no//wfurs death and blu//efurs dislike of him and taking away his son. Whos to say he didnt feel threatened by her. Who’s to say he didnt feel Alone

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Kaneki going into 'over-protective-brother' mode when he sees Ayato staring at Hinami's SUPER FREAKING SHORT SKIRT *bonus if she wore it intentionally* when she is training with Touka ;)))

Added to the suggestion list and ohohohoho am I excited to write this 

ayato u better watch out boi papa kaneki to the rescue


Forty-two years ago (to me if to no one else
The number is of some interest) it was a brilliant starry night
And the westward train was empty and had no corridors
So darting from side to side I could catch the unwonted sight
Of those almost intolerably bright
Holes, punched in the sky, which excited me partly because
Of their Latin names and partly because I had read in the textbooks
How very far off they were, it seemed their light
Had left them (some at least) long years before I was.

And this remembering now I mark that what
Light was leaving some of them at least then,
Forty-two years ago, will never arrive
In time for me to catch it, which light when
It does get here may find that there is not
Anyone left alive
To run from side to side in a late night train
Admiring it and adding noughts in vain. 

Louis MacNeice

Now Southern Rail Cancels Train Because Of GRAFFITI (And More Strikes Are On The Way)

Southern Rail passengers reacted with fury after services were cancelled because of graffiti on trains.

The already under-fire train provider sent out a tweet saying that three trains “could not run” because of “vandalism”.

Services from Wallington to Clapham Junction and Streatham Common to Victoria were cancelled at peak rush hour, leaving commuters stranded as they attempted to get to work.

Passengers were stunned at the reason for the cancellations, letting rip at the company on Twitter.

@Cinekatie wrote: “Vandalism today is it? You guys should write a book of lame excuses. You have time since you’re not doing trains.“

@SarahEd1 added: “Vandalism of the service by greedy southern execs?”

Misery: Southern Rail passengers have been hit by months of delays (Rex)

Southern Rail Passengers have been hit by months of delays and cancellations, and they have also cut 341 journeys a day from the timetable due to ongoing industrial disputes.

The misery for commuters is set to go on after union leaders threatened a major new strike.

More than 1,000 station staff are to be balloted for strike action across Southern, Thameslink and Gatwick Express services.

The dispute is over plans announced by Govia Thameslink Railways (GTR) that will see ticket offices closed at 83 stations in an attempt to bring staff out of the booths to become “station hosts”.

The RMT union says it will have a “devastating impact” to passenger safety.

Results from the ballot will be announced next month.

Top pic: Rex

an addendum:

  • walks arent fun if you dont give your dog a chance to stop and sniff and look around. dont just drag them behind you while you play

  • be sure to actually interact with your animal too. pet and praise them and talk to them while you guys explore

  • pick up after yourselves. i shouldnt have to say more

  • sidewalks are hot during the day– go early morning or late afternoon. paw pads are NOT adequate protection against scalding concrete

  • stay away from populated areas if it’ll turn into an issue. if your dog jumps on people at home, it’ll jump on them in public. be aware of how trained your animal is

  • adding onto the above bullet, pokemon is a social game and people love dogs. if you’re in a populated area, then be ready for the possibility of folks trying to interact with your animal. if it’s unsafe or you’re not sure how it’d go, dont. 

  • harnesses are better than leash and collar but this is a general rule and mostly for people whose dogs arent good at walks yet

  • at the very least, have food and water for your dog if it’s a long walk or you plan on being out for a while

  • be aware. dogs chase things, they eat things on the ground, they tear stuff up. if you are going to bring your dog, be willing to look up often enough that you aren’t blissfully ignorant

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Does lifting/ strength training help or hinder your running? I'm afraid of being too sore to run well the next day

Honestly I think it depends on WHAT you’re doing and how much of it :) SOME strength training should definitely be added to supplement your running to prevent injuries