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Friday thoughts

• I’m so ridiculously tired. There is so much to do; I think it’s list writing time so the random things that need doing that keep popping into my head can be organised and not overwhelm me.

• This morning I thought I could smell pot smoke when I went out to my car; but it could’ve been the foggy wet air confusing me (see point one - so tired). So it’s not something I’d normally smell at 6am and not in my garage so my brain jumps to conclusions and I got anxious. Then I reversed into the fence and my first thought was that I’d hit a person. (The fence is still standing; I forgot to check how the back of the car looked when I got to the train station).

• I thought I had a spare bottle of foundation but I do not. Currently working with a slurpee straw to try and get the last drops out of the bottle. Looks like I’m stuck with BB cream and pressed powder until my order arrives.

• Last day in my old job today. I’m ready for the new beginning. Two months waiting to start the role is crazy, but internal role changes seem to take a lot of negotiation.

• The ridiculous thing is that I need to go clothes and shoe shopping before our trip for both me and F. I know everything will be cheaper in the US…maybe I’ll try and buy essentials here and go shopping there. Shoes here so I can wear them in a bit?



Ashlyn Harris, Alyssa Naeher and new wnt goalkeeper Jane Campbell push each other to be better in the intense training environment as they compete for playing time on the USWNT

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Remus Lupin must be so sad when he sees Harry, especially in POA when he knows that if Lily and James had lived Harry would be calling him Uncle Moony or something sappy. He would go to the Potters for Friday night dinners and him and Sirius would be so happy seeing their best friends in love. The potters would have another child and Remus would be The Godfather. He would work at Hogwarts and see all his friends kids come through and he would spend his time at the place he called home. But when he sees Harry all he can see is everything his life could have been. But he is forced to pretend that he doesn't know every detail of the boys parents lives. He sees his eyes for the first time in so long on the train and it must upset him so much.
If this post gets 10,000 notes, I'll play "Stoick's Ship" as my first dance song at my wedding.

I’m getting married in ONE WEEK! Seven days. It’s almost here – but it’s not too late to help make such a sad, sad song a part of my family history forever. Of course, proof will be provided once we reach this goal.

It’s your time to shine, How to Train Your Dragon fandom!

I was wondering

You know all these things Ardyn can do : Stop time (in the train), change his physical appearance, even change someone’s.

Are those powers coming from the crystal or the daemons inside him ?

I thought it would probably be coming from the crystal (I doubt daemons would provide him anything except for horrible thoughts and voices in his head). Then it would be amazing if Noctis could’ve learned this. When you see how powerful Noct is, imagine how great he could’ve become ? Does this mean he wasn’t using his powers to his full potential ? Did the Lucis Caelum lineage lost  these powers with time or because of the astrals ? Or could Ardyn be hiding something else ?

I’m all out of jokes about weird dream sequences, which is probably a good thing.

And there’s the dream musicians again.

Who is this person supposed to be?

The moon looks very cool here.

I’m not good at analyzing symbolism like this, but I think that the town is supposed to be on top of a train because it’s moving due to the changing times or something?

And this time the dream ended with Mae being eaten by a crocodile.


W11D4 - last long run (half marathon) before the actual marathon. Now I just focus on rest and fuel. Not that I haven’t eaten a lot…I ate ALL THE TIME during this marathon training. Today I had a bag of nuts. After dinner. Fuel that body. Fuel it. It works wonders!!!

And: March was the months with my highest mileage ever - I ran 306km this month. Three-Hundred-Six. That’s a lot for a girl that once felt crushed after 100km a month.

You know that awkward moment when you wake up at 5am, get on a 6am rush hour train to london from btn, make it not just on time but early for a 8:30 dissertation meeting and your tutor has a “last minute engagement” and doesn’t even do the courtesy to send you an email or write a note but instead you wait there for half an hour and another lecturer tells you she’s fucked off.


Day 31 + 28 + 30 of Change

My dear, one quarter of the year is already over! Time flies!

Today is rest day, which is very good! My body hurts. Like every muscle is sore. The good thing is, that this showed me  that going to the gym (the non-gymnastics one) and doing workouts on those instruments of torture is NOT the same thing as going to gymnastics training. Doing gymnastics is more fun, yes, but it also trains your whole body, your mind, your spirit, just everything AT THE SAME TIME. You use different muscles in combination which you can’t activate in the non-gymnastics gym. My sore muscles are proof of that.

Anyways, I was back in the non-gymnastics gym yesterday after work. Did some weightlifting and some stretching for an hour and then went home bc I was hungry af. My boyfriend hadn’t cooked (which was totally ok) so I got kebab boxes for us. It was is last free day for this week and he had spent it with his mom. And now look at this: she made a lowcarb cheesecake for me!! Tbh, it’s not completly sugar free, there’s a tablespoon custard powder in it but it’s sooooo good. I definitely have to ask her for the recipe….and then for a new oven since ours is still broken (it does work, but the temperature sensor is broken so everything turns into a Stone coal after 10min).

I hope everyone has the best thursday ever! Two day till my traineeship is over. Wohoo!

Cartoon Fandoms Right Now

Steven Universe 

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Star vs The Forces of Evil (Starco)

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Star vs The Forces of Evil

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Samurai Jack Season 5

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We Bare Bears 

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

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Rick and Morty 

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The Legend of Korra

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Gravity Falls 

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Adventure Time 

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Infinity Train

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Over the Garden Wall 

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Wander Over Yonder

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Danny Phantom 

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Anonymous said : “you should draw eto! If you feel like it. I LOVE your art and i would frame it on my wall if I could. I hope you have a nice day! :)

Eto with short hair for you ! ! (And wah thank you..♡!!!)