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Rafael has been stressed for several years because of his physical problems. At some point, you can’t deliver with everything you have on the court, you can’t have the ideal attitude in training, you lose self-confidence too much. When your shots depend on the state of your hand, your knee, your foot, at some point having to manage all those pains tires you out. They sap your strength. It’s the head above all. It determines everything, it allows you to develop your game. If it’s not ticking properly up there, everything becomes very difficult. And suddenly, as soon as Rafael could play without pain, he quickly recovered a good level.
—  Toni Nadal

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please tell me about yurio's Coming Out i love her


The first person she comes out to. It was a casual drop when they’re out shopping (Yuuri with his own money, Yura literally just has Victor’s wallet. Victor stopped caring and stopped looking @ his bank account.) and they’re doing that whole bonding thing because I feel like they actually get p close in Saint Petes! They’re talking and Yura is buying clothes because it’s a go to splurge (Since most sweets are out due to dieting+she really doesn’t have time for things like video games with training+home schooling) 

And Yuuri picks up something and Yura w/out thinking is like “I don’t like it. I hate how it makes me look.” And Yuuri just sort of nods and goes in his head for awhile because he has to break down every sentence to the most basic units and then “oh O H” and so he picks up something else and they have a moment of #understanding. Later on Yura will open up about how she realized and Yuuri will ask her about pronouns and probably does A SHIT TON of research because it’s how he handles shit. 


They’re playing games together (Aka Otabek is destroying Yura @ games and Yura is just 2 pissed to give up) and then Otabek does something like say “Oh your hair is getting really long” and Yura just drops the controller and let’s it all come out. Otabek listens and lets Yura ramble for a good 2 hours and then when everything is said and done just hugs her and says, “Ok. I’m gonna kick my sister’s ass at this game then.” and then they move on. Otabek is the best bro tbh. (I also enjoy the headcanon trans boy Otabek because Otabek is just like my best friend/brother but that’s for another day) 


Yura isn’t looking forward to this because she doesn’t want it to be a #thing. She hates big emotional talks (She made Otabek never mention her ramble cry ever again and like a true bro he doesn’t) but it’s Victor Nikiforov and everything is a goddamn thing with him. So she does the adult thing of calls him 5 times, hangs up 4 times, let’s him answer the 5th, hangs up, panic calls Otabek, panic calls Yuuri, and then finally calls Victor and again rambles for like 5 hours. 

Victor tries his best to be calm and the cool supportive uncle™ but oh god Yura is crying, I can’t handle people crying, where’s Yuuri, oh god WHERE’S MAKKACHIN. (When Yuuri realized what was going on he bolted out with Makkachin for a sudden run. He’s a cruel Katsudon) 

They end up talking for a really long time about a lot of things?? like ngl I worry a lot about Yura because of the parallels with Victor’s career and I really don’t want that poor kid to be lonely god Kubo please. Victor talks about how no matter what there is more to skating and makes Yura promise him she’ll never put skating over life. It’s actually a really good talk for the both of them and Yuuri comes home to Victor on the floor, his hair a mess, and in a nest of blankets from the couch and promising to have Yura over for dinner once a week now. 

tldr: Yura loves her brother in law, her best friend brother, and her dramatic can’t handle other people’s emotions to save his goddamn life brother. 

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Underrated Game Grumps Moments

So my roundup of how fucking wacky batshit the grumps are in general got loads of notes, and I wanted to do a list of, y’know, their actual show’s best moments. 

But we all know Battle Kid, Teletubbies, Mark Zuckerberg and all those sorts of classic moments, so I’ve, over several days, accumulated a number of my personal favourite moments that are underrated compared to the classics, because most of my personal favourite moments are. I’ve used quotes as titles that hopefully give the flavour of the moment without spoiling the moment itself.

So without further ado….

Probably more to come later because I couldn’t find a number of Steam Train/Grumpcade/Table Flip moments I wanted to add but fuck it, take this and enjoy it, you bastards. 

Here’s All the New Mass Effect: Andromeda Info from the Press Embargo



  • Shepard’s gender affects Andromeda’s story somehow.
  • According to a Bioware rep, ‘Eagle eyed players may uncover a few narrative morsels related to Shepard’s story’.
  • No importing of the trilogy’s save files.
  • Character customisation contains ‘unconventional and bizarre hairstyles’. Makeup, scars and tattoos are also available.
  • You can choose the training Ryder received. They are: Security, Biotic, Technician, Leader, Scrapper and Operative.
  • Game starts out quickly with the introductory sequence takes place on a toxic planet.
  • According to IGN and Gamespot, the game has performance issues, with visual glitches, audio and framerate drops.
  • Clunky and jarring Bioware animations on characters. Awkward faces and movements.
  • ‘Eyes, eyelashes and mouths look particular cartoony’, according to IGN.
  • Gamespot’s reviewer feels that ME:A is a more polished version of Dragon Age Inquisition.
  • PS4 Pro will support higher resolutions and HDR features.
  • It feels like Mass Effect.


  • The game opts for flexible skill profiles that can be changed to suit different challenges.
  • Combat is ‘engaging’ with a variety of skills and combat encounters. In addition, the skill tree is ‘massive’ which can be mixed and matched.
  • Skills trees are Combat, Biotics and Tech.
  • Once you hit rank 3 of a skill, you get to choose between 2 separate varieties of the same power and specialise in 1.
  • Classes are still present. They are Soldier, Engineer, Adapt, Sentinel, Vanguard, Infiltrator and Explorer. They have no unique skill trees but rather, they give you a boost in things such as health regen or access certain items that might help you in combat.
  • Combat is faster with tighter gunplay and more responsive handling.
  • Gun feedback has been greatly improved.
  • Most offensive abilities are considered ‘primers’ or detonators’. Deploying a primer skill followed by a detonator inflicts more damage on your target.
  • Jet pack allows for more combat strategies and can be used to access higher, out of reach places.
  • Skills and abilities can be saved and favourited. You can switch between different set-ups mid combat.
  • Some enemies can apparently kill you in one hit.
  • Cover system is sticky and a little finicky, according to IGN. Automatic clipping into cover when the reviewer did not want to get into cover.
  • Squadmates’ AI seem to be more competent.
  • You cannot control your team mates like in the Dragon age games but you can tell them where to go, like in the previous games.


  • Armour is customisable and can be changed on the ship.
  • Elemental ammo (fire and cryo) are no longer powers but consumable items.
  • Powers can be combined to produce devastating results to your enemies.
  • Autosaves seem generous and Ryder respawns 1 to 2 mins before they he/she died.
  • Blueprints for armour and weapons using RD (research data). You can obtain these by scanning environments and creatures.
  • Blueprints are colour coded. Bronze (common), sliver (uncommon), gold (rare). The rarer it is the more RD they cost.
  • Crafted items can be named.
  • You can add augmentations to your armour.


  • Paragon and renegade choices are gone, replaced with more open ended dialogue allowing for grey areas.
  • Dialogue choices are emotional, logical, causal and professional which will influence the direction of the conversation.
  • There is A LOT of dialogue now.
  • Interrupts are now called ‘Impulse Actions’. Interviewer did get the chance to experience it.
  • After completing a mission, you can look at a summary of the events as well as see how you responded to any choices.


  • Exploration is ‘exciting and not a chore’.
  • The Nomad controls like the Mako but less rubbery. No bouncing and no weapons on it. You can also return to your ship any time by holding down the Evacuation button.
  • The Nomad has a booster and a shield that, when destroyed, knocks enemies back during combat.
  • Nomad has mining drones to help you retrieve resources.
  • Environments are ‘gorgeous and varied’.


  • Interactions between characters are similar to where ME3 and the Citadel DLC left off, more friendly and light banter.
  • You can interact with Dad Ryder.
  • Companions are sectioned off into their own rooms like the previous games.
  • There is a whole menu detailing your relationship status with your crew. Relationships are obviously going to be a huge part of the game.
  • Party members as well as non-party members (eg. the pilots, engineers and doctors) have been fleshed out, with equal care put into each. For example, your crew interacts with each other over the intercom.
  • All squadmates can be flirted with but a relationship might not be necessarily possible. (Think Samara’s romance)
  • You get Cora and Liam at the start of the game.
  • Cora and Liam are ‘fun, passionate people who want to get away from the life they lead but also want to talk about it.
  • Cora is stricter and trained to be your senior but has to deal with the fact that you now outrank her.
  • Liam is cool, upbeat and cockney.
  • Kallo, the new pilot is a bit more serious than Joker.
  • Asari doctor, Lexi T’Perro is voiced by Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones fame.
  • There is a Scottish scientist called Suvi and a chief engineer called Gil Brodie, who enjoys Male Ryder’s flirting.
  • Vetra is like a ‘stern mother’ and warmer than Garrus.
  • Drack is a bit like Wrex with his dead pan humour but also has a more mature point of view.
  • PB is impulsive and flirty and lives in an escape pod.
  • SAM (Simulated Adaptive Matrix) is like a combination of EDI and Legion and was created by your parents. He can eventually bond with your brain and you can engage in philosophical debates with him. It is hinted you can uncover more of your family backstory though him.
  • Sloane Kelly is an ex-Andromeda Initiative officer who defected.
  • Companions are as engaging and interesting as the ones in the original trilogy.
  • Banter is back. They can be triggered during exploration and while driving in the Nomad.