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Stiles/Derek + why do you guys think stiles is a defenseless human being? He is literally the only one that can knock Derek out. (Bonus with Hale Pack)

I’m sorry this is so late omg. i hope you like it!

It’s Isaac who really notices first that Stiles isn’t exactly the defenseless human he pretends to be. 

Here’s what happened:

The pack is practicing fighting to prepare for any danger that may come their way, but Stiles sits on the stairs and watches because he is “enjoying the view” as he says with a wink towards Derek. (Really, how Derek doesn’t know Stiles is into him is beyond Isaac, but he’s not touching that with a ten foot pole).

After everyone has done their allotted practice, Derek makes Stiles stand up and try his hand at fighting him. It goes very quickly with Stiles landing on the ground on his back and Derek looking smug.

The thing is, it looks like Stiles completely threw the fight. Like he barely winced when he hit the ground, and he hit it hard that would make any human at least cry out in pain. 

Boyd is next to notice. 

It happens on a summer evening when they’re planning a party with the pack. The celebration reason? Lydia and Stiles perfected a formula of wolfsbane that slows down the wolves’ metabolism enough to get them drunk. Boyd isn’t particularly excited, but Erica is so that’s why he’s helping them carry kegs out to the backyard of the newly built Hale house.

He grabs two, one in each hand, easily, but he knows from experience as a human that these things aren’t light. He is definitely taking advantage of some werewolf strength. However, Stiles grabs one easily and doesn’t look like it really is taking a lot of effort for him. 

Huh. Maybe Stiles isn’t as weak as they all assumed.

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Hakumor for the meme plz!

Thank you for the ask =)

who cooks normally?: Hakuryuu! Morgiana also wants to learn how to cook but so far all her attempts are unsuccessful.

how often do they fight?: Not very often. They are very good at communicating and even when they have a problem with the other they solve it without fighting.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: They train. Training keeps them focused on a task and don’t let them miss each other way too much.

nicknames for each other?: Hakuryuu still calls Morgiana “Lady Morgiana” out of respect.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Hakuryuu won’t let Morgiana pay any bill when she’s with him. He’s quite traditional on this aspect.

who steals the covers at night?: Actually, Morgiana is the one who throws the covers at Hakuryuu because she feels hot. Hakuryuu always welcomes the extra warmth.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Hakuryuu has lot of money (since he’s a prince) and he likes spending them on Morgiana. Nothing brings him more joy than buying gifts for her. As for Morgiana, she gives handmade gifts to Hakuryuu because she finds it more romantic.

who remembers things?: Both have good memory. But Morgiana is amazing at remembering even the smallest detail of something that happened ages ago.

who cusses more?: Neither of them cusses. The kids have some manners.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Both would react very strongly. Hakuryuu would make sure that Morgiana is okay and would try to make her feel better while Morgiana would attack the person who dared to lay a finger on her Hakuryuu.

who kissed who first?: We all know that Hakuryuu was the one who kissed Morgiana first. 

who made the first move?: After Hakuryuu’s unsuccessful attempt to confess on Morgiana, he always respected her boundaries and he never again tried to flirt with her.So, it was Morgiana the one who made the first move.

who started the relationship?: And she was also the one who asked Hakuryuu to date her.

seeing allura try so hard to ‘fake it until she makes it’ in the first few episodes of season one makes me proud but also i feel for her, like you can tell she has no clue what she’s doing. the war was like yesterday for her and she’s so scared and impatient because she needs these random earthlings to be paladins worthy of going up against zarkon and it’s up to her to train them and she has no clue how to follow in her dad’s footsteps, and yet she never gives up i love her

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Trying to follow this whole thing with breatheequine and I'm a bit lost. What's going on with this person?

She’s a 19 year old wanna be big name horse trainer that buys a ton of horses, rides them a few weeks (or not even a week) and then resells them for 10x more than she bought them as if she had actually put months of training into them. It all started when she bought a couple of yearlings and then decided it was okay to ride one of them, on top of it she got extremely snippy when people asked why she was riding a yearling. She’s done a lot of stupid shit like giving a horse away just because it was lame and didn’t want to deal with it (but mind you, she still worked the snot out of the mare while she was lame like making her canter circles in her deep ass round pen) but is now going to purchase this mare’s first foal (rolls eyes) Just keep reading and you’ll find out a bunch of stuff, she was running 2 year olds on barrels and now she’s starving foals so.. She refuses to listen to any actual knowledgeable advice and proceeds as if she isn’t doing anything wrong. So I just roast her and hope she learns one day. 

!!! What’s this? lol jk it’s just a small teaser I did recently (oh nooo flashback train tracks!). I’ve been getting messages about the Zen Feels Train again despite it being in the FAQ already askjdhsakd does no one read FAQs anymore ;;-;;

So anyway, I was thinking of updating on April  (bruh work messed up my schedule I forgot there was a major sale during April-May season) and I was thinking of updating per page whenever I finish one && upload it somewhere like tapastic (?) or something similar so I don’t clutter up your dashes. I will still upload sets on tumblr like before but for those who want to view pages as they are completed, the off-tumblr option (tapastic,webtoon,etc idk yet) is always there (…?) what sites would you guys suggest?


A messy little comic where Yuri takes a chance (finally)

Part 8 / Part 1

That’s all for now fam. Hope you liked my dumb little comic ❤︎

It was @llttledipper‘s birthday! I know you love these two so I wanted to make them interact for you :D

(this is my first time drawing jim tho, hope i did it ok)


been busy as shit recently, so here’s some of the super cheesy drawings i did for my friends for the holidays. so much hype shit happening recently and not enough time in the goddamn day (╯`Д´)╯︵ ┻━┻

anyway i hope ya’ll have a great couple days whether or not you’re celebrating anything <3


‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’


Viktor and Yuuri wanted to drag Yurio to their Scrunch Your Face challenge, but there’s only one guy who can make him do it.

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( Finally got this out of my WIPs haha! This was supposed to be for Yurio’s birthday but I was too busy ; o ; Belated happy birthday to my angry son, Yuri Plisetsky! )


Hang on Team Mom, your kids are trying to make their new sibling comfortable.

so yeah I finally watched Moana and she is like super cool and now she is gonna be one of my new faves and i can’t find the proper colour for her skin plz kill me

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