train suplex


Because I’m still not over that FF6 remix album (and because one of the tracks is, in fact, called ‘train suplex’) behold!  One of countless reasons why this is a quality game!

I would like it to be known.

That in this current RP event, Exiled Wolf rolled incredibly high and suplexed a train because the DM allowed it.

Needless to say, that Train won’t be hurting anyone any time soon. And who said Old Monks can’t do amazing things? 

An entirely new style of triggered ability? Wild. The train-suplex interaction still works under this new knowledge, but apparently you don’t even have to choose the target for the damage until you sacrifice the creature.

this sucks. ive never been as pissed off as i am right fucking now. i got steam comin outta my ears. i am gonna suplex a train and then eat a burger

Who you should fight: Final Fantasy VI edition
  • Terra: No because you're either an asshole for punching a friendly half-Esper girl or she blows you to shit.
  • Locke: Sure. He stole your clothes, fuck that thief up the dick. (Locke: TREASURE HUNTER.) Semantics!
  • Sabin: HE! FUCKING! SUPLEXED! A! TRAIN! Are you fucking insane?! If you see Sabin, either be nice with him or RUN THE OTHER FUCKING DIRECTION.
  • Cyan: Nope. Samurai. He could cut you down too easily.
  • Celes: She's a tough woman. No way, friend.
  • Setzer: You need a guy with an airship like his and need I remind you the scars on his face show he's been in a few punchups already?
  • Shadow: His dog ate you before you could.
  • Gau: I don't care if he's a wild caveboy with a asshole streak, the answer is still no, you child-hating sociopath.
  • Relm: No you child-hating sociopath.
  • Strago: Might as well, if he hasn't stockpiled blue magic.
  • Mog: Nuh-uh. He has a moogle army. That said...
  • Umaro: Please do. Please punch this fucking useless asshole yeti thing, he's basically more worthless than Guy in FF2.
  • Gogo: He mimics you perfectly so nope.
  • Banon: Not really a good idea because you get a game over if he dies.
  • Leo: He's one of the empire's least shitty officers so you risk looking worse than the Empire. Also, master fighter.
  • Gestahl: I would mock you for trying to fight the emperor but this guy certainly isn't Mateus so you might as well go for it.
  • Kefka: Yeah you could...but then he has a strop that sees you skeletonized and the entire world destroyed.

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as someone with a speech impediment, i find it hilarious that these people "talk wike dis" even though most of them have actually decent speech and arent just beginning to speak the english language

They are pretending to be 2 year olds for a fucking kink and it makes me want to suplex a train and throw it at them as “rules of nature” blares in the background