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Tama-chan Commemoration Monday

Remembering Tama-chan

29 Apr 1999 - 22 Jun 2015

20 February 2017 Edition

Her Achievements:
Station Master - Kishi train station

Vice President - Wakayama Electric Railway

Honorable Eternal Station Master

Attracted US$10M+ in tourist revenue

Saved Wakayama Electric Railway from closure

Saved cities that depend on the Kishigawa Line
Elevated as Shinto goddess on 28 Jun 2015

You’ve saved cities and your fellow coworkers…
You’ve brought joy and hope to your fans worldwide…
You’ve touched millions of lives…

Thank you and farewell, Tama-chan!

Please continue watching over us!

Main pics (top & centre) - gorgeous Tama-chan in her office :3
Bottom left - Tama-chan’s Shinto shrine
Bottom right - Tama-chan’s grave and monument

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