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Victoria's Secret Workouts! From Pop Pilates and VS!

Pop Pilates

  • Victoria’s Secret Angel Arm Slimming Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Model Ab Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Butt Workout

  • Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Stilleto Legs Workout

Victoria’s Secret - Train Like An Angel

  • Train Like An Angel: Jet Set (Full-Body Workout)

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Butt

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Cardio

  • Train Like An Angel: Runway Arms

Victoria’s Secret - The Sexiest Workout Ever

  • Workout #1: Arms

  • Workout #2: Legs

  • Workout #3: Core

  • Workout #4: Butt 

The feeling you get after a great workout. PRICELESS.


Train Like An Angel 2014: Candice Swanepoel Butt Workout


You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father

anonymous asked:

Can you do one for Niall where you get into a scuffle with a photographer and get hurt

Niall’s first show was a rousing success.  His whole family and every friend he’d had since he was a toddler showed up to support him and of course, you.  He made sure to seat you from and center up in the balcony.  You were flanked by his mother on one side and his father on the other.  And you were surrounded by his friends who had been more than delighted to tell you about every embarrassing thing Niall ever did.

He was so happy.  So content and on his game.  And you were so lucky to be there to share it with him.

It was almost 2 a.m. when he finally leaned over to whisper in your ear,

“Tired, Angel.”

“Wanna go home?”

He raised his eyebrows,

“Can we?  I feel like I could collapse right here.”

You pecked a quick kiss to his lips and stood up to grab your sweater while Niall started his goodbyes.  It took him 30 minutes to get through everyone, but he kept his hand on your body somewhere the entire time.  It was like he needed the connection with you to stay grounded.

Basil, Niall’s trusty bodyguard, came up behind you guys as you walked through the backstage hallway,

“Lots of paps outside, Niall.”  He warned.

Niall nodded in recognition.  He threaded his fingers through yours,

“Remember, keep hold o’me hand.  Keep walkin’.  Don’t respond t’anythin’ they say unless they say I can’t sing.”  He smiled when your eyes met his, “Then flip them off.”

You laughed softly.  Niall knew you were always a little apprehensive in big crowds so he was quick to prepare you.  However, you weren’t expecting the flash bulbs from nearly a dozen cameras to nearly blind you once the door opened.  Niall held his hand up to shield the flashes, his hand tightening around your fingers while you slowly made your way through the throng of paparazzi.

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