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What did Shiro and Keith do during their 3rd wedding honeymoon?

They didn’t go somewhere fancy.

After the wedding event, they went home. The children were with Auntie Allura for the night to give their daddies some private time. 

They took a bath together and talked about how great the cake was.

“I ate 6 slices just because I can,” Keith confessed.

Shiro laughed. “No wonder I can feel your tummy here.” He proceeded to tickling his husband’s stomach which resulted to a very half-angry-half-dying-of-laughter Keith. 

After they took a bath, they got dressed for the night. Matching pyjamas because they were sappy like that. Took the comforter of their bed and carried it to the second floor living room. They positioned themselves on the couch, then looked at each other knowingly.

“You ready, Keith?” Shiro smirked. “I don’t want to force you or anything—”

Keith just rolled his eyes. “I’m not weak, Shirogane. Let’s do this before I change my mind.”

“Alright,” Shiro leaned in to give his husband a kiss.

Then Shiro grabbed the remote and turned on the TV and on the screen showed the movie menu for “Iron Man.” They were on a Marvel movie marathon. From Iron Man to Captain America: Civil War.

“First to fall asleep gets to drive the kids everywhere for a week. And I mean… everywhere.” Shiro smirked.

Keith snorted. “You’re gonna need your coffee then, because this champ,” he pointed to himself. “Is the defending champion. College trained me for shit like this, bro.”

“Stop calling me ‘bro,’ dude.” Shiro pouted.

Keith laughed as he pulled Shiro into a quick soft peck on the lips. “Sorry not sorry. Now press play. This is gonna be a long night.”


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So, I always see royalty Oikawa with knight/commoner Iwaizumi but so far none of royalty Iwaizumi and commoner Oikawa? Do you have any hcs for this? :3 Thank you in advance!!!

Yes yes yes! We need more royalty!Iwaizumi because it is gold!! Thank you for asking and here’s the long-waited reply!! (≧∀≦)ゞ

IwaOi Royalty AU

Royalty!Iwaizumi and commoner!Oikawa

  • Iwaizumi is the son of King’s brother, cousin of the crown prince, and a marquess in Aoba Jousai. 
  • Iwaizumi is a good son but his father is worried about his ‘not so royal’ attitude and behaviors.
  • While other royalty enjoys hunting, Iwaizumi refuses to join them and, instead, wanders off to race along the countryside on his favorite horse, a black horse with white blaze and socks which he found ill while he played in the field when he’s younger. 
  • Iwaizumi is very good at any sport-related activity and likes to join the knights and trains with them.
  • Iwaizumi is the invincible champion of one-on-one sword fight among the army. Everyone loves and admires Iwaizumi still. Kyoutani, one of the training knights, never verbally agrees, but acts distinctly respectful towards Iwaizumi even if he’s asking for a challenge. 
  • Kunimi is Iwaizumi’s personal servant and Iwaizumi adores him because Kunimi doesn’t care much about the courtesy and knows how to deal with everything with the least formal manners.  
  • Clothing is one thing that Kunimi can’t help much. But since Iwaizumi hates the tight collar so much, Kunimi will take time to re-adjust the stitch around the collar to make it more comfortable. 
  • Iwaizumi is asked to take at least one person with him when he goes out. He takes Kunimi. 
  • Whenever they go out, they would dress similar in casual formal (and always more casual than what’s considered appropriate for a royalty). 
  • Oikawa owns a small tavern in the kingdom. The tavern is very famous among the ‘underground’ parties in the city for Oikawa being the sources of every information and rumours. 
  • Oikawa makes good money with it.
  • The first time Iwaizumi visits Oikawa’s tavern, Oikawa mistakes Iwaizumi as the servant and Kunimi as the marquess. 
  • Iwaizumi is used to people mistaking him and Kunimi’s status, but he’s not used to people flirting with him when they think he’s the servant. 
  • Oikawa’s type of flirting is never sexual, more about overbearing charms that lure his target to talk to him. 
  • Iwaizumi finds it amusing and plays along. (Iwaizumi has a prepared fake name for safety issue which he never uses until then.) Iwaizumi starts sneaking out the palace at night just to come and chats with Oikawa. 
  • Oikawa gives up charming Iwaizumi at second try and enjoys having Iwa treat him like they are long lost friends. 
  • Iwaizumi admits he’s a royalty when he tells Oikawa his real name on there fifth meeting. 
  • There’s shock and immediate blame. “People say the marquess is this young man with brown eyes and soft black hair. Who would assume your hair’s soft with all those spikes? This is fraud.” “For the record, my hair is soft. Wanna touch?” “That’s not the point, Iwa-chan!“ 
  • (“Now I think about it, who gives information about a person’s hair texture?” “Oh, it’s my mother. I wandered off alone one time when I was twelve and she tried to find me.“ “…I am never trusting information from the palace again.”)
  • Oikawa isn’t born in Aoba Jousai. He travels from a far away country along the sea. Iwaizumi loves listening to stories of Oikawa’s trips from afar. 
  • Iwaizumi tells Oikawa he wishes one day he could leave the kingdom and travel. 
  • The chance comes unexpectedly soon. Since the King falls ill, the issue of succession becomes top topic. Supporters of the crown prince are suspicious of Iwaizumi’s popularity among people and the royal military and try to kill Iwaizumi. 
  • Oikawa gets the news and sneaks into the palace to warn Iwaizumi. 
  • Iwaizumi decides to leave the country at the time being and asks Oikawa if he’d like to come with him. 
  • Oikawa, who has cared too much about Iwaizumi, says yes immediately and quickly packs up the shop.
  • Oikawa leaves a note on the door (as a half-joke) saying ”Closed. On a might-never-end honeymoon.“ 
  • (Iwaizumi finds out before they depart and adds a ’pre-’ before ’honeymoon’.)

Everyone wants to talk about Kylo being groomed from a young age, but like so was Hux you guys.

Maybe he didn’t have literal voices messing with his head, but that’s because he was BORN into all the evil shit. His dad was a part of the empire, hand picking cadets to train to be champions of the empire. Like… His son becoming the general of the First Order is not a coincidence. Hux likely had no childhood whatsoever. Think of how ruthless Brendol Hux’s training for Commandant’s Cadets had to have been. Like, the initiation was to kill another cadet and make it look like an accident. That’s the initiation. These were kids who were supposed the best of the best for the empire to regrow. You think the Commandant’s son is gonna get off easy? Like once he was out of the womb, no doubt baby Hux was immediately started in training. Like, Kylo was seduced by the dark side, sure, but Hux had it beaten into him. Probably literally, since no kid is going to pop out as a perfect solider and strategist. Commandant Hux is the man who said “coddling weaknesses would prevent the development of a strong herd.” There’s no way he would’ve let his son have ANY weakness. Young Hux grew up in the Unknown Regions with a father who was so hellbent on the glory of the empire. Ben Solo got pulled into the dark side, definitely, but Hux grew up in it. He had no chance for goodness.


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Do you remember how you felt after your first workout?

My first Day in the Gym 

1st Day of Working Out Seriously COULDNT move right or bend my arms for a week and I threw up

After a Month while it was manageable it still wore me out to  the point I couldnt stand

Then after continually Training I could stand but I’d be breathing Heavy

Then my Body started to adapt and I could Run further and Train longer

And Nowadays I’m Tired But I Feel like a Champion 

My Coach/Sensei really Put it into my Head of having to push yourself to get Stronger and So I did

Booyah. It was tough but now its so worth it