train gap

She ran her fingers over the delicate stitching on the fabric. The gold thread shone in such a brilliant way that her eyes began to water. Off in the corner of her room she heard the sound of her kwami stirring.

“Marinette?” her soft voice called from her little bed.

Marinette didn’t say a word. She stared blankly down at the fabric as she read the embroidered words over and over again.

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

Baby Brother

How those words burned into her eyes.

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mind the gap,
the train is pulling away
from the station and you can only lean
so far reaching for someone
who is already on their way 

and I know, the growing space 
causes an unimaginable ache 
that makes it feel as though it would be easier
to lay down on the tracks 
than walk away without them 

I wish your hands were stronger than the steel
pulling you apart, maybe then
you could yank the wheels out 
from under the car, maybe then 
you could have held on just a little longer 

but hands and hearts are so soft,
one is always wanting to let go
and the other will keep things 
for longer than you think,
longer than a single beat 

years from now you’ll see steam in the distance
and your chest will chug like an engine
for the memory of a love 
that was too much moving on
instead of moving in together

—  mind the gap || O.L.

2919 E7A by Floyd Free
Via Flickr:
2919 E7A Royal Palm south bound No. 3 Emory Gap Tn. 11-30-68 

Missed skills

So one thing I’ve noticed about the effects of growing up a “wild autistic” (never caught and trained) is gaps in some life skills. Today I’m specifically focused on dental hygiene. I know how important it is. I know what to do. I know how. It just never became part of my daily routine. I try again and again periodically, but it just doesn’t stick.
Hopefully we can get it into my daughters routine while she’s still young.

(Mild NSFW)

It’s hard to breathe in the train. Small gaps slowly being filled when people continuously pushing in, mindful of each other, and carefully shifting in the overcrowded compartment. It’s like everyone’s hiding secrets even though all they carry with them is their weight on their shoulders.

Not that it matters to Kaneki. He’s too busy being annoyed at his blond lover to enjoy the passing scenery. They’re so close, chest to chest, entangles in each other’s arms without spaces in between them and Kaneki desperately tries to rub his lips together.

He’s still annoyed but he’s also very, very, desperate.

It’s Hide’s fault. He’s started it.

“If you’re going to fondle me in a public space, do it properly,” Kaneki hisses in the other’s ear. Hide chuckles.

“Fondle? Really, Ken?” Hide shamelessly moves his hands lower. Warm fingers moving lightly to the contour of Kaneki’s ass, feebly touching, groping at the plump flesh and pawing at the too-familiar cheeks. He kisses Kaneki’s neck.

Then Kaneki looks up, glaring at him.

What are you doing?” the King’s voice is laced with acid. Hide blinks, surprised.

“Urmm…touching you?”

Weak. Pathetic.”


Kaneki slaps his hands away, carefully and quietly. They don’t want to draw anyone’s attention. Especially when they’re like this.

Kaneki doesn’t wait for Hide’s permission when he shoves his hands down Hide’s pants, quickly separating the human’s knees so he can reach for the blond’s crotch.

“Hey, Kaneki-”

“Shut up.”

Hide obeys.

He shudders, though, when Kaneki runs his deft fingers over his length, long nails scraping at the delicate skin there while the ghoul’s other hand forcefully parts Hide’s buttocks, impatient and ravenous when Kaneki shoves three fingers inside his lover.

He twists his hand, harshly thrusting deeper, teasingly into the heated hole until Kaneki finally sees the stars in his human’s eyes. Kaneki briskly thumbs the slit, pressing down hard enough to make the human become nothing but a pliant mess in his arms.

Just a mere marionette without its strings.

Hide chokes, biting his lip desperately. Eyes wide as he observes the people all around them. No one’s staring. Yet.

“Oy, Ken-”

“Next time,” Kaneki sharply says, gripping at the hardening tent in Hide’s jeans, casually rubbing himself against the now breathless human. “Don’t start something you can’t even finish.”

“Look, Ken, I’m sorry,” Hide mutters. Kaneki doesn’t let him go. It’s both hot and frightening.

“Not yet. But you will once I’m done with you.”

Kaneki’s smile grows darker and malicious.

“Let’s see how long you can hold back your scream, yes?”

【7】MRT Squeeze - Elijah and Norman (Part 2/ 4)

N: “Ey, don’t be too obvious ley.”

Elijah read the message and removed his hands.

E: “Hehehe.”

“Kent Ridge. Please mind the platform gap.”

The train reached Kent Ridge. Elijah and Norman alighted together. The wet patch on Norman’s pants was pretty obvious, and Elijah made a sweet attempt to loan Norman his briefcase to cover it as they exit the station.

“Haha, I guess it’ll be sufficient till here.” Norman’s husky, manly voice said as he passed Elijah back his briefcase. “See you at 2pm then?” Elijah said. “Yup. Cya.” Norman smiled. Elijah and Norman parted their ways to the school of business and the halls.

After finishing his training, Norman remembered his date with Elijah. He rushed back as soon as possible. It was a good presentation for Elijah today, which explains his upbeat mood.

E: “Heya, you coming back right? Where should I wait for you?”

N: “Yep, I’m reaching soon. Wait for me at the place we parted?”

Elijah went to the MRT entrance and waited like a boy waiting for his parents after school.

A hand wrapped around Elijah’s shoulder. “Hey sorry I’m late.” Norman said in his husky, sexy voice. Elijah broke into a smile, smitten by Norman’s charisma. “It’s ok.” Norman brought Elijah to his hall. As Norman and Elijah made their way to the hostel, the girls who walked pass were gawking at Norman. Elijah was slightly perturbed by the stares.

“Woah, so many girls staring at you… haha.” Elijah said. “How’d you know that they are staring at me and not you?” Norman smiled. They finally reached Norman’s room. As he unlocked the door, Norman picked up some letters on the floor. “From Mandy xoxo” “From Cheryl” “Megan” It was all confession letters. Norman didn’t take a second look and dumped them into the bin near the door.

“Not gonna read anyone of it?” Elijah asked. “Not like I’ll be interested in any of them, right? Green Tea for you?” Norman replied. Norman took a pack of Green tea from the mini fridge and passed it to Elijah who made himself comfortable, sitting on Norman’s bed. Norman’s room was a typical boy’s room. Messy, but Norman could still find his things around.

Underwear strewn around the room, god knows if they’re clean. Elijah picked up one on the floor, there were some traces of pre cum on it. “Sorry about the messy room eh? Too lazy to clean up.” Norman said while sitting beside Elijah. “It’s alright haha. I’m not any better.” Elijah laughed it off. Suddenly, there was a silence in the room, to the extent you could hear the air conditioner blowing air out.

Norman took the first move, placing his hands on Elijah’s ass wrapped in his executive pants. Elijah moved his hands into Norman’s singlet and started flicking his nipples sensually. It was almost intuitive to kiss. Their lips met, from the gentle and soft kisses to wet, passionate frenching. Norman multi-tasked, caressing Elijah’s bulge while unbuttoning his white shirt.

Elijah removed Norman’s singlet with ease, playing the wet spot on his sweatpants. He was sizing Norman up. At least a good 6.5 inches. Elijah stood up to remove his shirt. It was tight fitting, showing his biceps and triceps perfectly, not forgetting those perky nipples. Norman then unbuckled Elijah’s pants and pulled it down all the way to his legs.

(to be continued)

Part 3

anonymous asked:

whats your opinion on obito? do you find him a good character?

Obito has a lot of elements of a good character, but at the same time, perhaps no other character is at the centre of so much of Kishimoto’s big problem of rushing things and forcing things into the plot he wants, plot holes be damned.

1. Obito is a Naruto type, a dobe, a loser; but he graduates from the academy and still becomes a genin early enough to be at Kakashi’s first chuunin exams (Kakashi was age six) and they’re the same age? I get why Kishimoto wanted Obito (and Rin and Guy) at Kakashi’s chuunin exam, but it doesn’t make sense for Kakashi to be such an extraordinary genius if apparently every six year old kid that year, even the worst, was considered by their teachers to be ready to graduate and try out for chuunin. I might be willing to suspend my disbelief for this one, but it still deserves to be pointed out.

2. In the same vein, Obito is a loser and a bad ninja yet he still becomes a chuunin at age 12? How? Is able to give Minato a challenge at age 14, even with the Hashirama cell power-up? How? Is able to manipulate so many, including running Kirigakure, especially when he’s gullible enough to not question at all why he arrives so conveniently just too late to save Rin? How? Again, I might be willing to suspend my disbelief, but @goodguydanzo pointed out that this wasn’t really necessary for it to be just Obito. There could have been a 2nd Madara-successor to bridge the time gap between Madara and Obito, another disaffected Uchiha. This second Uchiha could have assisted in training Obito during the gap between Rin’s death and the Nine Tails Attack, making his power up more believable; could have assisted with the Nine Tails Attack, making that more believable; and could have continued training Obito while also doing the bulk of the political and organizational manipulation during Obito’s teenage years, eventually ceding the “Madara” title to him upon adulthood.

3. Like every other “redeemed” bad guy in the series, his conversion is too fast and everybody just rolls with it and loses all legitimate bitter feelings too fast. Good guy to bad guy to good guy turns off and on like a light switch.

4. The Tobi vs Konan fight was such bullshit on a lot of levels–for one thing, in a world where it is well-known that people can be resurrected and turned into living weapons and where doujutsu eyes can be transplanted, why are people so casual about burying corpses?! Wouldn’t you expect thorough cremation to be more normal? This is the same world where Kakashi leaves a freaking magical sword on top of Zabuza’s grave and it’s still there a few years later. Then there’s the way that Tobi’s 1337 Sharingan hax enables him to cheat Konan’s victory, part of a pattern in the series of kunoichi getting their victories shredded.

I like Obito’s character design, I love his fool persona as Tobi and think it’s very clever, and I think the fundamentals of a compelling character arc are there in canon, but there’s just a lot of bullshit caked on.


I think I’m going to rework my July plan. My virtual coach is encouraging me to do fewer, higher intensity workouts.

I think that may be best for me so I’m going to try cutting my run to 3 to 4 times a week, adding some cross training in the gaps.

I’ll publish my next version soon.

Moony Phase
  • Remus: *goes home for the summer break of the 5th year as the same old moony, awakward tall and wearing his weird jumpers*
  • *Year six on the train*
  • Sirius : heyyyy moon- *gaps and heart does flips*
  • Remus: hey Sirius, *had a growth spurt and is no longer awkward tall but hot type of tall, has his hair cut so u can see his beautiful green eyes*
  • Sirius : *runs to bathroom to check his hair*
Hunger - chapter 23

Hunger master post

By the afternoon, the McCalls’ house is full of FBI agents, because apparently Gerard Argent was in the drug trade and Sheriff Haigh was involved, and absolutely nothing happened that has anything to do with werewolves. Rafael McCall suggests to his colleagues that Gerard at one time was operating out of the old bunker in the Preserve, and that one of the Hale kids must have seen something. And just like that the motive for the fire is neatly explained away.

Stiles worries about the fact that the investigation is going to turn up a distinct lack of drugs, but Chris seems to think that a search of his father’s properties will uncover enough money and weapons that the drug angle will be the only one that will play. Because the alternative? The alternative is werewolves, and nobody is going to go for that.

 Stiles worries that Haigh and the surviving hunters won’t go along with it, despite Derek’s threats.

“How can you be sure?” he asked Chris Argent on the way back to the house from the woods, when Rafael McCall and Jordan Parrish were making arrests and calling in outside backup from the scene.

“Because they’re going to prison anyway, and they’ll want to do their time in general population, not the psych ward,” Chris told him. His mouth quirked in the first smile Stiles thought he’d seen from him, and it was bitter. “Because the reason we’ve been able to fight this war in secret for centuries is that nobody would believe the truth anyway. And they know they’re better off in prison that dealing with the fallout from breaking the code.”

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Fatigue and Training Gaps Spell Disaster at Sea, Sailors Warn
After two deadly collisions involving Navy ships, more than a dozen current and former officers raised alarms about gaps in maintenance and training, grueling duty schedules and expanded operations.
By Dave Philipps and Eric Schmitt

Millennials in the Navy experience the same thing as Millennials everywhere else: “Factor in a shrinking Navy performing the same duties that a larger fleet did a decade ago, constant deployments that leave little time to train and relentless duties that require sailors driving 9,000-ton vessels to endure sleepless stretches that would be illegal for bus drivers, and avoidable accidents can happen, current and former officers said.“