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I’m having a slightly weird day and feeling emotional and conflicted, and tomorrow I get to see the ocean again which as you all know is basically my favorite thing on earth. So I’ll either get some profound clarity from the waves or be an even bigger emotional train wreck. So there’s that.

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Paraphrased movie: panda works at anoodle shop with adoptive father, Forest Gump’s his way into his dream, *pathetic, off-key Eye of the Tiger in the background*, Five-man-band gets their collective asses handed to them after the Bad Guy escapes from the Impenetrable Prison™, Panda goes through Special training, Emotional Mentor-Bad Guy moment, the panda Noob pwns the Bad Guy by using one move briefly mentioned earlier in the movie. The Panda has earned the respect of coworkers and villagers.

This is Kung fu panda isn’t it? I loved that movie!

The OjiKiri friendship might as well be my favorite not-exactly-canon thing in bnha this part made me so happy - and 1B kids shenanigans too!! I’m g l a d

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things, so as a further apology, have a super cute unicorn.

Please do not use art or remove captions, please and thank you.

Listening to the hamilton soundtrack
  • The majority of the Act I
  • Me : *sings along to every song at the top of my lungs *
  • Then Act II
  • Minutes later...
  • Minutes later...
  • Me : *weird sneaky pose* I wanna be in the room where it happens...
  • Minutes later...
  • Me : ...its... Its q-quiet uptown * bawls my eyes out*

To everyone who is feeling discouraged in their training: 

  • you are doing a good job
  • your dog will still love you even if you have an off training day
  • sometimes your dog will not perform the commands you know they know, that’s okay, tomorrow’s a new day
  • if you screw up, you can fix it, dogs are adaptable
  • your dog is smart, they will learn what they need even if it takes months
  • training takes a long time, that’s okay
  • your hard work will pay off
  • it’s okay to take a day, a few days, or even a week off
  • your dog won’t give up on you, as long as you don’t give up on them
  • the internet is a wonderful thing, use it to help you (especially youtube)
  • if all else fails, ask your local reputable professional trainer

“Gaslighting” is a form of manipulation in which the abuser twists the realities of the person being abused.
- involves the denial of certain experiences or events and or the twisting of words and memories
- like most forms of manipulation it is not always intentional
- it is not always carried out by force or threat, but can be performed with love and glamour
- can make the abused party feel crazy
- can make the abused person feel like they have a bad memory
- forces the abused to depend on the abuser for information about their own life circumstance

Gas light and the girl on the train are grey movies to watch to raise awareness of this Emotional Manipulation

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Spock is not homosexual. he is vulcan and has been trained to show no emotion and follow a path of logic. and vulcans are very ashamed to when pon Farr comes

Alright Anon I think you need to rewatch Star trek tos before agreeing to your own statement.

While I do agree that Vulcans get really embarassed to talk about pon farr (which is by the way an emotion on itself so you contradicted yourself)

But about Spock not showing emotions and not being homosexual let me show you how wrong you are:

Spock actually shows many emotions in the show but very attenuated and in his own way:

He knows how to show emotions when needed for example to give orders

Or because he simply can’t supress them

Or because he badly hides them

And because it’s who he is and even though his life is dictated by logic and supression of emotions doesn’t mean they don’t pick out sometimes, subtle but still here. (gif source: X and there are even more examples of Spock showing emotions there.)

And about him not being homosexual…

Well I’m sorry that you missed the whole point of Star trek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Star trek is about diversity in a world where the search for knowledge and union, united everyone in the most peaceful way possible. But diversity isn’t just about race, it’s about representations. That’s why there are men and women of colors there and diversity in…relationships!

The word T’hy’la, the word that Spock uses in his mind to talk about Kirk, literally means “Brother, friend and lover” that is not anecdotal that lover is included: it is a subtext.
And Roddenberry was the king of subtext with his coworkers! (you can see what I’m talking about thanks to this post) Spock and Kirk’s relationship is based on Alexander and Hepahaestion’s. And oh would you look at that?

They were lovers 

The creator himself admitted that there were soulmates and shared a profound bond together. And I don’t want to be cheesy or anything but what is the strongest bond that can exists between two people?


But you’re right, Spock might be not homosexual, he can also be bisexual (with his relationship with Uhura) or demisexual but one thing is clear he ain’t straight.

I’m not saying they are in love but you know, I still have no heterosexual explanation for “not in front of the klingons” , “this simple feeling” , “dig it in there Mr Sp- “ and more c:

Now lemme finish that with Spock giving the Look™

how very heterosexual and emotioneless of you Spock

“Thanks, Maggie. Love you,” Dex says, and Nursey’s heart stops beating for a moment. His lungs refuse to inhale or exhale. The muscles in his legs forget that they are holding up an actual person.

Then Dex’s eyes catch his, going wide at the interruption, and Nursey somehow finds it in himself to pretend that everything is exactly the same now as it was thirty seconds ago.

He looks away and heads for the fridge, his limbs remembering themselves once more.

“Hey, uh, sorry, I gotta go. Can I call you back?” Dex says into his cell phone on the other side of the Haus kitchen.

Nursey rummages through several pounds of butter in search of something edible. He silently repeats to himself his old mantra from Andover, from when he could barely see straight for the tears welling up in his eyes at every backhanded remark or micro-aggression. The mantra he used to train his emotions not to show themselves at every turn, the way they had done with abandon throughout his childhood.

“Write it down instead,” his sister suggested, when he confided to her his inability to keep things bottled up. And, after a time, that strategy seemed to work.

Write it down instead, he still tells himself now, at the end of his Sophomore year at Samwell, whenever the world becomes too much, whenever he feels suddenly as though his façade of always okay always fine always chill isn’t strong enough to handle the current situation.

Nursey begins to silently run through the words again in his head now, trying very hard not to analyze why he needs to.

“Um, so. How much of that did you hear?” Dex asks him, and luckily Nursey’s got his head buried so far into the freezer that he doesn’t have to cover his pained grimace.

“Not much, man, don’t worry about it. Hey, you think Bitty would murder us if we used his new oven for store-brand taquitos?”

He barely hears Dex’s reply, though, too busy faking normalcy. Too busy wondering who it was on the other end of Dex’s phone call that got to hear the words “I love you” from the guy, and so casually offered up that Dex must say it to her daily.

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I’m holding out for a hero to awaken the Light,
She’s gotta be strong, and she’s gotta be fast, 
     and she’s gotta be fresh from the fight!
(Racing on the Falcon and rising with the heat,
It’s gonna take a Jedi Knight to sweep me off my feet~! )

Riffing off the Disney/fairytale theme once more, because Rey is the hero we all need and I’ve always dreamed of, I’m in love…….. *__* 

also having fun with potential “level-up” Jedi outfits! (I know this is more PT than OT style, but I really like the PT tunics…) I can’t decide between Rey making her own classic lightsaber, or making a dual-bladed saber to complement her quarterstaff… the dual blade was just fun to draw :D

The Do’s & Don’ts of Confronting a Dog In Public - For Employees

So, you’re a waiter working at a restaurant, where health codes dictate that non-service animals are strictly prohibited. You see someone walk in with a dog, some sort of medium-sized mixbreed. That dog is in a perfect heel, wearing a head collar, and ignoring the people around him, but you don’t see a vest. What do you do?

You’re a cashier working at your local grocery store, and pets shouldn’t be there because getting dog hair on the merchandise would be gross. Somebody walks in with their tiny chihuahua in a carrier bag. The chihuahua is sitting inside, calm, but aware. You can just barely make out some sort of vest. The owner seems perfectly healthy though and the dog is not on the leash. When she grabs a cart, she puts the small dog inside it. Should this be addressed?

You’re highly allergic to dogs and you work at a home improvement store, with lots of loud noises and open space. You see a big, hairy golden retriever walk in through the entrance and instantly feel like you want to sneeze just thinking about it. The dog is wearing a vest that says “emotional support dog,” but he pulls at his owner any which way, wags his tail when people come near, and the owner encourages people to pet him. The dog doesn’t respond to his name, and is sniffing the floor and the merchandise. Is this okay?

When You See A Well-Behaved Dog Walk Into Your Store:

-Assume the dog is a legitimate Service Dog, and treat the handler kindly.
-Approach the handler calmly and ask “Is that a Service Dog, and if so, what task does it perform?”
-Ignore the dog
-Talk to the handler like they are a normal person, maybe compliment them on their dog’s behavior.


-Approach the handler with an offensive attitude, angrily comment, “We don’t allow dogs in here!”
-Reach down to pet the dog, while talking only to the dog, and ignoring the handler.
-Demand to see any sort of documentation, doctor’s note, or identification.
-Ask them for proof of the dog’s tasks, by requesting that the dog perform a task in front of you.
-Deny the owner access, on account that you “don’t believe the dog is legitimate”
-Follow the handler around, waiting for the dog to make a mistake. 
-Tell the handler that their dog can’t be a service dog because of the dog’s breed or size, or argue that the only Service Dogs that exist are guide dogs.

When You See An Ill-Mannered Dog Walk Into Your Store:

-Approach the handler and ask if the dog is a Service animal and what task he is trained to perform.
-Ask the handler politely to remove their animal, since it is acting poorly (ways of acting poorly include, going to the bathroom inside, lunging at onlookers, vocalizing unnecessarily, being generally unkempt and unclean, showing signs of aggression)
-Inform the handler that they are welcome in the store, without their dog. 
-Calmly express to them why their dog is being denied.


-Allow a dog that performs “emotional support” or an “emotional support animal” into your store. These animals do not have any legal rights to public places.
-Assume that every dog that enters your store is going to act like the bad ones.
-Accept any form of certification as “proof” they the animal is a service dog. 
-Deny the handler access into the store, after they have removed their dog. 
-Approach them angrily or with ill-intent. 

When A Service Dog Enters Your Store But Somebody There Has Severe Allergies:

-accommodate both disabilities by separating the two people as much as possible. 
-ensure the dog is legitimate by asking if it is a service dog and what tasks it is trained to perform.
-remember that  legitimate service dog will be well groomed in order to minimize the risk of anybody around them having an allergic reaction.
-take note as to whether or not the breed of dog is anti-allergenic, like a poodle-mix.
-stay calm and inform the service dog handler of the possible allergic problems; most service dog handlers will do what they can to minimize the problem.


-freak out and deny the Service Dog access
-force the person with allergies to be in close proximity of the person with the dog
-deny access to either party 
-allow an unkempt dog into your store 
-tuck the Service Dog handler away or force them to participate in whatever way that would make their trip more difficult or impossible 

**In relation to US law, in accordance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.