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Architecture of past centuries.

From St. Petersburg, you can also go to Hogwarts.


You’ve heard of it’s locked, now get ready for...

It’s blocked

It’s chalked

It’s clocked

It’s crocked

It’s docked

It’s flocked

It’s gawked

It’s jocked

It’s knocked

It’s mocked

Ist nacht

It’s oct

It’s rocked

It’s shocked

It’s smocked

It’s socked

It’s squawked

It’s stalked

It’s stocked

It’s talked

It’s walked

It’s Xoc’ed

Moments from Jack and the Cuckoo Clock Heart that actually happened
  • the weirdly sexual lyrics of Flamme A Lunettes
  •  “Do you often sprout Italian ice cream cones?” “Only when I’ve snacked on spaghetti after midnight.”
  • All of Jack’s chest shots
  • Madeleine going to bed without taking out her huge updo
  • Jack the Ripper just randomly showing up about a quarter of the way through
  • Melies and Jack’s sick skateboarding
  • clock boner
  • Joe’s rapping and accompaniment beatboxing
  • The implication that Melies was fucking the conjoined twins
  • Miss Acacia floating away while Jack holds onto her ankle and tries not look up her skirt 
  • The rock music numbers
  • The entire Ghost Train sequence
  • Jack rapidly falling love with Miss Acacia during her flamenco
  • Everyone’s sparkly skin and impeccable fashion sense
  • Melies, a French character created by French people in France, being a walking French stereotype
  • Joe getting his eye stabbed out and wearing eyepatch, which makes him look even more Edgy™
  • Madeleine drinking literal tears
  • A face with legs getting launched out a cannon
  • Melies calling Jack’s freckles “succulent” 
  • Accordion Train
  • Mathias Malzieu being the living embodiment of the “when you do all of the work in the group project” meme
  • Jack walking in and sadly saying “She’s in love with me”
  • A moon with Miss Acacia’s face eating the accordion train
  • Jack carrying Miss Acacia to her room and accidentally bumping her head on a pole
  • “I was practicing kissing you while you were sleeping”
  • Jack getting struck by lightning and no one questions it
  • Madeleine holding a stethoscope up to a man’s crotch
  • Jack’s mother showing up on Madeleine’s doorstep with a frozen dead bird in her hair
  • Everyone’s varying levels of angst
  • Joe showing up in an automobile that looks like a boat

This movie is fuckin wild

Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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Requested: A one shot where the reader tries to help Percival Graves after he’s been kidnapped. He’s cold and doesn’t let her in which leads to him pushing her away and them breaking up. Later when he sees her out with another man he begins to question his previous decision. 

Requested by: the lovely @fandomlover2001

I’ve never done a request before so I hope this doesn’t suck! 

Warnings: smut, language 

Word Count: 3,617

For as long as you could remember you’d known Percival Graves.

You knew everything about him.

What made him tick, what made him happy and what made him sad.

You knew him inside and out.

So, when he started to act different you knew something was wrong. You knew he wasn’t the Percival Graves you’d once known. Not the man you’d loved or the man you’d grown up knowing. But even when it was revealed that someone had been pretending to be him, that your suspicions were right you didn’t find relief.

At first, when he came back home, you’d thought that you could get through to him. That giving him space and attention at the right time would be enough to bring the old Percival Graves back to you. But it wasn’t that easy… the more you tried the more he pulled away.

The more he pulled away.

           Until he pulled away completely.

                       Until you both broke up.

The night that plagued your mind whenever you closed your eyes. It was a late night, the night you broke up, he’d come home from work and you could tell something was wrong before he walked through the door.

         You could feel it in my soul.

You’d been waiting in silence at the kitchen table, your eyes trained on the clock directly across from you. The moment he walked in he kept his eyes from you, his body tense when he hears you get up from the kitchen chair. Your hands rest along the table top and sigh when he reaches for one of the clean wine glasses on the counter. Without speaking a word, he grabs the bourbon and pours it into the glass, his eyes fixated on it.

He barely spoke to you anymore. Instead he acted as if you didn’t exist. As if you weren’t worth consideration. Even when you got up and cleared your throat he still pretended that you didn’t exist.


You’d said after several moments of silence. Your eyes watched him closely before daring to take a step forward. Your feet are quiet, but the moment your hand reaches out to touch his he pulls back. His brown eyes move to yours as a look of frustration crosses his handsome face.

His stare was cold.

           Colder than ice.

“… We need to talk.”

You find yourself pleading, begging as he his head shook in protest. Without speaking you knew what he wanted to say next. You knew that he was going to push you away, but you didn’t expect what he was going to say next. A string of sentences that ended it all.

“We don’t need to talk…”

He started before taking a swig of his bourbon.

“… You need to get out of my life. Because I’m done pretending to love you. I’m done pretending that we still have anything worth keeping us together.”

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random Nancy Drew characters + text posts (part 1/?)

ND research resources Pt.1

The other day I mentioned how when I would play a new Nancy Drew game as a kid I would become so interested in whatever it was about that I would totally immerse myself in it by doing extra research on the various subjects once the game was over. I’m not sure if this was something everyone else did too but I thought it’d be fun to make a resource post about it. (All links are for videos)

Here’s part 2.

Secrets Can Kill 

How to Break Open a Combo Lock

Judo Basics for Beginners

Stay Tuned for Danger

20+ Classic Soap Operas

Message in a Haunted Mansion

The Great San Francisco Earthquake

A ride down San Francisco’s Market Street in 1900

San Francisco’s Chinatown in 1912

A Brief History of the Seance

How a Two Way mirror Works

Treasure in the Royal Tower

 The French Revolution

The Final Scene 

Harry Houdini: Unlocking the Mystery

Houdini Preforming his Straight Jacket Escape

The Man from Beyond (a 1922 feature film staring Houdini)

Haldane of the Secret Service (a 1923 feature film staring Houdini)

Secret of the Scarlet Hand

Lost Kingdoms of the Maya

Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

Demon Rum (Prohibition documentary)

The Life of Al Capone

The Haunted Carousel 

Coney Island Amusement Rides in the 1940s, Including Carousel

Tour an Abandoned Amusement Park

Danger on Deception Island 

Orca Whales in Deception Pass, WA

Killer Wale/Orca Documentary

The Secret of Shadow Ranch 

Native Americans of Arizona (1945 Doc.)

The Story of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Curse of Blackmoor Manor 

History of Witches

Alchemy, Dreams of Gold

Secret of the Old Clock 

Blueberry Pie Recipe

Stock Market Crash of 1929

Nancy Drew … Reporter

Training to be a Telephone Operator

Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon 

The Life of Abraham Lincoln

Antique Needlework Samplers

Danger by Design 

Moulin Rouge (1928 silent film)

Developing Photos in a Darkroom

Tour the Paris Catacombs

The Creature of Kapu Cave 

Conquest of Hawaii

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek 

How to rescue yourself if you fall through a frozen lake

Legend of the Crystal Skull 

Crystal Skulls; Prophecies of Doom or a Hoax

Historical Newsreel of New Orleans

A Walk Through New Orleans Oldest Cemetery

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‘haha yeah fight tim hes smol and nerdy’ 

noah fence but boy bested the league of assassins for funsies after bruce told him to fuck off bc he was in mid-brood

Every Nancy Drew PC game ranked from worst to best.

So! Ever since I completed the tedious undertaking of ranking all the Nancy Drew suspects, I’ve had people asking me to do a comprehensive ranking of the games themselves (like two people, but that still counts as people). And if you trawl my tumblr, you can see I have been promising to do that exact thing since 2012! So here it is, finally.

Standard disclaimer applies: these are my opinions and my opinions only. They’re completely subjective and based on my own personal likes and dislikes. There are games I hate that I know people love, and games I adore that I know people can’t stand (lots of them, even!). I in no way claim this ranking as definitive. You do you.

Oh, and Dossier games aren’t included, and spoilers for everything, obviously.

Edit, June 2015: As I’ll update this every time a new game comes out, expect changes to occur. I’ll add some liner notes at the bottom of the ranking to justify these adjustments.

With that out of the way? LEGGO BITCHES.


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