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Caveat: it’s long, it’s extra. Tonight was my 51st show since I became a fan 2.5 years ago, and my last of 2016. How special it was to close this chapter in Newcastle. This year has taken me to 30 shows across 5 festivals, 7 countries, 12 US states and 24 different cities, not to mention countless planes, trains, cars, bars, cabs, venues, airbnbs, friends’ couches, hotels, tubes, Ubers, red wine pregames (those- truly countless): I wouldn’t trade any of it. I am endlessly grateful for the people The 1975 have led me to, who I’ve toured with and shared all this with and to whom I never have to explain anything: what a gift your implicit understanding is. Your friendship has colored this journey with meaning. George, Ross, Adam, and especially Matty: you changed my story forever. I love you, and I thank you.


crabs? by deborah is lola

Look at that, somehow I skipped right passed London and am already talking about Paris. I love London. We toured the streets of Portobello and ate everything along the way, made traditional English scones and shortbread in a flat in Notting Hill , bought and sampled tea at Borough Market, and ate some of the best Indian food I’ve ever tried at Dishoom. On top of all of that Ashlae, Bev and myself took an epic walk all over the city taking in all the sites one must see when in London (hello, Big Ben!) We ate breakfast on top of the city at the Sky Garden before getting on to the train and heading to Paris.

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Sanna Veerman training a double double + a Maloney at a training camp in Simone’s gym!

Case File: 9000843

Author: newby6320

Summay:  Tyki and Allen were engaged, but the night before the wedding, Tyki shows a side Allen never suspected and Allen almost winds up dead. Link saves him, but is he really what he seams? Written as a police investigation case file.

Premise based on post by @liketolaugh-dgm about stories she wishes she could see written, although I’m afraid this probably isn’t what she had in mind.

Chapter 1

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you can see other pic from that opent trainings for GIR President at round Lake vk(.)com/club4153493?z=photo-4153493_456240739%2Falbum-4153493_236929604%2Frev PS looks like they fierd Stolyar ( Spiri UB coahc in Rio :D

Really? Wasn’t Stolyar the national team bars specialist coach? I wonder who’s gonna replace him. Maybe Grebs can go back to that position. He did a great job as bars specialist, plus I think Aliya and Paseka have been training bars with him this last quad too.

gfgdfhgfjf im cryingg i looked up the word “train” in the search bar and 0.5 seconds in i see SFM PORN like!!!!!!!! does god hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!! i jst wanna look at trains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Depot in Paris, TX on a Friday night. One of the bars I work at. Appropriately named because they turned the old town train depot into a bar. It’s actually a pretty neat place.


Part of Nina’s new bars routine!