Train | Wonwoo | Ch. 4

Genre: Mystery, Fantasy, Angst, Romance

Word Count: 2,839

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Summary: People say ignorance is bliss, but you can’t know that unless you are no longer ignorant.

gif creds to @gyuhan-17

It was the tide brushing against your toes that brought you back to your senses. You opened your eyes slowly and let yourself adjust to the glaring light of the sun. Once you were completely adjusted, you sat up in confusion. You had no idea where you were or how you had gotten there. But that was the least of your worries, all you cared about was finding Wonwoo.

You stood up, brushing the bits of sand off your shorts. The sand? You looked down in surprise. Not only had your outfit changed to a pair of black dress shorts and a blue and white striped t-shirt, but you were standing on the shore of a beach with the train nowhere in sight. You felt the tide brush against your toes again and you jumped away this time in shock.

Sure, you knew about beaches and all, but you couldn’t remember seeing the shore up close. Simultaneously, you were filled with fear and wonder. Like a curious child, you carefully stepped forwards and dipped your toe into the moving waters. It was a lot colder than you had expected, but you kept your foot in.

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The Vertical Departure Paris Burning Photo Hugh Ardoin

Scrambling to leave some hostile shores or impending doom

People are no more than distant shapes hurrying away before the incoming storm

The train is just like a spaceship ready to leave a long rocket launcher that will position our living modes into a vertical lift-off

Departures bear the sweet and sour taste of exoduses and no-returns

A long and bright tear at a starry night, the falling drapes of oblivion already cover your blind eyes

You walk away with your hands stretched vainly trying to grasp the shards of your future

Every journey is an adventure in its own right, you may or you may not come back

Hugh Ardoin The Paris Burning Gallery