trails by night

One of the most famous and recognizable landmarks for the pioneer travelers on the Oregon, California and Mormon trails, Chimney Rock is still an icon on Nebraska’s landscape. Today, Chimney Rock and its surrounding environs look much as they did when the first settlers passed through in the mid 1800s. Photo of the Milky Way erupting over Chimney Rock courtesy of Jesse Attanasio.


I haven’t done a good star trail shot with the North Star in it in a bit. Here’s the sky over Austin Texas, with an open lens so that as the planet turns, the stars turn and leave trails.


Epic night sky timelapse over Vermillion Cliffs National Monument - if you get to the 2nd half you’ll get a thunderstorm, star trails, and really creepy effect from clouds passing in long exposure/timelapse.

“Night-Time Travelers”

Looking southwest towards Kingston from Rock Dunder, the stars cross paths with airplanes that fan out from the city of Kingston (and possibly some from across the border in New York)
I made this time stack by combining 513 photos into one image.