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“If you get a dog (husband), you make a vow to love that dog (husband) and only that dog (husband), for the rest of your life.”

And no one can convince me that she doesn’t love him. 

I have a lot of feelings for Trail To Oregon and I know thats silly cause its a fun musical and all but. The family theme just really gets me everytime.

hey shoutout to feminine people with hairy stomachs

shoutout to feminine people with happy trails (which, imo, are sexy as fuck regardless of gender but society says otherwise, assholes)

shoutout to feminine people with hairy chests and/or boobs

and especially shoutout to feminine people with dark hair anywhere on their torsos

(this absolutely means trans and nonbinary people too, btw)

First Born Unicorn

Summary: Something mysterious has returned to the preserve, but for once it’s not dangerous.

Notes: A long time ago, someone said something about Derek Hale and unicorns, and I just couldn’t resist. Written for day three of Sterek Week 2016: Myths and Fairytales. (On AO3)

They pull up to an abandoned trailhead at the edge of the preserve and hop out of the jeep, waiting. Sure enough, it’s not long before the Camaro comes rumbling up, pulling alongside them.

Derek climbs out, frowns at them both. “What’s going on?” he says.

“There’s something new in the woods,” Scott says seriously, striding forward. “Something big, something powerful. I wanted you help us do some recon, figure out what it is.”

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