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  • Idol: Park Jinyoung (Got7)
  • Genre: Angst
  • Preview: Jinyoung comes to your apartment really late and unannounced and you get worried. 

Night had become your favorite part of the day. Not necessarily for the sleeping, although that was a huge part of it. It was night that allowed you to digest your day and make plans for the next. You, being an extremely reflective person, needed that time once everything had calmed down to sort yourself out. During the day you were working and it would be simply implausible to even think of enjoying a relaxing silence to placate your mental health.You lie cuddled in your warm duvet, comfortable enough to sleep, but wide awake. You’d already analyzed your day and now your mind sat idle trailing its way,very slowly, to rest.

“Y/N!” The noise frightened you but you quickly recognized the voice and you’d also remembered recently giving  your boyfriend a key to your apartment, though he never came over without calling first. Another yell came but this time it was closer and the slightest bit slurred, not from drunkenness you surmised. It was probably from sleep deprivation.

“In here!” You answer back climbing from under the covers. Jinyoung came into your room grumbling. “In here could be anywhere, you should be more specific.”
“You found me didn’t you?” you answered sarcastically.

 The two of you were facing each other now. He frowned at your bare legs that were on full display thanks to length, or lack of length, of your night shirt. You had on a plain t-shirt that was kind of big, not exactly over-sized but the fabric reached to your upper mid thigh. 

“Where are your pants? It’s freezing in here.”

He walked over to the dresser behind you opening the drawer that had a few of this things. 

You parked your hand on your hip. “I happen to be perfectly fine with the temperature and the last time I checked I pay rent here so I am free to wear whatever I want.” You weren’t mad, just annoyed.

In all truth you were worried Jinyoung wasn’t always in the cheeriest of moods, but he’d never been so grouchy, not with you at least. He sighed. “I’m sorry I’m being snappy. I’m just tired.”

He walked back over and wrapped his arms around you. You leaned up and kissed the bottom of his chin. That sweet interaction was enough to calm to the both of of you. He pulled away and went back to his drawer. 

“Why are you here?” You asked from your new spot on the edge of your bed.

He scoffed.“Am I no longer welcomed here?”

 You rolled your eyes. “Jinyoung, you know I didn’t mean it like that.”

He closed the drawer, clearly he’d found what he’d been looking for: shorts

“I’m joking.” 

“You never come here during promotions.”

“ I do sometimes.” he sat next to you on the bed. 

You shook your head. “No you don’t, never at night. You always sleep at the dorms.”

“I can sleep here, can’t I?” His eyes searched your face when you didn’t respond. A worry crease appeared on his forehead. “You really don’t want me here?”

“No Jinyoung.” He grabbed your hand looking more worried.You frowned at your inability to correctly articulate your thoughts “I do. I want you here,” you sighed. “Are you okay?”

Jinyoung was a creature of habit and it wasn’t like him to change up routine, not that he couldn’t be spontaneous, he just usually wasn’t. You didn’t mind that actually you adored his If it ain’t, broke don’t fix it vibe.

“There’s something you’re not telling me. Did you fight with your manager?”


“Did you fight with a different staff member?”

“No I-”

“One of the boys?” 

He shook his head. 

“It was JYP, wasn’t it? You yelled at JYP and now you’re getting kicked out of Got7. What the heck happened you are usually so in control of your temper with your superiors. Oh gosh and if you’re out of Got7 what’s in that mean for JJ Pro-”

“Y/N!” His voice was loud enough to quiet your thoughts. “You’re being ridiculous.” He was right, clearly you more tired than you’d thought.

“Well what do you expect? It’s almost 2 AM and you waltz in here all unannounced,which is something you never do.” 

He kissed your cheek. “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Jinyoung wait I-” you started but before you could say anything else the bathroom door was clicking shut.You were still worried about your boyfriend but also a little more than ticked that he’d shut the door in the middle of your sentence.

You climbed back into your bed and this time you were half asleep when Jinyoung began calling your name.

“Y/N! Can you come here?” You groaned but got up. 

“What do you want Jin?” He was standing in front of the mirror in the shorts he’d gotten earlier. 

“Will you help me take my makeup off?” 

“Why didn’t you wipe it off in the shower?”

“I guess I just wasn’t thinking.” Jinyoung not thinking? Yeah something was definitely wrong but you didn’t press the issue. He handed you the makeup removing wipes.

“You’re gonna have to sit down on the counter. I can’t reach your face.”

He flashed you a half grin, no doubt thinking of one of his many jokes about  your height but it faded quickly and he sat on the counter as you’d instructed.He placed his hand on either side of your waist to pull you between his legs and then returned them to his lap. You began your work silently, sliding the wipe gently across his face.

“So are you gonna tell me why you’re here?”

“Y/N.” he sighed. You halted your movements with the wipe and searched his eyes for anything that would increase your worries.

“I missed you. We haven’t seen each other in person for almost two weeks.” He tried to capture you in a hug but you placed your hands on his bare chest, stopping him.

“ Jinyoung, the real reason.” He sighed stubbornly as if he wasn’t going to tell you, but he saw how worried you were and relented. 

“Today wasn’t a very good day.”

You opened your mouth to ask but he spoke before you had the chance to.

“I’ll tell you about it later.” You knew that meant when the both of you were in bed, in the dark, where you couldn’t see his face when he spoke. It must’ve been serious because the two of you only had conversations like that when he thought he was gonna cry.

“Okay.” You began to wipe off his makeup again.

“I did miss you though.” You didn’t respond, fighting the urge to roll your eyes. Not necessarily because you didn’t believe him but he never did things on impulse and it was definitely an impulsive move to come and see you during his breakneck promotions schedule just because he missed you. And besides he never missed you that much, before. He’d already made it clear that he wanted you to comfort him, why did he feel the need to convince you further by making up feelings? 


You didn’t answer. 

“Y/N, look at me.” he grabbed your wrist softly to stop you from ignoring him with the wipe. 

“I missed you. Really”

“Okay.” you nodded more out of a desire to appease him than anything else.He frowned at your reaction. 

“Jinyoung can I have my wrist back?”

He sighed and released you. After a few more swipes you threw the makeup wipe in the trash. 


“Thank you.” You hummed a quiet you’re welcome and turned to leave but he grabbed your arm and spun you back to facing him. “Thank you.” His voice remained soft.

“ Jinyoung, you already said th-”

This time he proved his sentiment by pressing his lips to yours.The kiss was simple but it was enough to have your heart racing. You wrapped your arms his neck and deepened the kiss. Jinyoung grinned, but eventually he pushed at your hips with his hands, letting you know to calm down. When you didn’t, he pulled away, his sly grin still intact. It was your turn to frown. 

“If we go on like this we won’t be able to stop and we both have to be awake in the next couple of hours.”

You knew he was right. He tugged your arm pulling you into the bedroom. Jinyoung crawled into your bed first and you climbed in right after, hurrying so he could wrap his arms around you. Your apartment really was freezing when you weren’t under the covers. 

When you were finally comfortable enough to lie still in his arms, he pulled you tighter into him, so that his lips were pressed to your braided hair. Almost immediately the two of you were falling to sleep, the comfort of your presence was enough to push an already tired Jinyoung off the edge of consciousness and vice versa. You knew he would probably be gone when you woke up. You weren’t going let him get off that easily. Eventually he’d have to talk to you.

PT.2 ???
Indiana farmer plants corn maize tribute to Carrie Fisher
A southern Indiana farmer who created a corn maze with trails outlining the face of “Star Wars” character Princess Leia says he planted it to honor the late actress Carrie Fisher.

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — A southern Indiana farmer who created a corn maze with trails outlining the face of “Star Wars” character Princess Leia says he planted it to honor the late actress Carrie Fisher.

Jeremy Goebel designed the maze in February, more than a month after Fisher’s late December death, and planted it this spring using a GPS device. The corn is now mature and its trails outline the “Star Wars” character’s face, distinctive hairstyle and part of her upper body.

Goebel tells the Evansville Courier & Press that as a longtime “Star Wars” fan he “wanted to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher.”

The maze at Goebel Farms in Evansville, Indiana, honors Fisher with trails above Leia’s head that spell out “Carrie Fisher RIP 1956-2016.” The maze opens to paying customers this weekend.

Don’t forget…the void really cares about you…

The Void is shaped like a friend.

Yaaay, made this silly thing as a quick project because I had the sads™. Based off of @petite-pumpkin‘s drawing of a Gaster plush because I had to have one.

In the Wake of Scandal

(manga spoilers)

At 3:05 am, Izuku did something he hadn’t done in the last four years.

He logged out of his HeroForum account.

It was a forum he’d stumbled upon back in middle school, on the recommendation of a friend-of-a-friend, and he’d lost four straight nights of sleep that first week digging in deeper and farther to what it offered. He dug until he was commenting on All Might Quirk Theory threads that were three-years-dead, until he made a name for himself almost overnight as an overwhelming bastion of hero trivia.

The forum had only grown in the meantime. It blew up at every skirmish. It tracked hero movements moment by moment, pinning locations and encouraging other members in the area to flock if they could. One time, it was shut down for an entire week when a thirteen year old boy stumbled into villain cross-fire while trying to follow the forum’s pin on the hero Momentum.

The HeroForum was Izuku’s everything for keeping tabs on the world he loved. Even after meeting All Might, even after his acceptance to UA, “MightyBoy64”s presence didn’t falter. In fact, Izuku fantasized about the day that he, as a pro hero, revealed himself to be in charge of the MightBoy64 alias. He fantasized about how loyal fans and avid readers would burst to learn one of the forum’s biggest names had gone pro through UA.

Izuku now tucked those fantasies away in the back of his mind. Embarrassed, or ashamed, or maybe just disgusted.

At 3:05 am, MightyBoy64 logged out. And he would not come back.

Instead Izuku put his phone in his pocket. And he rose from the couch in the Class 1-A dorm living room. He navigated to Shouto Todoroki’s room, and he knocked.  At 3:07 am, Shouto answered.

“Can I come in?” Izuku asked. All the room’s lights were on, a soft glow against the tatami mat flooring.

“Yeah,” Shouto answered. He didn’t ask why.

Izuku walked in, aimless at first, before choosing the wall across from Shouto’s desk and sitting cross-legged on the floor, back leaning against it for support. His phone burned in his pocket.

“I was studying for the English test Monday, but I can’t practice dialogue out loud on my own,” Izuku said. He uncrossed his legs and recrossed them more comfortably. “Are you busy? Want to practice with me?”

Shouto sat down again at his desk. He considered it. “Okay.”

Izuku’s fingers twitched, itched, possessed with the subconscious desire to take his phone back out and consume the HeroForum posts like a starved dog digging into fresh meat. He couldn’t help it. It was in his nature.

Especially as the hero scandal of the decade was unfolding.

Whole forums had crashed under the weight of debate. And HeroForum had swelled to near bursting in the last 12 hours as more and more fans flocked to gossip and argue and pry and wring forth every last drop of information they could about the chaos unfolding in the hero world.

Affairs struck the hero world on occasion. Fights between heroes and reporters, displays of public drunkenness, petit theft, public indecency. Silly yarns of gossip that got hero fans through the day were the norm.

This was the first time a hero had been arrested under the accusation of rampant, violent child-abuse.

This was the first time a scandal had struck a hero whose name was known to every breathing person in Japan.

And this was the second time a #1 ranked hero had fallen. All Might only months prior in a battle that obliterated the last of his power.

And Endeavor now, shackled and jailed under allegations of child abuse, felled by an accusation which had been filed by his own up-and-coming hero son, who stated in his only public address that he just hadn’t ever felt heroic enough before to do what needed to be done.

And the name Shouto Todoroki exploded across every forum site imaginable. Izuku had seen it all. Izuku felt sick to his stomach.

Clips of the televised UA Sports Festival were passed around with fervor, every frame inspected for the sake of passing judgement on Endeavor’s son. Every quirk of Shouto’s eyebrow, every shift of his eyes, every tilt of the head—was it the body language of an abused child? Of a liar? Of an attention-seeker?  Of someone looking to destroy his father and take his place in the public eye?

Fiery callous rants tore away at the character of Shouto Todoroki; others dissected Enji Todoroki, and explained how from the very start the man should have been pegged a monster. Threads hit their post limit. Servers crashed. Fan sites of Endeavor came under storm.

“Midnight’s-Man-X” called it petty for Shouto to accuse the father that he no longer lived with. “AllSuperFan100” lauded it as brave. “HeroMight12” wrote a rant, 13,500 words in length, about how the state of the world could not afford to lose another #1 hero so quickly, given how unstable the environment had only just become, how many more lives may be at risk now, and that it was ultimately selfish for Shouto to rob Japan of its #1 hero so soon after All Might’s fall.

MightyBoy64 tried once, just once, to explain why Shouto had done the right thing. Why letting his father cement his role as the #1 hero would be wrong. Why Enji Todoroki deserved to face justice for what he did, in the face of the overwhelming of evidence against him in the form of Enji’s own meticulously-documented “training plan” which he had put Shouto through.

And Izuku had been too horrified by the replies to try to argue any further. Because all of them, whether agreeing or not, did something vicious to Shouto Todoroki. They reduced him to a character, a prop, a toy to be tossed about and chewed over and twisted in favor their own political view. Shouto Todoroki wasn’t real to these people.

And maybe, if Izuku had never come to UA, Shouto Todoroki wouldn’t have been real to him either.

So he’d logged out, and forced the forums from his mind, and sat now on the smooth ridged tatami matting, his fingers trailing along its bumps. Izuku watched Shouto’s face, his scar thin and stretched at the edges, his cheeks round and soft under the lamplight. His bangs were loose and messy, as though Shouto had been running his fingers through his hair too often lately, and his eyes were lined in a bruising purple, as though he were a real person wrung through the stress of being reduced to a prop at the hands of millions of people.

“…Present Mic said we just need to hold a conversation with him using 20 vocab words from this unit. I’ll start,” Izuku said. He pushed himself higher against the wall, and he breathed in deep, thinking about the English sounds he struggled most to pronounce. “Are you alright, Todoroki-kun?”

Shouto looked at him, silent a moment. Then answered in Japanese, “Isn’t this unit on vacation activities?”

“I’m getting there.” Izuku leaned forward, more heart in his words. “How are you feeling, Todoroki-kun? Aren’t you tired?”

Shouto still hesitated, though not as long this time.

“No. I’m not tired. Are you?”

“No, I’m not. I will stay here with you, and practice English, so we will do well on the test. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?”

Shouto looked down at his desk briefly. Izuku caught a glimpse of papers that looked far too official for UA class notes. His eyes flickered to the laptop open next to them, displaying a blank new tab, though the row of tabs along the top suggested an endless cascade of news articles open on Shouto’s laptop.

Shouto eased the laptop shut, pushed his chair away from his desk, and he stood. He moved to Izuku and lowered himself to the floor, leaning against the wall, until the pent up tension in his shoulders eased, and the back of his head touched the wall, and he breathed deep. His whole body became something smaller, and more child-like, and more relaxed. The exhaustion in his eyes became something just a bit less tense.

“I like chocolate ice cream best, Midoriya-kun. How about you?”

How Ar-Amu Raised the Moons for Seven Days

the story of tarlevu for the wonderful @fialleril (whom i am by no means as good a writer as) as i promised i would write… a very long time ago… whoops.

a story about a wager, a storm, and ar-amu the moonspinner helping two of her children win their freedom. 

and potatoes.

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dirk gently’s holistic detective agency + character roles (insp./insp.)

Some Villainous Headcanons
  • They all go shopping together–their tastes are polar opposites so it’s difficult to find meals to cook that everyone will willingly eat. Each shopping trip usually leaves a trail of chaos in its wake. Black Hat hexes free samples in the grocery store to grow faces and start screaming at innocent bystanders. Demencia inevitably tries to ride in the shopping cart. Black Hat prefers to push the shopping cart because it makes him feel like the leader, but will begrudgingly relinquish it to Dr. Flug when the latter is particularly nervous, because it grounds him and gives him something to focus on/support himself with 
  •  They always snag extra paper bags in the checkout, so Flug will have some in reserve 
  •  Flug has a stock pile of puzzle games on his phone and computer because they help him focus/come down from anxiety attacks. He’s absolutely inhuman at rhythm games. It’s one of the few things he and Demencia both enjoy, that they can bond over.
  •  Black Hat is an eldritch creature who is thousands of years old, and had his thumb in a number of history’s natural disasters and manmade calamities. He is fluent in virtually every language, including some not meant to fall upon human ears. 
  •  Any damage to the gang’s clothing is mended by Black Hat, with his reality-altering capabilities. He’s able to clean the house this way as well, but 5.0.5 seems to enjoy cleaning, so BH usually only steps in if part of the roof caves in or a wall gets blown out 
  •  When someone is about to take a bite of a sandwich or some other portable piece of food, Demencia finds it hilarious to sweep in and snatch it out of their hand just before it reaches their mouth. She does this mostly to Black Hat and 5.0.5, as Flug never eats in front of the others. 5.0.5 usually starts crying, and BH flies into a sputtering rage, though he never actually does anything to her.
  •  Flug often goes through periods during which he is nonverbal. He’s fluent in ASL, and often communicates with written notes or sign language when he doesn’t have the energy to speak. The others have even learned his signing–5.0.5 sees it as a fun game to learn, and Demencia finds ways to string signs together to say things to tease and aggravate Flug when he’s in more social moods.

have i mentioned lately that i love krysta rodriguez and would do anything for her

I swear on my life that every mp100 manga reader all had some sort or telepathic message sent to them. a thought, an idea, planted into our brains on a massive scale. a subliminal message hidden in a chapter somewhere. some higher force told us that Shou’s hair was red. And collectively we all decided “that seems true”. and then it was