This is really happening.

Like all young women in their late-twenties that are from Texas and were raised in a trailer house by a disabled mother with a history of undiagnosed mental illnesses and an absent-yet-well-meaning father, I’m starting a blog! Yay!

As someone who’s been (sort-of, sometimes…) paying for professional therapy for the past three years and is frequently told, “You should write a book!”, I figured this was a pretty good first step that is way less ambitious, but probably just as pretentious. The problem with hearing that I have a unique and “interesting” perspective due to my colorful history, is that the by-product of actually having a colorful history is often overwhelming, soul-crushing depression and a self-image that can only be described as heinous and super negative!

However, I’ve been inspired by various friends/acquaintances and have decided to stop beating myself up about not officially documenting some of this shit (and, trust me, a lot of it is just total shit) and just do it. So, please be gentle and, if not, I guarantee I can make you feel really terrible about yourself. I’ve basically had the rearing of a junkyard dog.

Woof woof.

PS: Does anyone else think the opening to riff to that Jack White song “Sixteen Saltines” is totally the same as the Beverly Hills 90210 theme song? This has nothing to do with my childhood. Just curious.