By: Sloane Lenz

Valentine’s Day Trailer Space Records on Austin’s East Side, along with iNtrovert hosted “Love Fest”, which featured six emerging Austin bands, and let them perform in a great, intimate setting. The space has a wonderful energy to it. Being many different incarnations over the years, including a laundromat, an electronic store, a church, and an arcade in the 80’s, since 2009 has been hosting Trailer Space. Walking in you almost feel transported to the early 80’s, but in all the best ways :) The walls are absolutely plastered with posters and music memorabilia, as well as some retro arcade games, and they have a wonderful little collection of vinyl, CDs, and VHS. I could only stay about half the night before heading to another engagement, but I really enjoyed what I was able to see of the show. Pangia put on a stellar mini set of instrumental Surf-Rock tunes, which kept the crowd totally enthralled and dancing where there was room. The stage area is in the corner, and the audience just crowded around the musicians. The casualness of the night was wonderful, and being able to just stand around the performers really helped to feel the music. I would totally recommend checking out a show at Trailer Space Records next time you’re in Austin. “The shows are curated by the bands”, says owner Spot, “It’s always all ages and always free”. If you’re over 21 the shows are also BYOB. If you have the chance to see Pangia anywhere live, you totally should. They’re stellar musicians and seem to really take it seriously, while having so much fun making music together. Their chemistry is beyond and they really put on a solid performance. It was a cool show, and I’m so glad I was able to spend part of my night there :)

And check out Trailer Space’s calendar on their website here:

12XU To Release Record Store Day Compilation

By Joseph Rodriguez

Austin based label 12XU will be releasing a comp on Record Store Day with all the proceeds going to Trailer Space Records, a record store in Austin notorious for it’s free shows, BYOB policy and amazing selection of records. Bring Beer is the name of the compilation, taken from the store hours sign that’s hung on Trailer Space’s front window, and will feature new tracks from The Golden Boys, Flesh Lights, James Arthur’s Manhunt, Cruddy, G. Green, Followed By Static and many more.

GET BENT! held our Friday night show during SXSW at Trailer Space and I’m very thankful we got the opportunity to do so. If you’re ever in Austin, pick up some beer and go record hunting here.

Flesh Lights - Not Coming Home