I live the trailer for ‘Hidden Figures’ finally dropped!!

what if we get absolutely zero bellarke interaction in the trailer except for the last three or two seconds where it’s just clarke and bellamy staring at each other and perhaps moving toward each other but we can’t really see if they do or don’t because THERE ISN’T ENOUGH TIME either way the bellarke fam will lose their shit



Tony Goldwyn Facebook Live - August 18th 2016

Our house!!! sort of...

So if anyone has talked to Caleb or I in the past year you would know our hearts have been set on building our own shipping container home. We have blue prints and had everything lined up… except for the money. It would be extremely hard for us to get a loan for such an idea. Soooo, we decided to go down a different path. Meet Plan B- Travel Trailer.

Now, before anyone raises their eyebrows let me just show you the trailer we ended up getting! My dad went in 50/50 with us. However we do not have all the money so we will pay payments to my dad to pay for the rest of it the first year we live in it. I would like you to meet our place of living when we get married: 2013 Grand Lodge 408loft (for all of you who want to google it afterwards)

Here it is coming down our driveway! 

My dad had to cut down a tree in order to get the trailer into the driveway without taking down the neighbors fence!

My dad and Caleb checking out the dining room seat storage! The cushions lift up for storage underneath.

Caleb posing with our awesome surround sound radio and dvd player!

It even came with a flatscreen tv! YEs that is a fireplace underneath

And here are some pictures I took from google 

That is a half bath and a study in that doorway beside the fridge. And up the stairs is a small loft. That black thing by the sink is a DISHwaSHER ooooooooo ahhhhhhh. 

To the right of the fireplace is a hallway with a full-size bathroom and our bedroom,which has lots of storage and a queen size bed! 

I am so excited with how everything has turned out in less than 2 weeks! I have a budget for the wedding, I have a dress, we are almost ready to register, we have most of the guest list down, and we have a place to live!!! Happy happy Haley.


Your demands were heard, and we listened.
Coming soon, GTA Game On episodes!
To celebrate, we made a live action short for all of you!

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Live-Action trailer for Kyou No Kira-kun (Today’s Kira-Kun).

Film will open on Feb. 25, 2017, in Japan.

Blog Note: I know i was talking trash about the main lead but after watching the trailer he isn’t that bad, his acting seems on point too. Can’t wait for the film.
Police arrest suspect in deaths of Whitefish Lake First Nation teens
Dylan Laboucan, 17, and Cory Grey, 19, were found shot to death on northern Alberta reserve in July

A suspect has been arrested in connection with the shooting deaths of a teen couple on the Whitefish Lake First Nation reserve in northern Alberta, RCMP say.

Police did not give any details about the identity of the person in custody or say anything about charges.

High school sweethearts Dylan Laboucan, 17, and Cory Grey, 19, were weeks away from moving away to attend college when they went missing at the end of July from the trailer where they lived with his parents.

Days later, their bullet-riddled bodies were found, his on one well-site and hers on another a few kilometres away:

Gunshots ended love story for ‘inseparable’ Alberta First Nations teens

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