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In The 80s - The X-Files [by mulderswaterbed | Vimeo | YouTube
An undercover KGB agent is assigned to Agent Fox Mulder in order to obtain information on alien technology gathered by the Americans but ends up becoming a target herself. 
Music: “Rasputin” - Boney M | “The Logical Song” - Supertramp | “Smalltown Boy” - Bronski Beat

Aph America’s had some strange scenery changes in hetalia like in the first 4 seasons, he lived in a mansion, In the Scary movie episodes it was a HUGE chique apartment with abstract chairs, and in the episode where he was room-mates with Japan, it was a reasonable sized house/townhouse(?)? Where’s he gonna live in season 6? ??? a baseball stadium? A trailer? stay tuned kiddos

[Power Man #48 by Chris Claremont, John Byrne, and Francoise Mouly]

    Everyone knows that the very best superhero friendships begin with a fight, and Luke and Danny’s is as epic as you’d expect. Clearly, we’ll be getting a massively watered down version of this iconic confrontation in the show, instead of the building-destroying superpowered slugfest we were hoping for… but hey, we’ll take it.     


God is real, he heard me when I wished for a Assassins Creed Swan Queen Fanfiction.

@shadowdianne will publish the first Chapter tomorrow and I took the liberty and created this trailer!

Stay tuned, Swen :). 

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Normani brought back the bob cut for you!!

I. Am. Living.

My face has cleared up.

My skin is glowing.

My faith in humanity is restored.

I am thriving again

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12 MONKEYS SEASON 3 TRAILER: Updated Thoughts, Updated…

My third installment of trailer breakdown crazy talk. If you’ve got the time, please check out the first ramble (covering the trailer bits from start to finish) and the follow-up (more thoughts on the meaning of one of Cole’s lines, a description of how to get back to the future, and a couple of tangents).

This time, I’ve got a thought about what’s going on w/Cole in a scene early in the trailer and a short treatise on post-Project: Splinter time travel tech.

I think.

James and the Giant Fork

Early in the trailer, we see James standing outside the Splinter facility, time tuning fork in hand, the camera moving around him just a bit. The trailer then cuts to him standing in what looks to be a post-apoc Times Square. The camera is behind him in this shot, but still moving around him just a bit.

I rambled a bit about the possible functionality of the Time Fork—that it enhances his “James Cole doesn’t need a time machine” abilities, allowing him to induce and better navigate red-leaf-tea zone visits at will—but didn’t realize that we were being shown proof of it in those clips.

What if those clips are part of the same camera move around Cole, and what’s happening is that he is scrolling through time and space, similar to how 2044 Jennifer guided Katarina through spacetime during their mad red tea party. So, the full scene would start w/the camera in front of Cole, with the lab behind him. Then the camera moves in a circle with Cole its focus in the center while time and space change around him, showing us what he sees as he messes w/the 4-way rocker switch on his Time Fork controller, attempting to dial in a specific moment and location.

I suspect that this ability may only be a form of mental/astral projection, allowing him to see and hear what happens at a certain time and place, but not actually physically visit. MAYbe with some practice he can possess someone other than himself, tho, and affect things via a host body, the way the Witness can and has.

Time Fork? Time Trident? Time Bident? Timedent? Time Tongs? Chrono-prong?

From the Witness’s Suit to the Time Shadows’ Vests…

Somewhere in my 12 MONKEYS ramblings, I wondered about the Witness’s need for a life support apparatus. The first few times we see him on the show, the mask seemed like it might decorative, serving to hide his identity while instilling fear in those who see him, as well as associate him with plague doctors, and so, plagues.

In later appearances, we see that the mask seems to be sealed, its sockets holding eyepieces/lenses, and its “beak” connected via hoses to a breathing apparatus under his robe, attached to his body. So, the Witness wears some kind of life support or encounter suit. Why?

I had several thoughts…

1. His travels thru time have taken a physical toll on his health and body. Also in line with that, he may be extremely long lived, and although he may be aging slowly, he’s lived long enough that even the serum-enhanced metabolism passed down to him from his parents can only do so much in the face of centuries of life.

2. The suit and mask provide enhancements to his natural or scientifically augmented time-associated abilities—mental and physical time travel as well as some kind of vision. Maybe it provides him a controllable dose of red leaf extract on demand to activate and/or supe up those powers. Like Time-Bane.

3. The suit and mask provide protection from paradox exposure and reality rewrites. This is the most game-changing possibility, so of course, it’s the one I really love. =)

This would mean that he could interact with himself in other moments of his personal timeline without any danger of pain or paradox. The suit completely contains his…essence, so that when he is in the same room with himself at a different age, the universe doesn’t detect two of him in the same place, and so doesn’t “know” to trigger a paradox event.

This might lead to some perilous narrative knots, but knowing Terry and company, those knots would lead to amazing ways of resolving them. I won’t go down those rabbit holes just now. Maybe in another post.

What does the Witness’s spacetimesuit have to do with the Time Vests we see on the Black Hats and Evil Annie Lennox? Well, I’m thinking that these vests are the next generation version of the Witness’s gear, allowing the wearer to travel thru time and affect changes without altering his or her personal history or any danger of paradox. I think this is also a clue that we’ll be dealing with a new player in the Time War in season 3—a faction/society/culture from a future farther off than 2163, possibly even an alternate, or earlier, timeline, or a kind of limbo, outside of time. They would be the great grandchildren of time travel and a threat to both the Witness’s Army and Team Splinter.

Wacky fun ensues! =)

If you’d like to read how I break the rest of the trailer down like a crazy person, click for…

Observation and speculation on the trailer moments from start to finish.

12 MONKEYS SEASON 3 TRAILER: Updated Thoughts… 
What if Cole’s talking about a medical issue?
Why/when would we see Katarina find the Splinter device mothballed?
Some detours about Marty McFly and the 80s.

The Witness is coming…

But so is Team Splinter! =)

Keep on keepin’ on~

I’ve been kind of quiet these past few days because I’m visiting with my sister

Today I finally hit the point where I talked incessantly about the My Little Pony: Equestria Girls franchise so much that she finally wants to watch it

My point being: It’s gonna be another quiet day on this blog

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go watch the first Equestria Girls movie for the fifth time, Rainbow Rocks for the fourth time, and Friendship Games for the third time. What a great way to recover from that Pleasant. Uplifting. Steven Universe content we experienced yesterday. Have a great afternoon

12 MONKEYS: Season 3 Pre-binge crazy talk…

Collecting my rambling speculation on what’s to come in the 3 nights of season 3 this weekend. Most of it is based on my (nervous =) breakdown of the long teaser trailer posted by Syfy about six weeks ago. Here are links with outlines to the tumbls in chronological order. The teaser video is included at the top of the first three posts.

12 MONKEYS Season 3 Trailer

  • Time Tuning Fork?
  • Someone invents Time Calculus?
  • Who are the Black Hats and who are they aligned with?
  • What’s up with those vests? That ark?
  • Katarina and Ramse—if they’re against the Witness, are they against his parents?
  • Will Agent Gale’s legacy help Team Splinter in the 80s?
  • Will Team Splinter inspire BTTF? =)
  • Who is Tall Dad (Christopher Lloyd)?
  • Primary-like drawings of Cole pointing a gun at the artist…Once? More than once?
  • Why and when would Katarina find Project Splinter in that mothballed state?
  • Cassandra and James meet their grown son…at a funeral service?

(Here is an extended version of the post w/discussion w/@samiholloway.)

12 MONKEYS Season 3 Trailer: Updated Thoughts…

  • Maybe Cole’s responsible for his son in a way other than weight-of-the-world guilt…
  • What if Jimmy, Jr. isn’t the Witness, but a vessel for him? (I *really* want this to be the case! #crazytalk =)
  • Some scattin’ on the fun opportunities a stay in the 80s might provide…
  • The Mothballed Beast is in the past, and here’s why they need it then…

12 MONKEYS Season 3 Trailer: Updated Thoughts, Updated…

  • Some more thoughts on the Chrono-prong, aka Tuning Fork…
  • Some thoughts on the evolution of Time tech, based on the Witness and the Black Hats…

12 MONKEYS: Season 3 pre-binge thoughts…

  • Even more thoughts on the Tuning Fork…
  • Remember Jennifer 2044′s “Not yet?” I wanna ship Jennifer and Deacon as #HyenaBurger! =)
  • Reiterating my hope-wish for more Agent Mother-Fing Gale!
  • What does the Sign of the Witness mean?
  • Remember that creepy kid walking out of and into the anomaly storms?
  • Do those Black Hats remind you of anyone…?

Something that’s been on my mind but I haven’t been able to really get anywhere worthwhile with is what Cole can do to “win.” He’s got his mental time travel ability now, and could use it to change his history, perhaps in an attempt to prevent the birth of his child (once he learns that he’s being groomed to be the Witness). Remember—when he went down the rabbit hole to undo the 1957 paradox, he was ready and willing to undo his child’s conception. Make no mistake, he did that math.

However, we’ve learned that Cassie—and their unborn child—retains her experience, and existence, from that temporary pocket timeline. I think that between the effects-slash-protection of Katarina’s serum and the technology of Titan, any attempts by Cole to change his and Cassie’s personal histories to “undo” their child would fail.

So, what’s the next best path? Killing the Witness, right? But—my “vessel” theory aside—when does Jimmy, Jr. actually become the Witness? This is pretty much the time-traveler-kills-baby-Time-Hitler scenario, right? Can you do it? And given all of the adult Witness’s machinations in their relative and personal pasts, what is the result? Can the universe exist after a certain point without the invention of Time travel? Maybe the Witness is protected by Time, the way Cassie was when the Messengers threatened to killer her to coerce Katarina in 2043. After all, Time *likes* Time travel, right?

So, the next next best path? Changing hearts and minds. Raise, or at least try to influence, the boy to be as un-Witness as possible. Can it be done, especially while in Titan and under the Army’s instruction and guidance? Can they spirit him away from Titan to actually raise him, at least for a short time? Will they do something desperate to save him from the Army, like subject him to a random Splinter surge to send him anywhere else but Titan, perhaps following him themselves with a hopeful plan to reunite at a chapel in Budapest on a particular date…?

Yeah, see, it goes so many places, right? And I haven’t even started down the forks that involve the Black Hats and Olivia and her X-Mon! =)

So, I’m gonna try and chill. At least for the next few hours, and then let season 3 blow my mind. I romantically imagine that BLOOM COUNTY is-it-live-or-is-it-Memorex riff is how it will be. I suggest anyone and everyone who likes a damn good story and loves wonderful, crazy, perfectly imperfect characters, friends, and family—also, damn fine time travel—do the same. =) 

Initiate Splinter Sequence!

Keep on keepin’ on~

P.S. If you’re new to the show, please check out this you-should-really-be-watch-12-MONKEYS post for how to get hooked. =)

A Sort of...Math problem (Misha Collins x Reader)

Summary: Misha and Y/N reveal their pregnancy at a panel.

A/N: name of character Y/N plays in Supernatural- Addison

Enjoy 😘

Y/N stood at the full length mirror in the almost empty green room. The only other person in there was Misha.

Y/N stood sideways and looked at the reflection of her profile. She smoothed down her shirt/sweater so that her 3 month baby bump was visible. She smiled and removed her hands so that the baby bump disappeared under the shirt.

She then turned and looked at Misha who was scrolling through his Twitter feed. “Babe, are you sure this shirt hides the bump?”

Misha looked up from his phone and smiled. “Yes, sweetheart. I’m sure. You asked me the same thing before we left the hotel room, and I’m telling you the answer still has not changed.”

Y/N sighed and sat down next to Misha and leaned her head on his shoulder. “I know, it’s just that I don’t want anyone figuring it out before we reveal it on the panel today.”

He switched off his phone and put his arm around her shoulder and kissed the top of her head. “Sebastian, Richard and Sheppard won’t notice it. You know them. And you certainly know Jensen and Jared won’t either.”

Y/N giggled. “Yeah. Sometimes they can be as clueless as two dogs chasing their tails.”

Misha laughed. “See? That’s the attitude we need today. Happy, happy, happy.”

Y/N smiled. “Yeah, I’m just happy that we didn’t run into them when we flew in and got to the hotel last night. I’ve been having to wear big sweaters and shirts like this the past few weeks to hide the baby bump from everyone else.”

Misha put his hand over her belly and smiled. “Well, it’s a good thing that we finished filming the season a few weeks ago. Filming for next season won’t resume until next year, which obviously works out well for us.”

Y/N laughed. “Yeah, I don’t think the writers want to have to work a baby into the storyline.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they wouldn’t. You heard what Bob and Eric said though. If the filming schedule hadn’t worked out the way that it did, they would’ve figured something out.”

“The Mr. Singer and Mr. Kripke   are always very reasonable, aren’t they?” Y/N asked with a smile.

Misha chuckled. “Yeah, they are.”

“I’m glad we already told them about the baby. Other than telling our families, I’m glad we had somebody to tell the secret to.”

Misha smiled. “Well, after today, everyone will know.”

“Speaking of which, you got the shirts, right?” Y/N asked.

“Yes, we’ll keep them just off stage. All the guys won’t see them. I’m telling you, everything is under control, babe.”

Y/N took a deep breath to calm her nerves. “Yeah, I know… Sorry, pregnancy hormones I guess?”

He took his hand off her belly and cupped her face, kissing her. He looked into her eyes when he pulled away. “It’s completely understandable, sweetheart.”

And, as if on cue, the door to the green room opened, letting Sebastian, Mark, Richard, Jensen and Jared through.

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“What’s your definition? #GoodHair.”

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