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I’m now wrapping up production on this cartoon, so I have put together a trailer to get you all hyped for it. Stay tuned for the final cartoon! :D

what we know so far

at around 9am CST these fuckers tweeted and posted a video titled “MANIA” on instagram that asked chicago to silence its cell phones at 11am CST. on instagram the post included random numbers and what seemed like street names and thanks to @librarian-lost-in-time we know that these belong to cinemas in/around chicago. that would explain why chicago needed to mute its cell phones. at 11am CST, everyone (im)patiently waited for a tweet or a post or some sort of explanation but nothing happened. at around 4pm CST twitter user folie-a-deux-me (love the name btw) posted a video of a trailer that looks like it was recorded in a cinema, the trailer was also titled “MANIA” and it ended with a shot of the ocean saying “FALL OUT BOY 04.28.2017”. 

on sep 9 2016, Pete had posted a photo on instagram of previous Fall Out Boy album covers, with the caption “one day we gotta make the purple one… 🔮🔮🔮”

 the last shots in the trailer were purple

the initial video that asked chicago to silence its phones was blackish-purple….

so if it is a new album, they have been working on this and planning this shit since september. typical fucking Fall Out Boy


I think a lot of us have gotten a chance to Learn Things about TKCD by now so I’m going to release this thing I started drawing before I figured out Taranza was in it because I’m a fool that doesn’t pay attention to trailers or title logos

It’s a TKCD inspired AU of my own Kirby AU I guess


The good news is that there’s a new trailer for the 30th anniversary 4K digital restoration release of Maurice and my word it looks - and sounds - gorgeous… the sadly less good news is that the above gif is the entirety of Rupert’s appearance in it - but did I mention how amazing it looks?!

There’s also a new poster, which is similarly Durham-skewed, but to be fair to Cohen Media Group they know Hugh Grant’s is the most recognisable name and they also aren’t giving away any of the best bits in the trailer!

(The trailer is also intriguingly titled “trailer #2″… fingers crossed!)

phupoohbest  asked:

i love hormones series, that the best series ever, did you know any other Thailand series like that ? BL High School ❤❤❤❤ like Phu and Thee

Hormones was the first Thai series I’ve watched and so far is still my most favorite. Phu and Thee are one of those ICONIC ships ♥

Sooo recommended Thai school BL series (click titles for trailers):

* I haven’t watched these yet but I’m pretty sure they’re set in school.


Title: Hard to Swallow
Author: OsirisApollo
Word count: ≈ 25,000
Post date: July 14th
Post to: AO3 username:OsirisApollo Tumblr: @osirisapollo
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Mature or Explicit (depending on time constraints)
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester, Castiel & Balthazar, Dean Winchester & Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Sam Winchester, Balthazar
Additional Tags: past Dean/others, Dean was kind of a whore, Castiel is kind of a dick at first, Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - College/University, College Student Castiel, College Student Dean, Misunderstandings, Sarcasm, Fluff, Romance, Humor, Explicit Language, Sexual Humor, Enemies to Lovers, Boys Kissing, Falling in Love, Sexual Frustration, Romantic Comedy, Matchmaker Sam, Sam Ships It, Matchmaker Charlie, Charlie Ships It, Happy Ending, will add explicit tags to the actual post if I get a chance to write that part

This fic will be my entry for the Destiel Harlequin Challenge @destielharlequinchallenge 

Castiel knows all about the campus bad boy, Dean Winchester. The man’s reputation is spoken of enough that even Castiel has heard the stories. He doesn’t usually put much stock rumors, but he can’t seem to stop the loathing he feels toward Dean for his notorious actions.
With the mistakes of his past looming right behind him, the last thing he needs is another pretty boy playing with his emotions. It’s clear that Dean would easily be able to get under his skin, so he usually does his best to just avoid the man altogether.
That is until Dean makes him an offer he can’t seem to refuse.
It’s a very simple bet. If Dean loses, he has to give up the indiscriminate sex he’s rumored to favor, for an entire month. If Castiel loses, he must live in Dean’s home for the same amount of time. Either way, the bet will change both of their lives forever.


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File this one under ‘slightly odd’.  But when ‘Anne the Series’ goes to Netflix, it looks like they’re naming the series ‘Anne with an E’.  The Twitter account for Anne on Netflix along with the Netflix preview of their May releases now both refer to it as ‘Anne with an E: Season 1′.  

I can understand to a degree, as when Netflix released their trailer, a lot of people seemed to mix up ‘Anne’ with the musical ‘Annie’.  So maybe they’re trying to make the title more unique and more easy to differentiate.  Will take some getting used to as I’ve built up a fondness for the Canadian title choice of ‘Anne the Series’.  In general, I’ve found the Canadian poster/title/trailer to resonate a bit more than the corresponding Netflix marketing.  But happy to see it find a larger audience on the bigger platform.

Either way, guess we may need to start including ‘Anne with an E’ in our hashtags to reach potential new fans…

So that released track from Sonic Forces, the Park Avenue (Custom Hero) theme, is really sitting on my mind right now.  It sounds pretty aggressive, honestly – from the driving beat to the lyrics, it’s a lot more forceful than most other Sonic songs, boss themes aside.

That, combined with the opening trailer, the title… Sonic Forces is about war.  Eggman has always been a significant threat in the Sonic world, but I think this might actually be the first time they’ve directly made it about taking him on in an all-out war.  I’m excited.