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at around 9am CST these fuckers tweeted and posted a video titled “MANIA” on instagram that asked chicago to silence its cell phones at 11am CST. on instagram the post included random numbers and what seemed like street names and thanks to @librarian-lost-in-time we know that these belong to cinemas in/around chicago. that would explain why chicago needed to mute its cell phones. at 11am CST, everyone (im)patiently waited for a tweet or a post or some sort of explanation but nothing happened. at around 4pm CST twitter user folie-a-deux-me (love the name btw) posted a video of a trailer that looks like it was recorded in a cinema, the trailer was also titled “MANIA” and it ended with a shot of the ocean saying “FALL OUT BOY 04.28.2017”. 

on sep 9 2016, Pete had posted a photo on instagram of previous Fall Out Boy album covers, with the caption “one day we gotta make the purple one… 🔮🔮🔮”

 the last shots in the trailer were purple

the initial video that asked chicago to silence its phones was blackish-purple….

so if it is a new album, they have been working on this and planning this shit since september. typical fucking Fall Out Boy

"Partners" (DGS2 Main Theme?)
Yasumasa Kitagawa
"Partners" (DGS2 Main Theme?)

Music from the DGS2 web demo.  This track is the one they’ve been using to promote the game since September, and it generally plays at the end of DGS2 trailers.

The title is entirely unofficial and based off of the filename and how they’ve been using it in promotion.  Given the dovetail into Holmes’ theme at the end, it could even be his equivalent of an Objection! theme.

Sorry it’s in not-great quality and doesn’t loop - that’s web demos for you!


The good news is that there’s a new trailer for the 30th anniversary 4K digital restoration release of Maurice and my word it looks - and sounds - gorgeous… the sadly less good news is that the above gif is the entirety of Rupert’s appearance in it - but did I mention how amazing it looks?!

There’s also a new poster, which is similarly Durham-skewed, but to be fair to Cohen Media Group they know Hugh Grant’s is the most recognisable name and they also aren’t giving away any of the best bits in the trailer!

(The trailer is also intriguingly titled “trailer #2″… fingers crossed!)


File this one under ‘slightly odd’.  But when ‘Anne the Series’ goes to Netflix, it looks like they’re naming the series ‘Anne with an E’.  The Twitter account for Anne on Netflix along with the Netflix preview of their May releases now both refer to it as ‘Anne with an E: Season 1′.  

I can understand to a degree, as when Netflix released their trailer, a lot of people seemed to mix up ‘Anne’ with the musical ‘Annie’.  So maybe they’re trying to make the title more unique and more easy to differentiate.  Will take some getting used to as I’ve built up a fondness for the Canadian title choice of ‘Anne the Series’.  In general, I’ve found the Canadian poster/title/trailer to resonate a bit more than the corresponding Netflix marketing.  But happy to see it find a larger audience on the bigger platform.

Either way, guess we may need to start including ‘Anne with an E’ in our hashtags to reach potential new fans…

phupoohbest  asked:

i love hormones series, that the best series ever, did you know any other Thailand series like that ? BL High School ❤❤❤❤ like Phu and Thee

Hormones was the first Thai series I’ve watched and so far is still my most favorite. Phu and Thee are one of those ICONIC ships ♥

Sooo recommended Thai school BL series (click titles for trailers):

* I haven’t watched these yet but I’m pretty sure they’re set in school.


Even though the wait for episode 8 is only half over, i’m still really pumped because unlike last year we’re actually gonna get news about it. We’re gonna get the title soon, trailers, photo-ops, hints about the plot, etc and that makes it bearable. Plus in the meantime we have Rogue One to obsess over. The worst is over guys and I don’t know about you but i’m really fucking excited. 

Season Two of Stranger Things: What We Know So Far

Spoilers ahead! 

  • It’s a sequel, not a new story.
  • Nine episodes, 45-55 minutes each.
  • Season two could premiere before July of 2017.
  • The set has been created and staged in Atlanta, Georgia, filming to begin shortly.
  • The trailer reveals the episode titles.
  • Eleven is alive in some form. 
  • Three key characters being introduced: Max, Billy and Roman.
  • “Papa” is most likely alive as well.
  • Hopper is involved with the lab (obviously).
  • Potential room for romance between Jonathan and Nancy. 
  • Hopper’s daughter Sarah had more than just cancer and there is a reason why that key scene was shown when he was in the upside down.
  • Much more focus on the upside down (remember the portal is still open).
  • Will is going to be a darker character because of what’s growing inside of him. 
  • Closure for Barb (we can only hope). 

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