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buzzycohen  asked:

When will the Vilde S5 fic be up? Are you planning on uploading it in portions of the week like the TV show? And would it be okay if I made a playlist for it? Basically, I just want to know everything you can tell me about it because I love, love, love the idea!

Hopefully sometimes in September. We’re planning on releasing it in the same fashion as the show, so it’ll be real time :) Because why not go all out <3 We’ll be making a playlist that will be official and include music for each clip, but please make as much content for this story as you’d like! Linda and I are always so happy to see it <3 <3 Honestly, that’s where out motivation comes from. It’s so sweet :D We’ll be releasing a trailer soon as well :))) 

thanks to Omen trailer now i can draw mooore sad things >:D

Matt Murdock telling Jessica Jones straight out: “Stop talking!” in The Defenders trailer as soon as he enters the interrogation room reminds you flat out that while he is a superhero, he’s actually a very great lawyer too.

He got instantly they were trying to wheedle a confession out of her and set about protecting her rights.

so..that galra girl..amiright?


Best Picture Evolution” :  ↳The progression of Academy Award-winning Best Picture poster art, from early 20th century to present.