trailer interiors


A pop of white for spring! 

I have been trying to brighten up my space for spring and making plans to further customise our home on wheels, even though our trailer is only 3 years old I am always finding new ways to make our space reflect our style. Dreaming about a new dining table and as I mentioned in the previous post I can’t wait to get some new flooring in our space! I have also been thinking about all the ways to add more white to our space. I love the concept of a clean, bright white interior. White walls would accent the wood in our trailer, giving it a light modern look and highlight our open concept living area. I would love to paint all the walls inside our trailer white but am hesitant as i know it will be hard to keep them clean, touch ups will be necessary and inevitable, but for the mean time what better way to brighten up the space than some white pots for my plants. I do not like to accumulate to many things so a great way to integrate new concepts in the space is to use what I already have. For the bigger cacti up top I used a white acrylic paint and painted an old terracotta pot, a simple and cheap solution! the paint cost only a couple dollars and I already had it left over from another project. The other pot i bought as is for $2 at a garden center. I love how the white accents the green of the plants, these make great statement pieces on a small budget.  

where I’m at

so i had a much longer version of this post that i won’t bother with, but basically, i want to talk about maccready and caps.

why does he need them, to a degree that he brings it up nearly every other time you talk to him? his clothes are a wreck, his house is nonexistant. he proves perfectly well that he can steal ammo for his gun like a little pickup zigzagoon. he says he wants a trailer with leopard print interior, and those are not the words of a man interested in showing off his money as a status symbol. no amount of caps in the world could convince anyone to tromp out to med-tek on a suicide mission for a cure that might not even exist. so, why? what was so important that he took his most marketable skill (maccready is a talented shot - he had to be, in order to protect the community of little lamplight, and living outside of it probably only made him better) and deliberately made the decision to murder people in order to cash in on it?

i want to present this:

the wasteland taught maccready. this is important - he grew up there, he saw the dirt and dust and dried blood under his fingernails every single day of his life. even without considering little lamplight, he was on his own from the ages of fifteen to twenty-two - and even with all of his experiences, those are formative years! he scraped together the caps then to provide for lucy and duncan (and then, duncan) but i don’t believe that was the only thing driving him, and this is why.

the wasteland taught maccready (a kid!!! a kid, he is only twenty-two when you meet him) that he needed caps in order to survive. he learned this trying to provide for his family, and he carried it with him. he spent so long just - doing exactly that. surviving. he knows exactly how much money he needs, could probably tell you the price of stale bread in every settlement on the road from the capital wasteland to the commonwealth off the top of his head. so why the overkill? why continue to take on bigger mercenary jobs with such a clear idea of your own budget?

i believe it’s because the wasteland took this kid, maccready, and said, “either you become a killer, or your family starves.” maccready is Good. his decision was obvious then. he knows the game by now, knows that money talks. he could plan for his own survival.

but then it said, “either your son becomes a killer, or you make damn sure he never has to fight.”

and maccready doesn’t know how many caps that’ll take, but he’ll do whatever he has to do in order to get them.