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First Look at Tomm Moore’s New Film, ‘Wolfwalkers’

Cartoon Brew reports: Tomm Moore’s first two features, Cartoon Saloon’s The Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea, cemented his status as a storyteller and filmmaker of the first class, while boosting Ireland’s animation scene into the global limelight, earning him two Oscar nominations and countless other accolades. Now, with Wolfwalkers, Moore is ready to deliver what he describes as the “final panel of our Irish folklore triptych.”

It’s an idea that Moore has been developing for years. Wolfwalkers tells the story of 11-year-old Robyn Goodfellow, a young apprentice hunter who comes to Ireland with her father to wipe out the last pack of wolves. Her life changes though after she saves a native girl, Mebh, which leads to her discovery of the Wolfwalkers and transforms her into the very thing her father is tasked to destroy. As he has done with earlier works, Moore uses Celtic folklore as a window into our contemporary world. Thematic undercurrents of wilderness versus order, and man’s impulse to control nature, are key to the world of Wolfwalkers.

Embedded below is the film’s ‘concept trailer’. Enjoy!


Kingpin : Concept Trailer

iconic moments in bts history

-predebut log where namjoon said hes good at “fingering”
-live performance of concept trailer where namjoon and jimin had wardrobe malfunctions and had to perform in ripped off shirts
-bfree. fuck
-that fancam where jin did aegyo then fell offstage
-when namjoon spilled they all watched porn
-jimin talking shit about the white kid in ahl
-yoongi and the crying girl in the elevator during that hidden camera
-“rap monster is that the name your momma gave you”
-jungkooks burgers :-(
-gordon ramsays tweet about jins cooking
-“wasnt it youtube”


BTS | Kingpin : Concept Trailer ( gang au )


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Also, in regards to the very concept that the trailer could be misleading to Reylos -

We already know that there’s going to be a huge twist in The Last Jedi. We’ve been told this, we expect it.

But here’s the thing - and take it from me as someone who went to film school and studied screenwriting and script theory and whatnot - you don’t set up your twists from the trailer.

Now to write an effective twist you have to defy the expectations of your audience. So you have to ask what your audience expects from this movie, and then try to subvert that. For example, the general audience probably believes that Rey is Luke’s daughter. A subversion of that expectation would be for her to not be his daughter.

Another expectation that the audience has that Kylo Ren is evil and will only become more evil after killing his father. The way to subvert that is by having him leave the dark side.

Another expectation of the audience is that Rey and kylo ren will continue to face off through the remainder of the series as enemies. The subversion of that expectation would be for them to team up, and even further, to begin a romantic relationship.

It should be noted, that while I believe all of these things will come to pass, none of them are the big twist that is promised to us. I won’t go into what I think the big twist is because that’s not what this is about.

There are people saying that the idea of Rey and Kylo Ren teaming up (or more outlandishly, Rey joining the dark side with Kylo) is misdirection. And that we’ll go into the movie and the big twist is that they’re still enemies and that she was talking to Luke, and he was holding his hand out to Finn. Wow!

Originally posted by fearbelieflovephenomena

The problem with that is that not everyone watches trailers. If the big twist is that Rey and kylo ren are still enemies, that’s not actually a twist. If your twist is to set up a relationship in the trailers only to later subvert that in the movie, you’ve done this wrong. Because that’s not how filmmaking works. When someone watches all the movies in a row, they don’t stop to watch the trailers in between, just in case there’s a Twist that was set up that they missed.

Now, a lot of people cite JJ and The Force Awakens in this discussion, because Finn was obviously set up to be the Jedi, and that was completely subverted. What most people don’t understand, is that JJ is not your standard director. He has a history of lying and misdirecting and telling falsehoods all to protect the mystery box he has set up. This is the man who made Lost, okay? You can’t expect honesty from him. On top of that, anything he did would have been a twist, because the audience had nothing to base their expectations on besides the Legends Canon, which I should note has never actually been in the Star Wars Canon, they just sort of allowed it to exist.

Now what does happen in trailers is this concept called priming. I don’t know if that’s standard across the industry, but it’s what my teacher called it when I learned. But if you have something that is going to really mess with audience’s heads, or be a little bit controversial, you like to prime them to the idea of it in the trailers. Now if they don’t watch the trailers, that sucks for them, they’re just going to have to have their minds blown. But when you release the idea of reylo to the general audience two months before the premiere of the movie, what you’re doing is causing people to look back and ask themselves “Hold up. Did I miss something? Are they supposed to be friends? Lovers?” Which causes them to go back and analyze the previous film for hints of this, to search the internet for evidence of this - which they can easily find thanks to the marvelous reylo community that has done such excellent work analyzing and searching and writing beautiful metas. It causes the wider audience to think, and ponder, and to research, and to slowly come to terms with this thing that we’ve already known about for almost 2 years.

So yes, the trailer is a little bit untruthful in the sense that that’s not the scene that’s actually going to play out - I personally feel her words to him will be a little bit more dramatic, and potentially romantic leaning - but the truth of it is there. Reylo is going to happen in some capacity in The Last Jedi, and no amount of arguing for misdirection is going to change that.