trailer bar



I got a little annoyed that I couldnt find a proper cut of the music used in the trailer. most pleople just slap the Dies Irae on there and call it a day. whereas the trailer actually uses some bars from the piece that comes before crash and whollop that i quite like. so with my limited knowlege of sound mixing i put this together. i hope you enjoy. 

this is obviosly completly unnoficail and i claim no rights to the music

An AU where Cas, Sam, and Dean had been soldiers. Cas and Sam died saving Dean and the rest of the units lives along with a number of civilians. Dean gets an honourable discharge and tries to make a life with old girlfriend Lisa but he is just too broken.

So he starts drifting until one day he ends up at a bar Purgatory. The owner Benny is gruff, sarcastic, and recognizes another lost soul. He hires Dean and lets him crash in a trailer behind the bar. They slowly become friends and even more slowly Benny flirts a little.

But Dean doesn’t flirt back. He wants to, he has grown so fond of the bar owner but how can he be happy without Cas and Sammy? He isn’t allowed to be happy with that much of his heart carved out.

And December 1st rolls around and overnight the run down bar is festooned in lights and pine and Christmas music. Benny is completely unapologetic.

“Tis the season chief. Forgive me for wanting to put a little colour and magic in our live.”

Dean scoffs “Magic isn’t real.”

“Christmas magic is.” Benny replies.

Dean just laughs at him.

He laughs less that night when he goes into his trailer and sees the ghosts of Cas and Sam sitting at his table.

“We’re here to remind you to be happy and have some Christmas spirit.” Cas says seriously.

Sam just grins. “Welcome to your hallmark movie jerk.”

And so begins the Christmas haunting of Dean Winchester.